Sunday, 12 October 2014


Monday 6 October

HAPPY 8 MONTHS TO ME! Time is flying, I LOVE being a missionary.

Monday: P-day
The usual and then sports at the chapel. We were playing basketball; I have been practising my skills so when I get home I will be a professional.

Then in the evening we had a lesson with a sister missionary referral. (someone who requests sisters) and it was really good. What we like to do the first time that we meet someone is just to get to know them and see what they want to get out from meeting with us. VERY good lesson and meeting :) Tiffany is recently married to an RM and they're having a baby due on 24th Dec! SO exciting in the house.

Tuesday: We had interviews with President which were really good. I love my interviews with President. Then we have been going through the part member lists for our wards. After dinner we had a lesson with, our less active member who is coming back to church. She is so amazing. She really is turning her life around.

Then we stopped by one of our investigators who turns out that she is having a hard time which is really sad.
Wednesday: So we were supposed to have a lesson with one of our less actives but it turns out that she wasn't there so we met with her mother instead. Then we had a sisters’ lunch at Zupas (sooo good) and had a meeting at the same time. Next we met with a member’s husband who is very very sick and about to die. Then we helped one of the seminary teacher’s talk to students that aren't enrolled in seminary.

Thursday: It was weekly planning and with the Westenskow's then lunch with them and the elders. Then Sister Knight had a Sister Training Leader meeting with Sister Eberhardt at the office so we went there and I got to see Sister Nelson which was lovely! Then we were just trying people who we have been wanting to meet with for a while. We stopped by our Inactive- Returned Missionary and invited him to conference at his cousins AND HE SAID YES!!! I almost fell over. (unfortunately  it didn't work out but at least he was willing)

Friday: We had district meeting in the morning and I gave a training on how to keep people on their baptismal dates which really was all about keeping commitments which went really well. Then we had Zupas. You know it's bad when they say "weren't you in here the other day?" but it is so good. Everyone is so happy it is like the celestial kingdom! After Lunch we went back to the church to watch the new movie "Meet the Mormon's" it is sooo good! deffs recommend to go and see and take a friend. Then we had a correlation with one of our ward mission leaders and stopped by formers. Also, we made cupcakes for all our ward mission leaders with a post it note that said "it's a treat to work with you" We have never baked so much in our lives, it’s fun but sometimes we feel like we are running a baking business. Great British Bake Off I'm coming for you.

Saturday: Conference!
morning: 88,000 missionaries worldwide <-- woohoo!

"remember which way you face" - Elder. Robbins

I loved the native speakers.  For those that  it was their native language I think that would have been very special for them
Pres.Utchdorf - "if you do your part, it will come and it will be GLORIOUS"

that man is the i LOVE him.

Afternoon, we took a less active member.
I loved Elder Callister's talk

Jorg Klebingat - he was hilarious, plain and straight just how we like it

loved Elder Holland

Sunday: almost had to drive downtown salt lake to go to conference! but fortunately we found a ride
Morning: loved Elder Ballard's "STAY IN THE BOAT"

and Richard G Scotts family is important!

Sunday afternoon (if it’s your final session before you go home then you get to go with your companion by yourselves.)

I can't remember but it was a good session and I really liked Elder Bednar's talk!

Hope you are all well and have a great week

Love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx

‘Well it’s gonna take work’

Monday 29 September

"Anyone who does any kind of missionary work will have the occasion to ask, ‘Why is this so hard?’ ‘Why doesn't it go better?’ ‘Why can't our success be more rapid?’ ‘Why aren't there more people joining the church?’  ‘It is the truth. We believe in angels. We trust in miracles. Why don't people just flock to the font?’ ‘Why isn't the only risk in missionary work that of pneumonia from being soaking wet all day and all night in the baptismal font?’ You will have the occasion to ask those questions. I have thought about this a great deal. I offer this as my personal feeling. I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. We are the church of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, He is our Great Eternal Head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him.?" - Elder Jeffery R Holland

So the work has been slow for the past couple of weeks so we are going to people who have previously met with the missionaries but discontinued the discussions. We go round to the members that know them and ask questions about them to see if they would be interested in having the lessons again.

