Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Another transfer bites the dust

Monday 25th May 2015

I cannot believe that another transfer has gone. I now only have 2 transfers left! �� and sister white and I are both staying together, yay!

So my Dad emailed me the stats for my blog – girlgoeswest.blogspot.co.uk and I am so touched with how many people read my blog! I didn't think anyone would bother reading it, it is also cool to see how many people around the world read it too!

To all my readers: 

     Russia: спасибо
     Australia: thank you!
     El Salvador: gracias
     France: Merci beaucoup
     Germany: Danke
     Canada: thank you!
     Ukraine: спасибі
     Spain: gracias

I really appreciate the time that you take to read my little blog, I love you all. Truly, I do.❤

Time for the weekly update! 

Monday: Preparation day! We just stayed at home and washed the car, you can't be too exciting in Wyoming. In the evening we had a lesson with the Redmon's again and then we had a lesson with the Fenus', they are preparing to go to the temple. You could really feel the spirit in the lesson and we were taking about a lot of things but the main one was spiritual protection. 

Tuesday: A lot of stopping by people, we had some good visits. We stopped by Sister Davis who is a widow and we knocked on the door about 2/3pm and every time we knock we wake her up because she has dozed off crocheting! The poor woman, but she is always fun to visit! Then for dinner our members took us out to a Chinese restaurant which was really good quality and not too pricey (that's the way uhuh uhuh I like it).  I love Chinese restaurants, especially the fortunes, they're always fun to read.  My fortune: 'The strengths in your character will bring you serenity'. And Sister White got a fortune cookie but it didn't have a fortune in it, so I told her that she was just unfortunate. 

Wednesday: In the morning we had visits with sister Covolo. We met a part member family and they said that they would take the missionary lessons! In the afternoon we had a lesson with Lisa, we taught the restoration and soft committed her to baptism and she said yes! She is really progressing. Then after dinner we had a lesson with Tayah and we taught her the restoration and she believes it and already wants to get baptized, but because she is a minor we are having to work with the parents. But she is so legit, I cannot believe that she is 13 and asking about religion, when I was 13 I was chasing boys or something! We then went to Young Women's with Tayah to help her to get to know the girls in the Ward. We then had a lesson with Chuck and his wife and we spoke about the Book of Mormon and how it and the bible work together. 

Thursday: Weekly planning blah blah blah, I still find it boring. Then we did a little contacting before dinner, we had a lesson with a less active lady that Sister Covolo took us to. It was a really good lesson, you could feel the spirit. Then we had dinner, our members took us out to an American diner and Sister White ordered a scone, out came this massive fat thing which turned out to be fat fried bread or something. I told her that she wasn't eating a real scone. Then we had a lesson with the Goates, their little girl is getting baptized and the parents want her to have the lessons so that was cool. 

Friday: ROAD TRIP! I drove all the way to Salt Lake and didn't kill Sister White, oh I am so grown up! It was the longest I had ever driven until before my mission! But we had good music so it was good. When it got to our favourites we CRANKED IT UP when we were on the motorway, good times. Then we had training for our driver accountability program, we now have a tiwi device and it monitors our speed, makes sure we have our seatbelt on and let's us know when we are driving aggressively. We have named it Tim and it's the only relationship were it is appropriate not to speak to each other. He has only spoken to me twice and that was when I was overtaking a massive Lorry on the motorway. Then we saw the Brook's and read the Book of Mormon with them, I just love them. Then we had dinner with the Gross' and they are such a fun family, I just love them too. We had a lesson with Nacho (his last name is not libré) and it was really good. He is originally from Spain and he is here on exchanges. We taught the restoration and he thinks the church is good, you could feel the spirit. 

Saturday: It was Sister White’s birthday! So I made her a thing of 21 reasons why I love Sister White. We partied hard by preaching the gospel. We met with the Young Women's president in the morning then after kph we went contacting and we had a visit with the Condos, it was basically a day of contacting. We also went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant again which was tasty, I got a seafood platter. There were oysters!! I have never had one before and they were good! I got another fortune too! My fortune: ' An Admirer is too shy to greet you'. Oh wow, I am flattered. Whoever you are, wherever you may be, don't be shy. The fortune cookie has told me so I am expecting you. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night. We stopped by an active member family and shared a message with them and had ice cream sandwiches. 

