Sunday, 20 April 2014


Monday 14 April


It was such a special day, it took me back I won’t lie!

This week we have been doing contacting. It’s just been contacting and trying to get new investigators each day. We have a baptism coming up with week of a young girl, pray for the Draper family!

So last night all the sisters slept in one room because we were hearing odd things and the sisters got a little freaked and we were chatting and we were talking about Pride and Prejudice and I said " I LOVE SISTER BENNETT!" you know you’re a missionary and been out for a while when you start calling movie characters brother and sister  - how embarrassing!


I’m actually sending the package today; we're actually making the post office a priority.

It was Sister Kent’s birthday on Saturday so we went out for breakfast (we worked it out so we could) it was lovely and fun.

I love being out here, it is getting lush weather!

Some days I will be fine, others I’m a little blue, I won’t lie, it’s like a wave… but I love being a missionary and being out here. Sometimes you just find it a little hard. Can’t wait for Mother’s Day. Not long now! I’m super looking forward to skyping you.

I love you all so much.

Sister Hughes xxxx

#LDS General Conference

Monday 7 April

So I went to conference and I was in the room when President Utchdorf spoke!! Flippin' Nora I almost died, I'm pretty sure that I fainted.

I got a lot out of conference. When it was the afternoon session I was thinking "all the Hughes will be watching conference together!"

Okay so CRAZY THINGS I saw 3 people that I knew at conference I saw:

- Jan and Jared Martin (speaking of martin's how is Dan Martin's getting on with coming back to Utah?)

- Elder and Sister Donaldson (yeah that's right, I told you we were besties!)

- Natalie...*insert Spanish name* Christopher will know her she came to institute once stayed with the Cozens.


I loved one certain scripture out of conference, Matthew 6:21 Mum you will want that on a plaque somewhere in the house, it made me think of you guys.

Also: I want a scripture case from Etsy they have super cute ones.  One of the sisters I live with has one I think it is from MA Collections or something, please have a search, I want to protect my precious scriptures.

This week has been crazy, and I won’t lie to you FLIPPIN HARD.

But first quotes of the week:

'Everyone deserves cake at a wedding, it doesn't matter who you are or what you did' (a young girl from a family we teach)

'I don't have a big brother except for Jesus' (Sister Colman)

We have a quote board in our flat. It's good fun, we all get along so well. We now live with one sister who was already in our zone and the other is Sister Kent’s mtc comp SUCH FUN (appreciate that one pookie, I still have my style)

But yeah this week has been super hard.

It's easy when you’re at home in your comfort zone to understand why you’re going on a mission. It’s different when you’re out on your mission sometimes you don't know why you came.

I have found this week really hard, trying to believe in myself is hard but I’m getting better at breaking down it mentally  when I’m trying to work something out.

Saying "I don't know" is the most destroying thing you can do to your mind. I'm working on it. It’s hard, but it will be the best thing.

I also have been homesick which hasn't helped but we are getting there,

How is everything in the Hughesy household?!

Your package is on our boot! It just needs to get to the post office, I might just get the Hales to send it for me... I don't know.

I MUST EMAIL CHAT WITH YOU ALL otherwise I won’t think you love me.


Have a great week everyone. Country bumpkin still getting used to the big city but she loves it




I'M OFF TO OLIVE GARDEN it's Sister Coleman's birthday so we are celebrating. (It still has the never ending breadsticks!)


Sister Hughes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Women's Conference

Monday 31st March

It's Monday already!? WHAT.

This past week has just flown.

Sister Kent and I are both staying in the Winder West Stake, but the two hermanas we are living with are both leaving. Which means white washing! poor future sisters...

Monday: We were with the Hales and we went to Cafe Rio and got boxes for our packages and had some down time so I filled your package – it’s coming together. You're going to love it, there is a nice suprise for you! I will probably send next week.

Tuesday:  We did a lot of contacting, we had dinner at the Fugates and had steak SO GOOD and that was paired with a walnut and cranberry salad, SO DELISH except for the nuts...

So we had to do an emergency split.  Sister Kent went off for an appointment so I had to teach the B.O.M class!!!! It started small with only four but we are working on the publicity of it. The elders are teaching this week thank goodness!

