"Did you here that Johnny? She has a gun!"‏

Monday 26 January 2015

Okay, So transfers happened and I have been transfered across the whole of Utah! Jokes, I got transfered to the next stake over. They moved me sooo far, not.

Driving down to transferes:

Me: "If they transfer my over to Wassatch, I wish they'd tell me then I can just drop off my things and then go to the meeting."

Wow, I can almost predict the future.

So my new companion is Sister Owens! We have been serving around each other for the past 6 months so it's just like getting put with one of your besties. #Miracle

Holy Moses this has a CRAZY week. "hit the ground running" has a whole new meaning in life. I have never been so tried ever!

Monday: Well, I got the call that I was leaving so I spent the day packing. I didn't think I had that much stuff, oh how wrong I was.... Sister Knight and I went out to lunch for the last time. We went to a Chinese place which was good, but we couldn't finish everything on our plates. In the evening we visited all our investigators and recent converts, it was the saddest thing.

So last stop was the Cooper's and we were talking about how goodbyes are hard.

Bro Cooper: "Do you know why they are hard? It's because we are eternal beings. We don't do goodbyes"  well it was something to that effect, either way I was mind blown.

Tuesday: Packing and the transfer meeting. I am still in the same district, so happy! So after the meeting we had a couple of appointments and we were stopping by the leadership. We walked into our new High Councilman over missionary work's home and I see Elder Newman who served in our ward! Sister Owens thinks I know the whole word.

Wednesday: We helped out a lady who has cancer clean her house. We tried to stop by some leadership and then we went to do some visits with a ward missionary. We had an active member lesson in the evening which went really well. We also stopped by the Christiansen family. They are currently hosting a boy who is originally from Virginia. It turned out that he went to EFY at SVU in 2010 when Chris and I went. Then we found out that I knew his brother! Now Sister Owens REALLY thinks I know the whole world.

Thursday: So we started weekly planning and then helped out at a funeral then we went back to weekly planning. Then we had some visits with another ward missionary. Then we had a lesson with Evan who is a less active who is coming back and he is really cool. We then had a stake meeting.

Friday: District meeting, it is nice to still be in the same district. After lunch we helped out senior couple clean their windows so that they can do more missionary work. Then we finished off weekly planning because with all the things that happened on Thursday we didn't manage to finish it off. Then we were contacting some people that I needed to see. Then in the evening we had a lesson with a recent convert who is preparing to go through the temple in March woohoo. Then we had a lesson with a less active lady who is wanting to come back to church.

Saturday: We helped Sister Demple put down her Christmas because she is in a wheelchair. Then we had lunch. Tried to stop by some people. We met with our Stake President. He tried to set up his recently returned (like days old) missionary son with Sister Owens.

Pres: "Did you hear that Johnny? she has a gun!"

Johnny: "Dad."

Pres: "Did you hear that Johnny? She likes to fish!"

Johnny: "Dad!"

Poor Sister Owens.

Pres: "Jonny did you get my invite?"

Johnny: "what invite?"

Pres: "I just emailed you, I set up your emails to connect to you phone."

Johnny: "Nope, didn't get it."

Pres: "well anyway, I emailed you an invite to our monthly Father interveiw!"

Sister Owens and I died laughing.

He also look like David Tennant off Doctor Who....

Well we were in meetings from 8:30 - 10:30, we then went to 5th sacrament. Then we were in meetings till 2. We then went to Johnny's homecoming talk. The chapel was packed so it was hard to find seats, I eventually found seats and just went in. Turns out that we sat behind a some YSA that had no PDA (Public Display of Affection) shame. Man, they were like all over each other. It made Sister Owens and I so sick. We had never felt so sorry for ourselves in our lives. They really should have got a room. "If you like it then you should put a ring on it" not let the whole of sacrament know it. #SisterMissionaryProbs

Then it was more meetings! Then it was dinner, thankgoodess. Dinner was good!

*talking about primary*

Sister O: "Who is the president now?"

Brigdon: "Obama"

everyone breaks down into hysterics.

Then we had an active member lesson with a LA 17 year old and we got to get him to participate for the first time.

Sister Owens: "It's because of new blood!'

Me: "Sister Owens, I don't have new blood. I have been around for 20 years!"

Then the lesson that we did have planned for 8 cancelled so we stopped by on some more people that I needed to meet.

With covering a whole stake you have no problem of running out of people to see.

I LOVE my companion and my new area. So this transfer is going to be a good one.

Love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx

PS: So I looked at the weather - You know it's bad when you think 7C is warm!


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