Sunday: Church Church Church then we had dinner, then we had a lesson with the Antonines and then the Hamblin's, it was a good night. I love those families.

Anyway that was my week! 

Spiritual thought: something that I read this week in my studies 
President Gordon B. Hinckley declared: “Those who have read [the Book of Mormon] prayerfully, be they rich or poor, learned or unlearned, have grown under its power. ...
“... Without reservation I promise you that if you will prayerfully read the Book of Mormon, regardless of how many times you previously have read it, there will come into your hearts ... the Spirit of the Lord. There will come a strengthened resolution to walk in obedience to his commandments, and there will come a stronger testimony of the living reality of the Son of God” (“The Power of the Book of Mormon,” Ensign, June 1988, 6; see also “The Book of Mormon,” Tambuli, Oct. 1988, 7).

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run!

Monday 18th May

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run!

It's just another marvellous Monday. This past week has been really good! So sit down, relax and I will tell you all about it ☺

Monday: Just the usual prep day things. In the evening we had a lesson with the Redmon's about the plan of Salvation which went well. Our 7pm cancelled because of family emergencies and then we went to the Snow's. They have a daughter that served in the Leeds England Mission! She served in Harrogate, if anyone remembers a Sister Snow from Wyoming then I was with her parents. The Snows were showing me all of her stuff and then I looked through her transfer journal and I knew practically half of the people there were pictures of, it was so weird and cool at the same time. We spoke to them about prayer and how it is important for our conversion.

Tuesday: we were contacting in the morning but no one was home. After lunch we went to see some widows. We saw Sister Davis and she is so cute and funny. She was showing us photo albums of all the cruises her kids have taken her on which have been really good. Then we stopped by the Seymour's who are active members and we had a nice visit with them. Our 3pm cancelled so we were stopping by members who we needed to ask questions to about the area.  We knocked on our 1st counsellor in the Stake Presidency's home and a young man opens the door turns out he just got back from his mission in Chicago the day before, my heart died for him a little bit. Then we were contacting again, still no one was home. Then we had a FHE with the Thomas family about the gospel of Jesus Christ which went well and more contacting in the evening. We had a miracle though. We were just walking down the street. "There they were just a walking down the street singin do-wah diddy-diddy down diddy-do" and this little girl comes running out of her house and says to us "are you going to come and talk church with us?" We were like "sure!" So we go in and it turns out that her sister had been meeting with missionaries when they were in Colorado before they recently moved. So we got numbers and set up a time to have a lesson, this girl is so legit she is reading the bible. She had read the whole of the Old Testament and is now in John! She's read more than me! But that was so cool and a miracle.

Wednesday: we went out on visits with sister Covolo which were really good. After lunch we stopped by the Biggs to tell them about our musical item for Sunday. Then we had a lesson with a widow who is super cute and we were talking about the plan of salvation. Then trying to get a hold of some people for dinner, after dinner we were asking members questions again. Then we were with the Young Women in the second Ward helping with service. It was heavenly to be in trousers, I cannot tell you of the joy that I felt.

Thursday: Weekly planning, ah we meet again. Boring but necessary so blah blah blah. We were trying to catch people home, but no success. Then we had dinner and after dinner we went over to an investigator that just moved into our area, they are the nicest! We set up a lesson and invited them to church on Sunday and she said yes! Then we were contacting again for the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting on the Book of Mormon "I'm all about the book, bout the book, bout the book, the Book of Mormon" so it was a grand old time. After that we had lunch and stuff and contacted a couple of people. Then we had the Brooks and read the Book of Mormon with them. Then we had dinner and had two lessons that night. One with Tayah our 13 yr old investigator and then with a family in the 4th Ward who said we could come back so woohoo!

Saturday: Missionary stuff in the morning, we were at the Snows for lunch so I could meet their daughter and talk Leeds, it was great. Her dad had a can of squirty cream and made me open my mouth and he squirted it into my mouth! He is hilarious. Then we were just trying to get a hold of people! Then in the evening we met with a member for an hour and practised our song for Sunday.