One of our Elders (Claybrook) is being moved, so sad. We love our elders, they take good care of us.

Wednesday: More contacting, we had a goal of 3 people but we contacted 7!

Thursday:  Weekly planning and then we had a lunch app with a non member who is a catholic who is super nice. We were just getting to know her and one of our less actives dropped by (she had an app with us but cancelled, so we saw her anyway) so we were all just chatting and being friendly. We are trying to build bonds and friendship first. Then we had 1st ward splits (Hales ward) and we had "welcome to the first ward!" packets that we were giving to the new members of the ward which was super fun.

Friday: more contacting

Then we had lunch at the drapers, their daughter is being baptized 19th April. We had a southern bbq. I love the drapers so much, they are a tight nit family and Bro Draper is just so humble and caring and wonderful.

Saturday:  We had a meeting with Bro. Burnett (3rd ward mission leader) he is so wonderful: he spoils us so much, he gave us a gift card for olive garden! Then we had an appointment with La'u who is a recent convert and has a couple of months old baby boy. 

Then it was the women’s conference! So we got the trax and headed down. We were sitting in plaza one near the very front of the pulpit in the middle.  Conference was amazing! So great to be in the centre but it was so weird - I would look at the pulpit and then at the screen hahahha! Good session, it was a special one too because now 8 plus can attend. If you watch the conference right to the end you will see Pres. Monson waving, thumbs up and saluting the missionaries. - that was us!!! It was so great being there.

I was thinking about you yesterday in my planner I wrote "Happy mother's day Mummy Hughes <3"

Today we are just doing our chores -  cleaning the house,  washing the car and sorting out your package.


On my wall I have our fam pic with the sign "WE ARE FAMILY, I’VE GOT ALL MY HUGHESYS WITH ME"

Package will hopefully be on its way next week, it has my SD card in it.


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

It's week 6.... SAY WHAT?!!?!‏

It's week 6.... SAY WHAT?!!?!‏

It is transfers next week, this is super crazy!!!!!

Monday: We went shopping with Sister Hales (Liz Hales, she wants to be my friend on facebook, accept for me please) it was so much fun. I felt like a normal person for a moment haha.

Tuesday: EXHANGES, man... "first I was afraid... I was petrified" then I actually did it and it went really well. I actually know my way around my area! :o

Wednesday: I SENT YOUR LETTERS!!! So hopefully they will make it to England. We did a lot of contacting and we finally had a lesson with a less active we have been trying to get a hold of for a while, we finally had him! The spirit was so there and we had to have the lesson on the front lawn because he was alone and the sun was shining so I was a nice warm back... man that lesson was great on so many levels!

Thursday: BEST PLANNING SESSION EVER (a day I thought would never come) I took over one lesson for the first time... SO SCARY, I almost had a heart realz, I was shaking like a leaf! Well... they want another appointment so I guess I did good hahaha

Friday: District meeting, was funny. Our zone leader and another Elder were pretending to be a married couple and we asked him a question and then he said (to the other elder) what do you think honey? It was so funny.

Saturday: we volunteered at the Wellington for bingo with all the old folks, they are so sweet. I love going there!

Sunday: I gave my first talk, at the wellington. I spoke about how the doctrine of Christ and Hastening the work and I related it to a restaurant. We had a really good stake correlation with our stake president. Wow that man is amazing! We have a baptism date with one of our investigators for the 19th April, super exciting.

Off to distribution today and Deseret Books (with the Hales) I’m going to get my scriptures inscribed with my name!

Hopefully getting a small box today to send you my dear elders and other things.

This week we are starting a Book of Mormon Class, we have to do splits that night so I’ll be teaching it by myself! ... with the Elders... and Saturday I am going to the conference centre for the women's conference.

Mummy Hughes you should see my note book. All things bright and beautiful... that’s all I can say.....

I have an amazing temple selfie I want as my new profile picture on facebook hahaha

Please send pictures so I can stick them on my wall and feel at home.

Sing this in the Whitney Houston voice otherwise it isn't effective


Just putting that out there

How are you all doing!?

love you all

Sister Hughes


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Best of times and worst of times....

