Sunday, 19 April 2015

That moment when the carpet is taken from under your feet‏

Monday 13 April 2015
Well hello there everybody!

Transfer calls are in and I am getting transferred! SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that was my reaction too. I have only been there for 2 transfers (12 weeks) I've only just got this thing down! I honestly thought that I was going to finish my mission here in Wasatch. We found the plot for my grave and everything! Alas, it is not meant to be. 

I don't know where I am going, but the joke is that I am going to Wyoming! #BornToBeWild Tomorrow, all will be revealed.

District Dynamite Destroyed (like my alliteration?)

Sisters Knight and Talbert and getting transferred to The Land Down Under and Texas.

Elder Kirsi and Seymour are both getting transferred.

The only one who is staying is Sister McArter, WILD! 

Sorry, I am still getting over the shock, I had to call the Zone Leaders just to make sure that they were being serious and not playing a joke on me. 

Monday: So on Monday night we were as free as a bird :( normally we are booked on Monday nights! So we just contacted some referrals that we had received, none of them were interested but they were super nice :)

Tuesday: We had our lessons with the Jones, Griffith's and Cassie. Which all were really good! We stopped by a couple that we had been trying to get a hold of for a while, this was a miracle!

Wednesday: We were contacting all morning, which was fun. I think it snowed. It snowed one time this week but I cannot remember which one it was but I think it was Wednesday. We had a great lesson with the Arhet's and the Clarks are my favourites <3 We also had a great lesson with the Harris' who are non-members who are really sweet. 

Thursday: We had weekly planning and a farewell lunch with the Westenshow's for Sister Knight and Sister Talbert, so scrumptious as always. Then we had a lesson with Scott which was good and then we went up to brighton which was fun as always. 
After that we had a wonderful lesson with Shelee, I just love her! She is progressing so well, it is wonderful to see. 

Friday: Zone meeting which was really good. We stopped by a former and she said that we could come back, miracle!!!!!!! We have been trying for so long with her! Our 2pm cancelled, but at least Margaret waited on the drive to tell us (she is 90) We then went over to an old ladies house and did her yard which was fun, catching some rays. After dinner we were doing some more contacting then we went over to a member’s house to help him out with a lesson for gospel principles.

Saturday: So we were doing paper work in the morning and getting things in order. We then met with Pres.Hicken which was a really good meeting. Then we were contacting until 4.30, then we had a lesson with the Hamilton's which went well. After dinner we were contacting again until seeing the Stowell's for the missionary paper work!

Wake up at 7.30 and run around (literally, I was doing the 100m sprints!) like a headless chicken until 5pm. In our 1.15 meeting we sat down and gave a little sigh and we got a couple of funny looks and we said "sorry, we just needed to breathe for a second) It was the craziest Sunday I have had for a while. Then we went out on visits with Bishop Stowell which was really good because we got a return appointment from a non-member family who are really awesome.

I won't lie, I am terrified about my new area and companion. I am going to finish my mission in this area, it better be good! Or I'm gonna make it good!

I cannot believe how time has flown been on my mission I only have 3 transfers left (this new one and then 2 after) I have learned so much. Especially how God has his own timetable. 

Another thing I learnt is that we are all more like the prodigal son than we think, because as we journey through life, sometimes our faith isn't as strong as it once was. So we all leave but we come back sometimes we leave big time or it is just little steps but eventually we come back :) 

Hope you're all having a great week!

Lots of English love,

Sister Hughes


Monday 6 April 2015

Belated Happy Easter Everyone! 

If you haven't checked out the 'He Lives' campaign then do it right now!

Mosiah 16:7-9 (In the Book of Mormon, we have Abinadi who is a prophet speaking to the people just before he dies)

And if Christ had not risen from the dead, or have broken the bands of death that the grave should have no victory, and that death should have no sting, there could have been no resurrection.
 But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.
 He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.
Because He lives, we can live again also. 

Hope you all had a great Easter and didn't eat too much candy, I mean… sweets.

Monday: What a CRAZY DAY!

So we set off at 8:15 to go up to Oakley (by Park City) and went to the Westenskow's cabin. Once we arrived we just chilled out, played some ping pong and had brunch. We then went on a hike which was really cool, it was so nice and warm, I am talking t-shirt and sunglasses #HelloSummer
it was NOICE! (that's 'nice' with an Kiwi accent) there was some ice still up there which was fun to go up in our trainers with no grip, but fear not Elder Westenskow had these spikey things that you'd put on your trainers, fancy I know. We didn't get back down to the valley until like 3:30pm. Then it was just a madhouse trying to get everything done before dinner with the Duzett's at 5:30, talk about the final countdown!

We had a lesson with our opposite door neighbours the Shapiro's which was good as always. There little kiddies are just so knowledgeable! Then we were just out contacting for the rest of the night and sharing an early Easter message. We met a lady who was a very devote catholic but she really appreciated the video. We were just on her doorstep on a busy road but the best part was that when important things came up on the screen the road was silent, thank you Heavenly Father. Very positive experience :) 

Tuesday: We had lunch with the Le Roy's which was good, then we were contacting all afternoon. We then had a lesson with the Jones in the 3rd ward which was good, but everyone is still sick! Sad day :( then we were just contacting for the rest of the night.

Wednesday: contacting, contacting, contacting. That's all you do when you have no one to teach. Until we met with Bishop Stowell and went out on visits with him, he is the best!

Then after dinner we had a lesson with the Arhet's on the gospel of Jesus Christ which went really well as always, we just LOVE them! Then we had a lesson with the Clark's which was great. We just love that family too. It was a rough start but great finish days. 