Sunday: Meetings and Sacraments. Our investigator Lisa came to church on Sunday (the one that moved into our area) with her whole family which was amazing. We sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives", sister White doing the soprano and I was doing the alto. We made our high council man for missionary work, bro.Moretti cry and people said that we sounded like angels so I think it went well. President Brikso told the elders that we are giving them a high standard to compete with hahaha! Then after dinner it was contacting. We decided to stop by a part member family and share a message with them and they want to meet with us! Total miracle and inspiration because we hadn't even planned on going to see them that night.

Anyway that was my week. Love you all!

Sent with love from the mission field ❤️

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Chicken Soup for the Sister Missionary Soul

Okay! It's massive mail Monday! Brace yourselves, I have a lot to cover. Or you can just toss it and be just take this email to the fact that I am alive and happy.

Monday: P-day we just chilled at home, in the evening we had lessons with the Redmon's which was on the restoration which went well. Their 3 year old is super cute! And a fearless missionary at that, she said that she would give her friend a Book of Mormon. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night and stopped by a member that we accidentally thought we had dinner with and set up an lesson with her. Her daughter served in the Leeds mission which was fun. If anyone knows a Sister Snow, then that's her mum.

Tuesday: we did contacting in the morning we had a lesson with a less active lady and we shared a Mother's Day message with her and that went really well. Then it started to pour down with train, typical because I didn't have a coat, or a cardigan. Someone pulled up and it turned out to be our landlord with his daughter and grand babies they told us to get in and they drove us to our appointment (sorry to the other person that pulled over too, you will still be blessed) shame our appointment turned out not to be there. So we were then walking back to our house to get the car and then we hear a loud whistle and we see member of one of the Wards telling us to get in their car 2
rides in less than 10 minutes #Standard They said "the Elders can walk as far in the rain as they want, but the sisters cannot walk in the rain", so cute. Then after dinner we had exchanges and I went to green river! I don't know where it is and it isn't green an I didn't see a river in my time there so I don't know how it got the name. So I was with sister Hatch which is always fun, she is from Arizona and has been out 8 months and I love her so it was lots of fun.

Wednesday: still on exchanges. We helped a member make nappies (diapers) for some school reunion and because they were all OAP's (old aged pensioners) they were having a joke around with their old age and adult nappies were one of them. Not life sized ones just little ones a, they were quite cute if I do say so myself. Then we had a lesson with a lady and she practically taught us the restoration which was really cool. Then we switched back to our normal companions. I like exchanges but there is nothing like going back to your normal place. Then we had dinner and later on we had a lesson with 2 friends of our bishops and one of them wants to continue to meet with us, yay! She needs to get better though because she has strep throat. Caring is not sharing #ThanksButNoThanks it was such a good lesson.

Thursday: weekly planning, we will just leave it at that (edit from Dad - Blah Blah Blah Blah...). Contacting again we had a nice visit with a lady who has just recently started coming back to church after dinner we were contacting again because our lesson had cancelled.

Friday: interviews with President, pleasure as always. We were just talking about I am now in the peak of my mission and how he has seen me change. It was just a good old chat, I love him. Then we had zone meeting which was really good, all the other missionaries are so good and legit, I feel like a baby missionary again but it is all good, then we had a lesson with a part member family which went well, you could really feel the spirit. Then we read the Book of Mormon with a blind couple and spoke about it, it was so good. Then contacting all night.

Saturday: so I was throwing up every 2/3 hours so I stayed in. I was so bored and sick and wanted to die. We had to cancel a lesson too! Thank you to all those who gave me chicken noodle soup, it healed me. The whole valley here heard that I was sick #SmallTownProbs #FamousForTheWrongReasons but the members have been taking good care
of me.

Sunday: Church! Skype with the fam #HappyTime #FinalCountdown then after church we were going around sharing Mother's Day messages and we now have a new person to teach! Woohoo! Then we had dinner with the bishop and then we visited an on less active couple and then sister White skyped her family.

When we got home we found on our door 6 cans of chicken noodle soup. Whoever dropped it off, it was really rude of you that you didn't leave your name because I want to thank you! But it was a wonderful surprise!

Anyway that was my week!