Monday: P-day
- got a haircut
- shopped
- wrote a letter or two

The people we had an appointment with either cancelled or weren't home. Nobody seemed to be home but we had a great lesson with a member in the 17th ward. Sister Bates read from a book called "unanswered prayers" it was really good!

Tuesday: We did ALOT of service. One of our appointments cancelled but we had a great lesson with someone that has just picked us up instead :)
Wednesday: We spent the morning doing service, then we had lessons with some less active members which were good. What we do with these particular people is 1) help them with their Book of Mormon reading by reading it with them 2) help them have a better knowledge of the scriptures and reading chapters with them and talking about it

I learnt that Mosiah 1-4 was a record of the 1st general conference ever! Haha it's a great read.

We had a final lesson with Preston who is 8 and was getting baptized at the weekend.

Then we spent the evening contacting

Thursday: Final weekly planning session without the Westenskow's whooo!! We have missed them terribly. And we were just asking about people who had the missionary lessons.

Friday: We were practically in meetings all the way until 3pm which was weird. We had a really good lesson with a non-member who is an expert on family history. We got him to teach us! Then we did family history later that night with another person. I am gaining a love for family history!

Saturday: We helped a Methodist lady clean her house, she had a crazy and tough week and her house was suffering. She was very grateful for our help. Then it was lunchtime and we started dipping the truffles that we had made earlier in the week.

Preston got baptized, whooo! Bless him, he is a cutie.

Then we went over to one of our recent converts who is 11 and read the Book of Mormon stories with her to help her reading.

That evening we had the general women's meeting, I LOVED IT. Especially Pres. Utchdorf, I love it when he talks about facebook, pinterest, twitter and instagram.

Sunday:I was talking to Sister Stevens about the women’s conference  (yes casual name drop ;))

We were sat next to each other in gospel essentials. We didn't talk about it too much because Bro.Stevens was teaching. he shared a really good mormon message

We taught gospel Principles about missionary work which went really well. 

Then we met with our Stake President and spoke about the work and how we can move it forward.

So that was my week!

Right hughsies I am going now

Hope everyone is well.

Oh, early happy 8 months to me. How wild is that?!

Have a great week everyone

Enjoy the holiday Mamma and Pappa

You all owe me a BIG holiday when I get back

Anyway love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx

"Are you free Friday night so we can make history?" "I said are you free Friday night so we can do family history!"

"Do you come from the land down under? ...YES!"

"Hi, my name is Sister Knight. What's your name?" "It doesn't matter. In fact I am really busy right now" #awkward

"You're just like one of those american girls" (cute handwriting)

"We are domestic goddesses''"

"She swallowed a mozie, she must be aussie"

Monday 22 September

So my companion is called Sister Knight and she is from Melbourne Australia

"We are like the same person, we have the same Queen and everything!"

She has understood me like no American has. We are besties. I call her the dark knight

We pointed out that half of the district is under the rule of Queen Lizzie so the Americans better watch out hahahah (One of the elders is from Canada)

This past week has been AMAZING. The work is very slow, but we had some priceless experiences. Teaching by the spirit has something that I really learnt.

Monday: P-day, so packing and sports activity I think.

Evening- We were stopping by one of our ward mission leaders house for Sister Nelson to say goodbye and hand him some papers. A couple of men were out just chatting and they said hi to us. We went over to continue the conversation 2 active members and one less active. Alex and Taylor were cousins, they are in their late 30s and the active one was joking around about the less active one meeting with us. We set up an appointment but Taylor wasn't the most excited in the world. We then went on with saying goodbye to people for Sister Nelson
Tuesday: Transfers!

So in the morning was moving houses, oh my word that was fun...

The move was long. We had to move everything! I cannot wait until the day I move into a house and stay there for years!