Okay so I won't lie to you, I have been VERY homesick this week. It's been tough, but I wouldn't come home for the world, though I wouldn't mind a hug, Your letters have been priceless to me out in the field and thank you Pappa Hughes for the photo. SO HAPPY. I found a scripture that really helped D&C 31.. I can’t remember verse on my head but when you read you will understand. 

I called the Zone Leaders (Elders Provoskii & Connell) and they came round and chatted to me and gave me a blessing which helped so much. Then we went on with our day and we were planning that night, just after nine and we hear this funky door knock (Elder Connell likes to do that sort of thing) and Sister Kent and I were like "what are the zone leaders doing here?" we opened the door to see the two Elders with a cake! They are so sweet. I am being well taken care of.

Also thank you to Will Turner. I opened my "in emergency" letter, it helped so much.

Monday: We went to the Salt Lake Temple. It was amazing to be together with the whole mission and to feel peace, I really needed that. Then we went to iHop which was amazing. Then crazy times getting the car washed and stuff.

Tuesday: We had zone conference, so fun! Long it was like 8 hours but it was good. There were marriage proposals and everything! Not real ones though, it was a teaching point. When we invite people to do things, it's like when a guy proposes to a girl you want them to say yes! Haha!

It was such a good conference.   My zone did a musical number of hymn 166, it was beaut - we did the 4th verse a cappella, it is one of my new favs! I have a video of one of my ZLs singing on the camera, you'll love it

We have been contacting like crazy this week so we haven't taught too much, like four lessons this week....

Friday: We had a great mission meeting; we learnt a lot and it was such fun. Having dinner with Elder Perry was so amazing, he is super funny! I got to shake his hand and chat a little. There is photo for proof!
Elder Perry spoke about how the church is being more recognized than ever before, that we need to remember who we are, make connections with people, find some common ground. He gave us advice on giving commitments. He talked about the strength of companionships and how we need to keep them strong and alive and then he briefly talked about marriage and told us not to spend too much time in the singles ward hahaha

Sunday:  We heart attacked all our members in the wards, just letting them know that we loved them. We printed this little message and stuck it onto their car with a heart post it note, it was so much fun. Our baptism got pushed back and is now on the 12th April. The baby is being blessed on the 13th.

Things are warming up so today we are going shopping because I need more clothes, I don't want my outfits to fall apart before I go shopping. we are going with Liz Hales (our ward mission leaders wife, same ones that we went to the tea shop with) She is so amazing :)

Happy St Patricks day! The Americans love an excuse to be festive so I am wearing my green top and pink skirt (yes I look like a watermelon and love it)

Please could you send me some No7 Calico concealer? It’s great and the Americans have awful stick concealer.

I have letters for the Hughes... they may or may not be posted today... don't guarantee anything!

Love you all

Sister Leah Hughes xxxxx

What a week - Temple visit and Mission Dinner with Elder Perry!

Yes the letters have arrived, thank you so much. They were deeply appreciated.

I actually laughed out loud when I read that you’re meeting mummy Graydon and Sp..bauman, who I have no idea is btw....

 The tea shop was lovely. I was looking at the chocolate and it was like $8 haha!!! What a rip off. It had a lot of British photos. There was a massive one of the queen and then under it was a picture of the London Temple which made me laugh!

I’m so stoked. So Monday temple, tomorrow zone conference and Friday hanging out with Elder L. Tom Perry.. What does your week look like?

So I went to the temple today and I met Sister Mann (Stephanie! Well, I think that's her "real' name) which was marvellous. I love the "it's you from facebook" moments! It was AMAZING, it was so nice being with the rest of my mission, and it was a nice catch up.

Today we are washing the car, cleaning our house (it needs it) and then working on our talks for tomorrow. Everyone has to come prepared. It is on ‘the doctrine of Christ as it relates to missionary work.' I kind of have something going but I’m not sure. I’ll have it finished though.

We haven't done that much teaching this week because we have been focusing on contacting people. But we have a baptism on the 15th which is great.  He is wonderful. He wasn't a member but his family were less active. His little boy wanted his dad to baptize him so that was motivation for him and his baby is getting blessed the day after, going to be such a happy weekend - a lot of contacting this week.

I had my first anti Mormon, but he was super nice about it, I’ll take his response any day..