Cannot believe that I have 3 months left, time really does fly when you are having fun

Love you all

Sister Hughes xx

Sent with love from the mission field ❤️

God is good

Monday 4th May

Oh my goodness this week has been so good!

Monday: P-day, always a pleasure... Most of the time. So because we spent the whole day of our  Monday cleaning after the Edlers we decided to treats ourselves. So we went to a store 'Jane & Maine' so cute! It's a home and accessories boutique, I had way too much fun in there, it is owned by a member too! Because it was out of our a rea we had to ask our District Leader to go and he said "you can go, just don't spend all your money" oh so kind. So we had a fun in there and then we went home and wrote letters and finished laundry  and went out for frozen yoghurt and all that jazz.

In the evening our 6pm cancelled 2 minutes before we were about to arrive at her house. So we did the back ups getting lost a lot of the time, and our 7pm didn't show up. It was very hysterical I think on several occasions we had tears as we were laughing, when things like this happen all you can do is life. Then we stopped by the Redmon's and shared a message with them, they are great members and they were telling us about their neighbours. Then we saw the Hamblin's who are a great family and we shared a short message with them. Bro.Hamblin said that he was planting treats in the morning if we wanted to help and we said yes!

Tuesday: in the morning we were planting trees with Bro.Hamblin which was fun. His 4 year old son was trying to help too, he is so cute. Then we stopped by some people that we were told to go and see, mainly widows who are all super cute. And we were contacting people in the evening. We got lost (again) trying to find dinner so we rock up in the middle of a farm and a lady comes out and says "are you lost?" We said we were and she said "I could tell, your car is too fancy for around here." Driving a Chevy Cruz has it's advantages and disadvantages. I am trying to get president to let me drive a truck so we can fit in with the people. Plus it would be a dream.

Wednesday: We went out on visits with our Ward mission leaders wife in the 4th ward. Which went really well. We helped a less active lady who had mashed her finger up, cook some meals. I was in charge of making chicken enchiladas, I won't lie... I felt like a true American woman. It was super fun and she was super nice. She let us take home some of the enchiladas too! They tasted so good, if I do say so myself. After lunch we went on a road trip with one of our relief society presidents who was showing us people in the Ward and other wards too, which was fun and very helpful. We tried to see a lady who has "downsized" to 5 dogs. We never found out how many she had before then. Then we went to see a widow in the second Ward who was super cute and she made wedding dresses when she was younger, she was a whiz at the sewing machine, she was showing us the dresses she made. Then after dinner we were contacting all night.

Thursday: weekly planning, it's only going upward. Hooray! After that we were just trying to contact. Then we had a relief society dinner and that was really good. There were also a couple of service projects going on that we helped out a little bit with.

Friday: we had a good district meeting on ... I can't remember, but it was really good. I think it might have been to do with commitments...I made notes! Afterwards we went to a Mexican place which was really good, on the wall it had a sign which translated "love, health and food" I thought it was a good motto to live by. It's much fancier in Spanish but I cannot remember it.

Embarrassing moment: there was an iPad that I had to sign for my card at the Mexican so I pick up this fancy stylus and try to sign the iPad with it, it wouldn't work, I was really confused.. 5 minutes later I hear a voice "use your finger" so I did and it finally worked! The elder behind me told me that I was trying to sign the iPad with a bottle opener!!!! Fortunately the lady wasn't there.  I wanted to die
so bad, I really have no sense with technology now. Girl vs. Technology, technology wins. And my pride and self esteem smashed.

After that we went to see another widow which was fun and then we went over to the Brooke's who are a blind couple. We are going over to help them understand the Book of Mormon better. They are the cutest couple ever, they make my heart melt every time. After dinner we were contacting again because our appointment had to reschedule. But we had a lesson with the Coles which was really good and they said that they would come to church! Even bro. Cole said that he would try to make
it, but he couldn't promise. But his wife said "you have personal days that you could use!" It was a funny conversation.

Saturday: it was one of those long days. Overall it was good but was long, we. Saw a widow in the second Ward who was super cute. Then we were just contacting all day really. Then we went to the Robbins because they said that they had some food for us, they were so sweet!  Just before we went there we saw a less active and we had a good conversation with her whilst playing fetch with her dog. The dog was so irreverent with the squeaker but it was so funny.

