You CAN make a difference

""No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~ Aesop 

On a mission your life is orientated around others. You eat, breathe, preach, repeat the gospel of Jesus Christ thinking about how it can help someone in their life. 

One of the hard things I have found coming home is that I haven't been feeling like I have been making a significant difference. "They've managed without me for 18 months, why do they need me now? They don't need me here."

Well, God taught me a valuable lesson at the weekend. 

A friend of mine has just got back from his mission in Atlana, Georgia. I went to see him, we hadn't seen each other in 2 1/2 years because of our missions. Another friend of mine hadn't seen him since he's been back so I offered to take her to see him as well. 

We had a lovely time at the ward, everyone was so friendly! My friend and I felt very much at home there. 

On the way home my friend and I were just chatting about life and eventually got onto the topic of things that I have found difficult coming home. And I opened up to my friend and explained how I felt. 

She told me that I do make a difference and she began to tell me the impact that I had made on her since being home. What she had to share taught me an important lesson. You don't have to be compchanging someone's life in order to make a difference. 

In Alma 37:6 it says "but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass"

^ well said Greg, this is exactly what I learnt. 

Who will make a difference to today? And don't forget, don't stress if you don't see the results. 


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