Today we went to ihop with two other sisters for lunch and we just sat down when an old man walked up to us and put $40 on the table bid us good day and left . After we had lunch we were sorting out payment and the waitress said that someone had already taken care of our bill. People are so generous here. So today I made money by eating food! hahaha

Mum you should have seen my salad it was bigger than my face! Next week I’ll get a special envelope to send letters and SD card in.

Hannah, I bought a t-shirt today that made me think of you, it has the grumpy cat on it that said "this is my happy face" I’ll take photos later hahhaha

Gotta go now, i need to wash my car!

Lots of love to all the Hughes and everyone!

Get on facebook and say I’m crying for letters! I need to stay British! I need British contact!!!




Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Great Sunday!

Mummy Hughes!!!

ha-ha that is funny :)

Speaking of parcels! I would like you to send me the Cath Kidston aerogram envelopes? Please send me pictures of your beautiful faces and where we live.

Today one of the ward mission leaders and his wife is taking us to Temple Square and the Joseph Smith memorial building  and then they are taking us to the Elizabeth tearoom which is a British teashop!!! So excited.

No I haven't received letters yet, I’ll have to look today!

Last week’s training was really good, it was great to see everyone that I came in with. We had a game of jeopardy on like mission hand book it was Elder Seymour (from NZ) Elder Duncan (no idea where from) and elder.... can’t remember his name.. So I said "may the best woman win" AND I WON!!!!! There were lots of pictures taken, have you seen any pictures of me on the facebook site?

At the new missionary training there was a great Mormon message by Jeffery R Holland and it's called good things to come it is so good :)

When I was at the MTC we were watching a broadcast from Elder Bednar (only in the MTC Archive, sorry) and the question was 'how do I know if the holy spirit or just me?'
He said 'quit worrying about it. Be a good girl, keep your commandments and honour your covenants' I love him!

Yes I went to the temple square with Suzie and her sister who brought her daughter who is around 2 she is adorable. We had a marvellous time. We got to see a Mormon message by Elder Quentin L. Cook "hope ya know, I had a hard time" not a dry eye in the room. She really needed that trip. Suzie is so wonderful and her sister as well :)
I like it here. We have Greg who is getting baptized on the 15th and then his baby is getting blessed 16th so sweet!
 We are teaching 99.9% Less actives, we only have on investigator! He is great, we were supposed to meet with him on Saturday but he cancelled on us because he had something come up. He is pure gold though.

Thursday - we did weekly planning, I'm not lying it’s boring but good!

We saw some less active families and trying to get them to the cottage meeting (basically a spiritual thought at one of the presidency's house and the missionaries invite people. They are so wonderful)

We were going to go on splits with the first ward but something came up so we didn't.

We had district meeting which was good. We have great Elders who are our District leaders and Zone Leaders, they are so wonderful. They really care about us. We are the only sisters in our district. Happy sister = happy district hahaha

Elder Contreras is our DL and he said 'missionaries have success every day, because we are out here serving the Lord' which is true.

Elder Claybrooke had two great quotes: 'God can only guide our feet when we move them' and 'pray as if everything depended on God, work as if everything depended on you'
Aterwards we just visited a load of families trying to get them to the cottage meeting, we made flyers and everything hahah

On Saturday we had a little bit of my 12 week training then we met up with one of Sister Kent's friends who took us out for ice-cream because they needed to talk. We were with them for about an hour

Then we went to the wellington which is an old people’s home and we help with the bingo. Sister Kent calls out the numbers (there isn't any hope if I do it, some of the people don't understand my accent haha) I love it, we go there every Saturday and help. The old people are so sweet!

Then it was just more visiting houses for the cottage meeting.

This Sunday just gone was the best Sunday I have had out here in the field. I don't know why but it was just more relaxed. We bore our testimony each ward we were in. After mission prep we got a text from one of the yw presidents asking us to do a lesson half an hour before hand because she was sick bless her, but she is better and she is the one taking us to the tea shop that's british! :)

After that we had dinner at the awoosoo's (not how it is spelt) which was nice they are a family from Ghana and they have a daughter on a mission and a son who has just decided to go on one! I love mission prep here we have a great teacher.

Please could you get me abi hardings email.

How is everyone and everything!

Did Christopher have a nice birthday, I am going to send him a card I just need to post it. 
I am almost finished with writing you all a letter!



lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sister Hughes