Sunday: Sunday fun day! 7:45am-5:35 that's how long we were at church for. We walk in to 3rd Ward sacrament 10 mins early waiting for the Coles to arrive and we walk in and they are ALL sat there waiting for us, they had even saved us seats! It was the most beautiful sight I have seen. Bro.Cole was there too!! Fasting and prayer really work, it was jut an experience of how Heavenly Father is mindful of us and listens to us. The fast and testimony meeting was really good too because it was all talking about families and stuff which really applied to this family, oh it was SO GOOD �� you know when you're so happy you just want to smile like a dork? Yeah it was one of those moments.

After we got out of church we had dinner with the Draney's who are a cute couple and then we had a lesson with the Hamblin's which went really well. You could really feel the spirit. And then we had a
spontaneous lesson with one of our bishops and a recently activated family who are going through a hard time which was really good.

That was my week in the boonies!

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Hughes

Monday, 4 May 2015

First the worst, second the best

Monday 27 April 2015

So the first week here was a little rough because I was adjusting but
this week has been much better.

Monday: We spent all of our p-day cleaning the house. Now it is really
liveable. Then in the evening we had a lesson with Paxten and we were
just arranging his baptism for Saturday. Then went over to the Gines
who are Ward missionaries in the Urie Ward and we were just talking
about the missionary efforts.

Tuesday: Mainly a day of contacting, and meeting with relief society
presidents and widows: widows are just so funny and cute.

Wednesday: We had the Jensen's move their exercise equipment out of
one of our rooms. The elders had borrowed it and since Sister White
and I don't plan on being able to lift 400lbs by the end of the
transfer (I have given up on 4 months till sexy) we thought it would
be fair to let them have it back. I was sick in the morning, I think I
had altitude sickness. I was very nauseous and faint so I had to drink
some sprite and lie down. I slept for 2 hours! #Standard I could have
slept for more but I was well enough to go out and work which is what
I wanted. Then we were contacting for the afternoon. After dinner we
went and met with the third Ward relief society president and then we
met with the 4th Ward bishop. "I can really respect someone if they
can manage to get what they want to say out in 3 minutes or less"
plain straight and to the point, I like that man. Then we heard that
our 2nd Ward bishop wanted to speak with us so we waited outside the
office for 20 minutes. We were about to write him a note because we
were having to go home, Bishop opens the door and we said "we heard
that you wanted to speak to us" "I just wanted to say hello." I said
"that was the best hello ever" he asked how long we had waited and
then he found out that we had waited 20 minutes, it was the best hello
ever though.

Thursday: Weekly planning, holy cow we had to get so many things
organized it took FOREVER. We met with another relief society
president then after dinner we had visits with some Ward missionaries
and then we went out on splits with the Urie Ward which was so much
fun! We went around wishing people happy birthday which was nice.

Friday: District meeting which was good as always. A quote I really
liked was shared by our district leader in trying to help someone in a
situation that we have never been in and they say that we don't

"You're right, I don't understand. But I am human and we experience
all the same emotions" it was so good.

Then we went to lunch and after lunch the Gordon's (over housing in
the mission) dropped off a chest of drawers for us, this was way too
exciting. Then we had to finish our weekly planning. After dinner we
had a lesson with the Cole family on the 10 commandments which was so
good. You could feel the spirit, the children told us that they wanted
to get baptized so we'll be working with them on that, but we will
have to work with the parents too because they are not active. Then we
were contacting for the rest of the night.

Saturday: Paxten got baptized! He was someone that the elders had been
working with and was already on date when we arrived. The baptism was
so special. The family was crying. His dad had been not active for a
very long time so it was really special for him to be able to baptize
his son. Then we were just contacting for the rest of the day but it
was SO GOOD!

Sunday: #SundayFunday we spoke in 2 sacrament meetings which was fun
this is how I started my talks:

"I'll start off with a brief introduction. I'm Sister Hughes I am 20
years old, I have been out on my mission for 14 months and I am from
York, England, which is in the county of Yorkshire and according to other
missionaries my dad looks like Bilbo Baggins despite him being 6 ft 3.
So in the mission I am known as the hobbit from the shire.
I think that it is pretty safe to say that you all have the accent."