The new flat is great, we have a cat called Alex and she looks like a lion.

Transfers, picked up Sister Knight and then we headed off to dinner and then correlation!

Wed: We had a luau hosted by one of our inactive families (The Barawis' & Jaeger) that we are working with, it was amazing and there was a great turn out with non-members too. They had the hakka and everything!!!! and a pig! ...sorry babe

Thursday: Weekly, without the Westenskows. They are on vacation. We miss them terribly.
Evening- it was beautiful. We had our appointment with The Cousins and it was such an amazing lesson. We just got to know them both and we asked about their missions. This really meant a lot to the less active, you could tell his mission meant a lot to him. Then we tied it into prayer and I asked 'How many times on your mission did you tell the people that you were teaching that Heavenly Father answers prayers?" and I told them that it still meant the same thing for them. He got tears in his eyes. You could feel the spirit so strong.

Friday: District meeting and a lot of active member lessons

Saturday: So we made cupcakes in the morning and delivered them to the people that we are working with who are having a hard time. We also went by Taylor's because at the end of our last lesson Taylor said to Andrew "where are the cupcakes" So we were joking around that that was the reason why he came haha so we went round and gave him the cupcakes that Andrew failed to deliver! He was really touched. He is such a great guy.

Saturday: Active members and asking for referrals

Sunday: We went to the Ogden Temple dedication held at the stake centre. We sat with the Stevens and it was such a wonderful experience. President Monson said

"Love the Temple
Appreciate the Temple
Attend the Temple"

Which I thought was really nice

Then we contacted some of the names that we had received.

We have had a lot of active member lessons this week, but we are changing that by meeting people who have already met with missionaries and stopped being taught by them.

2 Nephi 5 talks about 5 ways that we can be happy, it's a good read!

Love you all

Sister Hughes xx


Saturday, 20 September 2014


Monday 15 September

Oh my word, life is just full of surprises this week.

Sister Nelson is leaving and becoming and STL (Sister Training Leader) and I am staying!

We are moving homes today, so if all post could be sent to the mission office in the time being that would be grand.

Monday:  So it was p-day and we just played sports at the church which was fun and then in the evening we were stopping by people, but everyone seems to be off the face of the planet so.... yeah.

Tuesday:  Everyone is falling off the face of the planet so this week has been pretty slow. But we had a lesson with a less active member before she went to her new job the next day which was good. What we do with her is help her read the Book of Mormon. Then we had a lesson with a recent convert who is like 10 so he is really funny.

Wednesday:  So we helped an inactive member with her basement. Her next door neighbour got evicted and had loads of rats and mice so she needed her place checked out and her basement was pretty full so we helped!

Thursday:  Weekly planning and lunch with the Westenskows and we had a couple of lessons with active members which was good.

Old Mill Ward had a party which was fantastic, there were lots of non-members which was great!

Friday: So we had district meeting which was good. President Banks and his wife showed up which was a nice surprise. Then we helped a member clear out/arrange his house with the Westenskows. Turned out to be a lesson which was nice. Then we were just trying to stop by people. They have seriously fallen off the planet!

That night we saw a non-member who was really funny. Sister Nelson shared a scripture and she says "stop, read it again with your heart" which she did. Then she says "now, I want you to sing it" poor Sister Nelson had no idea what to do so our non-member did it for her.

Saturday: We did service with the Wassatch Sisters and the rest of our district in the morning. Then we did service with the Elders for a person that they were teaching AND HE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY WHOOO!

Then we had dinner at the Stevens which was so lovely, Sister Stevens in the most wonderful cook. Then we were stopping in on people for the rest of the night.

Sunday: So we help teach gospel principles in the 17th ward which was really good and then we taught Elders Quorum. So we were just sat in priesthood waiting to teach and all the bretheren came in and started cracking women & the priesthood jokes which were really funny.

"So our lesson today will be on marriage because we are the most experienced people.......we're only joking, we're talking about missionary work."

