I'm Engaged!

Doctrine & Covenants 58:27

"Verily I say, men (and women) should be anxiously engaged"

Well I am both of those things, I am anxious to tell you that I am engaged. Only thing appropriate to happen over Valentine's weekend. (I know, so romantic) It's my accent, the American boys can't resist me.

Okay, lets read the rest of the verse "in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness"

I am engaged to The Lord's work. Sorry mister, I'm a sister.

Monday: We just played basketball, we have to keep the Elders in our zone happy. (there are only 2 companionships of sisters. When Sister Owen's and I walk in and we are the only sisters I feel like that I have walked into a PE class hahaha)

Then we had dinner with a member and a less active family which was really good, they are super good cooks ohmygoodness I could have gorged myself but I didn't want to roll out of the house. We also had a lesson with our Recent Converts (The Hamilton's) which was really good. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and we just had a whiteboard and got creative, that's why I love teaching children.

Tuesday: I was exchanges, back to Butler I go. I have been spending more time in my old area than my new area over the past couple of weeks. So it was nice to be back, we did a lot of contacting but no one was home. I was back in my area for the afternoon, yay! We tried to get a hold of some people. After dinner we had a lesson with the Western's which was really good, it was on gratitude. Then we went on visits with the 4th ward bishop. We went to the Wahlen's turnd out that they are Ella's grandparents! (My baptism on Jan 10th) small world! Sister Owen's has some connections with them too, crazy things happen with you open a family photo album. Then we had a lesson with the Jones in the 3rd ward which was really good, everyone participated, yay!

Wednesday: We were just contacting in the morning, then we went to see one of our Brighton Branch members in the care center, Kay has just had an operation on her back. We then did some service in the 9th ward. We were cleaning up the house of a lady who had passed away. After dinner we had a lesson with Mia. We were talking about the apostasy and Joseph Smith it went really well, Mia is doing great. Then the rest of our evening appointments cancelled so we stopped by a less active family and they were home! Miracles happen.

Thursday: Weekly planning.. blahblahblah
Because it was Valentine's week the Westenskow's invited us over for a Valentines lunch with the Sister and the Elders (just our district) it was really fun and yummy as always with Sister Westenskow's. Then we had a lesson with a less active that would like to return to the temple. That is the beauty of all our less actives, they actually want to change. It was a really good lesson and will be seeing him next week. After dinner we had all of our lessons cancel in about the space of 15 minutes. It was just funny, we had to laugh. So we were back to contacting people again.

Friday: We had a good district meeting, it was on charity and pride. Elder Kirsi loves to talk about humility and pride, we all love it because it just becomes really funny. After lunch we went and delivered valentine's cookies to some of our less actives etc. We managed to meet the mum of Beaux, who we are teaching, it was such a miracle. She had jsut failed her nursing exam that she had been working towwards for the past 4 years so we told her that she could have all the cookies and didn't need to share them with the family. Then we were going to have an appointment with a former, but she changed our time 3 times... it ended up with her husband/boyfriend saying that she was throwing up..... we prayed for her just incase she was actually sick. Then we had a lesson with Shelly who has been coming to church for the last 2 weeks and she is on track to going to the temple in October! woohoo! I love shelly, she was just so happy in the lesson it was the best, our lesson was on Temples.

Saturday: Happy Single Awareness Day!

Me: "You know what happens to your best friend ;)" (hinting at marriage)
Sister Owens: "Yeah, they marry someone else"


Hahaha Sister Owens kills me sometimes, she is so funny!

I had a chocolate and on the wrapper it said "Chocolate will always be your valentine" #Cheers

We had an active member lesson in the 8th ward which was really good. Then the District and our Zone Leaders all went out to lunch because it was single awareness day. We went to a greek place which was pretty good. After that we got a call from the addiction recovery centre because someone needed a blessing and we called the Elders and we all went over for that. After that then we heart attacked our leaders. We got busted a couple of times though :( we need to learn how to run faster. We then had dinner with Haven our investigator which was really good. we just love that little girl and her family. Then we were doing our missionary paper work.

Sunday: Sundays are the type of day that you just hit the ground running, literally! Correlations, ward councils and sacrament meetings we were at it all. It was great that 2 of our investigators came to church and Danny (Hamilton's 8 year old autistic brother) came to church which was a miracle!! He struggled with it sometimes. We then had a FHE with our investigators and Part member families and active members at our ward mission leaders house which was amazing. the spirit was really strong. We were teaching about Lehi's dream in 1 Nephi 8. We got everyone to draw it out. All our lessons cancelled so we were back to trying to get a hold of people again.

That was my week!

Hope all are well.

Love you all

Sister Hughes xoxo


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