They all got a kick out of that.

Then we had a stake meeting and then we had dinner with Bishop Ellis,
chicken enchiladas.......sooo delicious. The 4 year old was
singing at the top of her lungs a song about eating crocodile pie
which was hilarious. Then we were just contacting some referrals that
we had received. Not interested but super friendly :)

Anyhoo that was my week! Rough start but great finish.

We also are seeing some potentials tonight which is super exciting.

Love you all!

Keep it real, keep it righteous and make good choices.

Sister Hughes x

Sunday, 26 April 2015

We're on the road to no where.


We're on the road to no where. Well, not quite no where, but I am pretty close.

I have been transferred to Lyman Wyoming! The joke became a reality! 2
babes in the boonies now.

Monday: It was my zone leader Elder Schmidt's birthday so we held a
surprise party for him, we waited like an hour for him but better late
than never, bless him. This is the text that I sent him that morning:

"So Elder, it's ya birthday! Gonna party coz its ya birthday,
preaching the gospel on ya birthday, 4 baptisms coz its ya birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER SCHMIDT welcome to the 20's club #IAmTwentyToo
Birthday cake blow out your candles
Wrapped present here's a present

Then when I saw him at the party we had some chocolate carrots which I
gave to him and said "because your Carrageous"

It was really funny.

So Monday was just packing really.

In the evening we were booked up with appointments, this never
happens! So we finished our lessons all up at 8pm and ran around like
headless chickens trying to say goodbye to people.

Tuesday: finishing up the packing and cleaning the house. Said goodbye
to President Bagley and Bro.Hanks. Bro. Hanks wanted to take us out to
lunch which was very nice. Then we went to the transfer meeting.... and
found out that I was going to Wyoming! There was a massive dust storm
so that was fun on our little road trip. I had never been in a car for
more than an hour on my mission. It took us 2 hours, an hour into it
I asked Sister White 'are we there yet?' we hadn't even reached the
boarder! Then we saw a sign for €75 ice cream cones 60 miles, we
died laughing. We managed to find our apartment okay. Everyone keeps
asking if the elders left it clean for us. Let's just say that you can
tell that girls live there now. At least they aired the apartment out
for us :) Then our district leader called us and said that he wanted
to introduce us to a family that would be able to help us with the
area. So we drove over to the Jenses's and they were able to help the
little lost sheep. We were so grateful. They even fed us dinner! We
hadn't even managed to eat yet so we were eternally grateful.

Wednesday: We had lunch with one of our new Ward mission leaders and
he was giving us the low down of the Ward which was super nice. He
then decided that we shouldn't drive in the snow to get Sister White's
suitcase from the zone leaders so he and his wife drove us to meet
with the elders and grab the suitcase, they are so nice! Then we had
permission from Sister Bernardo to do a little food shop so that we
didn't die. Then in the evening we were meeting with the Stake
Presidency and one of the Bishops. This week has really been meeting
with the leadership because we know diddlysquat!

Thursday: weekly planning, was too much fun- not knowing anything
about the area and not too many records on it. But Sister White and I
are working it out and getting the hang of it! We then met with a Ward
Mission Leader. Then we contacted a referral that we got from the
edgers who cover the other half of the stake. We met with one of
our bishop's and he spoke to us about branding cattle! You should have
seen my face tickled pink doesn't cover it!

Then we were tracking for the rest of the night.

Just before we were about to head home we pulled up for some gas, a
young man walks up to us and asks "are you getting gas?" We said we
were "I saw the Utah plate and then I saw you guys and thought I have
got to do this"and he insisted on paying for our gas! #CountryGent
Whilst he was filling up for us we were just talking and it turns out
that he is the grandson of the Ward mission leader who took us out to
lunch on Wednesday. He got ordained to the office of Elder this Sunday
which was cool :)

We also had a miracle, as we were meeting with Bishop Hickman the EQP
stuck his head in just to say hello. Well he called us after that
night saying that he wants to introduce us to one of his neighbours!
So we are in the process of arranging that, he had invited her to
stake conference which was really cool.