Our lesson went really well.

So we walk into Old Mill Ward and we see one of our investigators which was a nice surprise, we weren't expecting her there and then we look at the stand and see…..

ELDER D.TODD CHRISTOPHERSON!!!!! Yes, it was real. Sister Nelson and I just kept giving each other looks hahaha. We got to speak to him at the end of the sacrament meeting. He asked where I was from and it turns out that in March he was in Newcastle and Sunderland. He asked me where York was in relation to those places I said "I'm a couple of hours south of them... I think?"

He replies: "I think you're right. You've been out for too long"

He is really funny :)

So that is my week! Full of surprises!

So one of our Bishop's gave us a really cool quote:

"God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfil your dreams, just as He always has. But He can't if you don't pray, and He can't if you don't dream. In short, He can't if you don't believe."

- Elder Jefferey R Holland

Love you all!

Hey, please can you send me the words to ‘God save the Queen.’ I can sing more of the American anthems than my own!

I’m going now

I love you all dearly.

Love, Sister Hughes


Monday, 15 September 2014

"And I'm freeeee, free fallin'"

Monday 8th September

Oh my word life is just getting ridiculously crazy. It’s week 6 already!!

We are teaching 9 people which is fabulous!

Okay, the break down:

Monday, Tuesday - happy day, Wednesday, Thursday, happy day ... hahahaha jokes, but seriously though.

Monday: So we started off the day with attending the Brighton Point's Labour day breakfast. They started with their pledge of allegiance so I was lost and felt awkward. We were right next to Bishop Workis who was doing the eggs on a wok, we said "You're working the wok Bishop" Well he replied

"You've gotta talk the talk and wok the wok" it was really funny.

 P-day antics. We exceeded our zone goal of 10 baptisms by 2 in the month of august. So we had a party :)

Tuesday: We met with a couple of members who are less active and had read some chapters of the Book of Mormon with them.

Wednesday: Oh my word, what a morning!  So we had just met with one of our ward mission leaders and we were walking back to the car. His drive and the path aren't even... so I face planted it... my guardian angel was either on vacation or on her lunch break. It was a smack so loud that our ward mission leader came running out and said "I heard that, are you okay?" He heard it from behind his closed door, how embarrassing! I was totally fine, only a few minor scratches. The only thing that was severely hurt was my pride. I got up brushed myself down walked to the car and drove off... with my companion. No tears no nothing.

You can just call me Calamity Jane.

Later that afternoon we had a lesson with a less active member  who is partially blind so we went up to the big cottonwood canyon for a picnic with the Westenskow's. Sister Westenskow packed up the most delicious lunch and it was a grand old time! I felt like I was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when they all go off for a picnic to the beach!

That evening a miracle happened. We had a text to our phone telling us to go and see someone who wasn't a member of the church (it was a missionary referral) So we went there and knocked a man opened the door, we asked if the A was there. He said she wasn't but she will be back in the evening, "but she'll say no to you guys."  We told him that was fine and left. We went back later and she answered the door she let us in but said we weren't going to baptize her. We told her that was fine and we spoke to her. She asked us questions about our upbringing in the church and other things but she kept saying that we weren't going to get any brownie points because we weren't going to baptize her. I told her that's not why we are here; we are here to bring people closer to Jesus Christ that's what our "brownie points" were. Baptisms don't really mean that much. We weren't here to baptize the whole of Utah, we are here because we love the gospel and want to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. She was very touched with what was said and that we weren't just here to baptize her. She got emotional... she has a 20 year old son and said "everyone should go on a mission" we were both like amen! hahaha and we hadn't even mentioned about giving her the lessons but she said 'I want to take the lessons from you guys" I wanted to cry. I love this woman so much. It was definitely a miracle. I cannot wait to see her on Wednesday.

