We're on the road to no where.


We're on the road to no where. Well, not quite no where, but I am pretty close.

I have been transferred to Lyman Wyoming! The joke became a reality! 2
babes in the boonies now.

Monday: It was my zone leader Elder Schmidt's birthday so we held a
surprise party for him, we waited like an hour for him but better late
than never, bless him. This is the text that I sent him that morning:

"So Elder, it's ya birthday! Gonna party coz its ya birthday,
preaching the gospel on ya birthday, 4 baptisms coz its ya birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER SCHMIDT welcome to the 20's club #IAmTwentyToo
Birthday cake blow out your candles
Wrapped present here's a present

Then when I saw him at the party we had some chocolate carrots which I
gave to him and said "because your Carrageous"

It was really funny.

So Monday was just packing really.

In the evening we were booked up with appointments, this never
happens! So we finished our lessons all up at 8pm and ran around like
headless chickens trying to say goodbye to people.

Tuesday: finishing up the packing and cleaning the house. Said goodbye
to President Bagley and Bro.Hanks. Bro. Hanks wanted to take us out to
lunch which was very nice. Then we went to the transfer meeting.... and
found out that I was going to Wyoming! There was a massive dust storm
so that was fun on our little road trip. I had never been in a car for
more than an hour on my mission. It took us 2 hours, an hour into it
I asked Sister White 'are we there yet?' we hadn't even reached the
boarder! Then we saw a sign for €75 ice cream cones 60 miles, we
died laughing. We managed to find our apartment okay. Everyone keeps
asking if the elders left it clean for us. Let's just say that you can
tell that girls live there now. At least they aired the apartment out
for us :) Then our district leader called us and said that he wanted
to introduce us to a family that would be able to help us with the
area. So we drove over to the Jenses's and they were able to help the
little lost sheep. We were so grateful. They even fed us dinner! We
hadn't even managed to eat yet so we were eternally grateful.

Wednesday: We had lunch with one of our new Ward mission leaders and
he was giving us the low down of the Ward which was super nice. He
then decided that we shouldn't drive in the snow to get Sister White's
suitcase from the zone leaders so he and his wife drove us to meet
with the elders and grab the suitcase, they are so nice! Then we had
permission from Sister Bernardo to do a little food shop so that we
didn't die. Then in the evening we were meeting with the Stake
Presidency and one of the Bishops. This week has really been meeting
with the leadership because we know diddlysquat!

Thursday: weekly planning, was too much fun- not knowing anything
about the area and not too many records on it. But Sister White and I
are working it out and getting the hang of it! We then met with a Ward
Mission Leader. Then we contacted a referral that we got from the
edgers who cover the other half of the stake. We met with one of
our bishop's and he spoke to us about branding cattle! You should have
seen my face tickled pink doesn't cover it!

Then we were tracking for the rest of the night.

Just before we were about to head home we pulled up for some gas, a
young man walks up to us and asks "are you getting gas?" We said we
were "I saw the Utah plate and then I saw you guys and thought I have
got to do this"and he insisted on paying for our gas! #CountryGent
Whilst he was filling up for us we were just talking and it turns out
that he is the grandson of the Ward mission leader who took us out to
lunch on Wednesday. He got ordained to the office of Elder this Sunday
which was cool :)

We also had a miracle, as we were meeting with Bishop Hickman the EQP
stuck his head in just to say hello. Well he called us after that
night saying that he wants to introduce us to one of his neighbours!
So we are in the process of arranging that, he had invited her to
stake conference which was really cool.

Friday: district meeting! Now a 30 minute drive away, we meet in
Evanston. It was good, it was all about being productive in the
afternoon. Then we had a district lunch, we went to Wendy's. We
went tracting, then after dinner we had a baptism interview for Paxton
so he is ready to go for this coming Saturday. Then we were tracting
for the rest of the night.

Saturday: It was a day of tracting, but we stopped by an old lady who
said that she will be our grandma, so cute. We saw her at church on

After dinner we went to the Saturday evening session of stake
conference which was really good, this is a great stake.

Sunday: We had stake conference which was really good, then we were in
meetings all day just meeting all the leadership.

Born to be wild!

Glad I finally have been able to fulfill a dream!

I have to go now. I have a house to clean and some retail therapy that
needs to be done

Chat next week love you all so much!

Have a great week!

Love you all

Sister Hughes x


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