Friday: district meeting! Now a 30 minute drive away, we meet in
Evanston. It was good, it was all about being productive in the
afternoon. Then we had a district lunch, we went to Wendy's. We
went tracting, then after dinner we had a baptism interview for Paxton
so he is ready to go for this coming Saturday. Then we were tracting
for the rest of the night.

Saturday: It was a day of tracting, but we stopped by an old lady who
said that she will be our grandma, so cute. We saw her at church on

After dinner we went to the Saturday evening session of stake
conference which was really good, this is a great stake.

Sunday: We had stake conference which was really good, then we were in
meetings all day just meeting all the leadership.

Born to be wild!

Glad I finally have been able to fulfill a dream!

I have to go now. I have a house to clean and some retail therapy that
needs to be done

Chat next week love you all so much!

Have a great week!

Love you all

Sister Hughes x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

That moment when the carpet is taken from under your feet‏

Monday 13 April 2015
Well hello there everybody!

Transfer calls are in and I am getting transferred! SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that was my reaction too. I have only been there for 2 transfers (12 weeks) I've only just got this thing down! I honestly thought that I was going to finish my mission here in Wasatch. We found the plot for my grave and everything! Alas, it is not meant to be. 

I don't know where I am going, but the joke is that I am going to Wyoming! #BornToBeWild Tomorrow, all will be revealed.

District Dynamite Destroyed (like my alliteration?)

Sisters Knight and Talbert and getting transferred to The Land Down Under and Texas.

Elder Kirsi and Seymour are both getting transferred.

The only one who is staying is Sister McArter, WILD! 

Sorry, I am still getting over the shock, I had to call the Zone Leaders just to make sure that they were being serious and not playing a joke on me. 

Monday: So on Monday night we were as free as a bird :( normally we are booked on Monday nights! So we just contacted some referrals that we had received, none of them were interested but they were super nice :)

Tuesday: We had our lessons with the Jones, Griffith's and Cassie. Which all were really good! We stopped by a couple that we had been trying to get a hold of for a while, this was a miracle!

Wednesday: We were contacting all morning, which was fun. I think it snowed. It snowed one time this week but I cannot remember which one it was but I think it was Wednesday. We had a great lesson with the Arhet's and the Clarks are my favourites <3 We also had a great lesson with the Harris' who are non-members who are really sweet. 

Thursday: We had weekly planning and a farewell lunch with the Westenshow's for Sister Knight and Sister Talbert, so scrumptious as always. Then we had a lesson with Scott which was good and then we went up to brighton which was fun as always. 
After that we had a wonderful lesson with Shelee, I just love her! She is progressing so well, it is wonderful to see. 

Friday: Zone meeting which was really good. We stopped by a former and she said that we could come back, miracle!!!!!!! We have been trying for so long with her! Our 2pm cancelled, but at least Margaret waited on the drive to tell us (she is 90) We then went over to an old ladies house and did her yard which was fun, catching some rays. After dinner we were doing some more contacting then we went over to a member’s house to help him out with a lesson for gospel principles.

Saturday: So we were doing paper work in the morning and getting things in order. We then met with Pres.Hicken which was a really good meeting. Then we were contacting until 4.30, then we had a lesson with the Hamilton's which went well. After dinner we were contacting again until seeing the Stowell's for the missionary paper work!

Wake up at 7.30 and run around (literally, I was doing the 100m sprints!) like a headless chicken until 5pm. In our 1.15 meeting we sat down and gave a little sigh and we got a couple of funny looks and we said "sorry, we just needed to breathe for a second) It was the craziest Sunday I have had for a while. Then we went out on visits with Bishop Stowell which was really good because we got a return appointment from a non-member family who are really awesome.

I won't lie, I am terrified about my new area and companion. I am going to finish my mission in this area, it better be good! Or I'm gonna make it good!

I cannot believe how time has flown been on my mission I only have 3 transfers left (this new one and then 2 after) I have learned so much. Especially how God has his own timetable. 

Another thing I learnt is that we are all more like the prodigal son than we think, because as we journey through life, sometimes our faith isn't as strong as it once was. So we all leave but we come back sometimes we leave big time or it is just little steps but eventually we come back :) 

Hope you're all having a great week!

Lots of English love,

Sister Hughes