Thursday: Weekly Planning and had lunch with the Westenskow's and the Elders. We had an active member lesson with someone in the Old Mill ward which went well. We taught Preston who is 8, his parents requested him to be taught by us because he wasn't sure of the whole thing. But he wants to be baptized so woohooo! He told us that he prayed about it and it is what God wants him to do! He is hilarious we ended teaching him the commandments and we were leaving and he says "See ya later girlfriend" I just about died laughing. Then we went to a stake conference singing practice!

Friday: Zone Meeting which was amazing!

We spoke about the goals that we wanted for the month of September. And then we had an AA meeting and everyone had to get up and say
"Hi, I'm Sister/Elder and I have a problem. I'm scared to invite people to be baptized....(and then a reason)" It was really good and funny too, we had to stand on a podium. Then I was picked on to do a role-play with my Zone Leader, Elder Jarvis and I had to get him to say yes to baptism. I thought I was going to die of a heart attack, I was so so scared but it went really well. Then we were helping hand out flyers for the cub scout activity on Saturday.

Saturday: We had service! We had a lesson with a recent convert who is 11 and then we had dinner then stake conference! Sister Nelson had to speak and she did the best job, PROUD COMPANION!

Sunday: Oh my word this threw me off! Only 2 hours of church, no meetings and actually had time to study. It was strange. Stake conference was really good. The theme was the atonement. The was a lady who was less active speaking and her non-member husband came. She said "James, you are the most handsome man in a suit" She is a cancer survivor and a lot of the congregation were in tears.

So this is my week!

Thank you so much for the package... it's waiting at the office. I am almost too excited to sleep! It will arrive, otherwise i will hunt my ZLs down

I love YOU beyond measure.

Can you believe I’m almost half way?

I don’t want to leave

Time flies

See you in what will feel like tomorrow but will be actually next week

Keep it real

Keep it Righteous

Love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx

Sister Hughes & Nelson: Taking on the world one soul at a time

I'm so busy my head is spinning!

Monday 1 September
So this week has been a crazy week.

We are currently working with a family, the parents are less active but their children want to get baptized! And another one of our families is doing great.

Monday: P-day, sports at the chapel

Tuesday: We had to say goodbye to Joowon who goes back to Korea, she was only on vacation for 3 months. But she knows that the church is true, she is going to talk to her husband about the church.

Wednesday: Just a normal day. We have a lady in our ward who is fighting cancer so we went over to her house for dinner. We cooked the dinner for her and we ate it with her and her husband. It was such a nice time! Then we went to the youth activity which was a water balloon fight which was super fun...I was a prime target for a lot of people. The funnier thing was that we had an appointment afterwards... we did a really good job of drying off without a towel, we didn't look that bad when we got to our appointment... thank goodness!

Thursday: WEEKLY PLANNING.... it's a love/hate relationship. Then we planned with the Westenskow's who are our senior couple that we work with and had lunch with them. Sister Westenskow is the best cook, she fixed my skirt that got a hole and gave us Lindt chocolate, she is one of my most favourite people in the world.

Friday: District meeting was good. We helped a sick member clean her house. We have a set of parents that want us to teach their 8 year old which is going well. We also saw lots of people in one of our neighbourhoods doing yard work and filling up lots of skips! So we helped out with that.

Saturday: We helped 2 families to swap houses... it got a little confusing as to who's was what but we got there in the end. There were 6 missionaries and we all had fun.

Sunday: Church! So we spent sacrament in 17th ward and then we taught joint Priesthood and Relief Society about member missionary work in Old Mill. We took a lot of our lesson from "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" it is such a good book. Then we came into AppleValley Sacrament meeting right at the end and then stayed there for Sunday school and Joint Relief Society and Priesthood. We didn't manage to get up to Brighton Point because it is a little far and we were low on miles.

So that was my week!

This morning we were helping out Brighton Point for their Labour Day breakfast which was fun. We were serving Hashbrowns (not the english ones) Pancakes, Sausage and eggs. It was great we had so much fun! At the start of the breakfast they said their pledge of allegiance ... I didn't really know what was going on so I just copied everyone else by having my hand over my heart and staring at my companion for her to show me the way. She found this hilarious and all she said to me was "British probs" hahaha

I am having a great week, being kept really busy!

One of my favourite scriptures is Mosiah 3:20

"And moreover, I say unto you, that the time shall come when the knowledge of a Savior shall spread throughout every nation, kindred, tongue and people."

The Lord is hastening His work and as Missionaries & Members of the church work together in spreading this wonderful message of Jesus Christ we will be able to bring about this prophecy!

Have a great week everyone!


Sister Leah Hughes xxx

Friday, 29 August 2014

Goodbye Mr A!

Monday 25 August 

This week has been a long one, but really good.

Monday: We had zone conference with Elder Clarke who is of the 70 which was really good. He was a good speaker and funny too, which is always a bonus. I have attached the notes we all made together so you can all see what I learnt!

I got to see Sister Melanson and Sister White too and they gave me an update on Winder West, they are doing such a good job!

Tuesday: We were at the temple, afterwards our district all went out to breakfast which was nice and then it was just the usual craziness and then in the evening we taught Keaton, who is nine, the 10 commandments. It's like being back in primary, though it isn't the same without Jasper, Gianna, Lila and Eden. The lesson went really well, there's a way to teach with hand signals which is really cool :) Then we had stake Correlation

Wednesday: We had a lesson with Joowan who is from Seol, Korea. We taught her the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. In Seol they have a strong Christian upbringing there so it wasn't really hard to teach her. She goes home this week with her boys back to her husband. We will miss her. Then we joined the youth in doing some service for an old lady in the ward.

Thursday: Weekly planning, every missionary's favourite thing to do.... it's not bad, it just a necessity. We had a couple of active member lessons which went really well. We taught the first lesson, The Restoration. You really could feel the spirit it was great! Then we met with one of our members who is less active, we help her with her Book of Mormon Reading. Then we had a Family Home Evening with a less active family, which went really well. There were a lot of young children so we were trying to think of something fun, so we read a couple of verses from 1Nephi 8 talking about Lehi's dream and the fruit of the tree. We talked about how the fruit represents the Gospel and it makes us happy and for the game we played fruit basket, which was really fun, the children really enjoyed it :)

Friday: We had a Zone Meeting which was really fun. We were practicing our invitations to be baptized. All the senior couples had come in with "civilian clothes" they were asked to leave or something. Elder Gray said "okay, so now you are going to invite people to be baptized. We have got a lot of non-members waiting outside" at that moment I got chills... I thought he meant real live non-members...turns out it was just the seniors...silly me. Even though it was our senior couples we all still treated it like they were non-members, it was really good!
We also had an active member lesson with one of our families and they surprised us at the end of the lesson by saying they had brought a non-member friend which was really cool, our members are being righteously sneaky and we love it!

Saturday: We went to a baptism of the Wassatch Sisters and brought Joowan. She enjoyed it :)  Then we had a lesson with a recent convert who is 11. In the afternoon we had a lesson with Mr.A He is a member of the Church of Christ... unfortunately we had to stop meeting with him because he wasn't progressing and he just wanted to teach us "and bring us to the truth" but we have such a great respect for each other, I hope I have a bible knowledge as good as his by the time I die. It was so sad,  I wanted to cry!!!! but we couldn't we went straight to dinner and continued with our day.... it was so sad....

"Sister Hughes, I want to cry!"

"Me too!!!"

Sunday: Church, church, church.We had a surprise lesson at dinner, our members just bring their non-member friends when we are there, it's great!

One day this week it was raining and cold, we had to put the heater on in the car...FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! It was just like being at home!

Okay, I haz to go. I want to do my food shopping and pick up my meds.I am a leper and need to be healed.I didn't choose the leper life, the leper life chose me.

Have a great week everyone

Post is with the postman and will come to you soon!

Thank you for everything you all do for me.

I love it here, the work is good.

Love you all

Sister Leah Hughes xxx