Thursday: Planning, enough said, I won't bore you. Then we headed up to Brighton which was lush as always. We met with Ryan Innes and shared an Easter message with him and at the end of the lesson he sang 'I know that my redeemer lives' oh my word it was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes because he was practically baring his testimony, it was amazing. Then we saw Dean to lift his spirits up because he is recovering from being in a care centre forever. We are sharing easter messages like no bodies business (well, reason for the season people!) Then our appointments cancelled so we went out with Bro Hanks for more Easter messages, it was a good times as always. Then we had a lesson with the Christensen's in the 3rd ward who are recently married. They are great people.

Friday: #ButlerBabe
I was back in Butler for exchanges! Back to being a Butler Babe! It was nice to be back, I got to see some people that I hadn't seen for a while which was nice. Sharing Easter messages with everyone again. 

Saturday: #LDSConf We actually managed to go down, oh my goodness so good. Now, I would share with you all my notes and insights and that was my intention... but I left my notebook at home... POOP! Well, I will have to enlighten you another time... like next week or something. I took some great notes let's just say that

OH WAIT! I remember a quote!

"I can teach you to dance, but you have to hear the music"

I went "ooooh" out loud it was that good!

Oh and Happy birthday to me reaching 14 months, yes I cannot believe it either. What an achievement! I said I'd never go on a mission. Never say never people. So glad that I did though, I have grown so much and met loads of amazing people.
Sunday: #LDSConf watch the morning session with the Clark's and then we went down for the morning session and then we went to the Duzett's for the afternoon session oh my giddly goodness so good.  Then we had a family dinner with them, there were around 40 people Bishop kept asking if we were okay because he was worried that we would pass out because of the amount of people or something, bless him. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night. We managed to see Mia which was really good, we haven't seen her for a while. Then we stopped by Gin and Freddie and shared an Easter message with them. 

WELL! That was my week! I cannot believe that it is week 6 of the transfer, my goodness time flies. 

The time has come that I need to leave, I have things that need to get done. I'm off to get 'er dun!

Hope you all have a great week!

Love you lots!

Love you all!

Sister Hughes xoxo

Out with the old and in with the new.‏

Monday 30 March 2015


This is the low down.

Monday: So we had another choir practice for the devotional. Then we had the mundane things to do so we were running around like crazies, but that is normal.

In the evening we were contacting for an hour and then we had a lesson with our opposite door neighbour the Shaprio's, they are an awesome family. Then we had a lesson with Evan on how the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together.

Tuesday: Catch up with Bishops and things in the morning and a lunch provided by the Le Roy's and then we went contacting until 4:30 we had a lesson with Miley which was about making good choices which went well. Then we had dinner with the Bartholomew’s who are the best family, they love missionaries and missionary work so they are awesome. Then later on we had a lesson with the Arhet's who are just the cutest, I just love them and to finish the night we were in the 3rd ward with the Jones :)

Wednesday: We had Zone Conference which was really good and that took up most of the day. Then after dinner we had a lesson with the Christiensen's which was really good. They pretended to be non-members and had some really good questions. 

Thursday: We had weekly planning and we had to co-ordinate with the Brighton Elders because we now cover one of their wards because of the stake change. After lunch we had a lesson with Scott, his wife Marge was there and she is from Wales. Oh my goodness I had way to much fun talking to her, her accent was lovely. Then we went up to Brighton which is really pretty the lesson we were going to have cancelled so we were just being shown around and told about people that they are working with we also had a lesson with Dean who has just gotten out of a care centre, he looked so happy and good!. In the evening we had our lesson with Shelee which is good as always. We had Sisters Melanson and Guy stay with us for the night which was fun, I haven't seen my baby for a while! (I trained her) 

Friday: No district meeting with us having Zone Conference so that threw us off a little bit, but we did some good contacting! We managed to see Cassie who we have been trying to see for a long time. After lunch we had a lesson with Kaela which was good. Then we contacted for a little bit and then we headed down for a final choir practice. Then we had a mission photo then we had Elder Allan come and speak to us. He is the bees knees, funny and spiritual. That was pretty much for the rest of the night. 

Saturday: We did service pretty much from 10-1:45 only one was planned. After the service we did a little contacting then Sister McArter went with Sister Stevens and skyped in to a baptism in Wyoming. But Sister Stevens couldn't be there for the whole the things so I got to sit in for the rest of it, which was really cool. Despite being on skype you could still feel the spirit really strong. Thanks for technology! yay :) Then we went to the Egburt's home and then we watch Conference with the 3rd ward Young Women. Then we stopped by the Cole's and shared an Easter message with them and then went to the Stowell's for the missionary paper work.

Sunday: #SundayFunDay

We managed to hit every ward at some point #Achievement

With the stake change all the wards are much bigger now. Because we were always attending sacrament just in time Sister McArter and I were almost sat on each other more than on one occasion, this is why everyone you should be early to sacrament. Then we were just stopping by people.

Happy Easter everyone! Check out they have a WONDERFUL video all about Easter. Then read Mosiah 16:7-9

Love you all!

Sister Hughes

"Everyone is changing and I'm just feeling the same‏”

Monday 23 March 2015


Sorry for the late email, we were at the temple and just got back.
Low down of the week.

Monday: okay! So this was a crazy date, running late as per usual (yeah nothing has changed, but I just stick to mormon standard time) So Sister McArter is in this exclusive choir thing so we went to that it sounded really good. Then we headed home for a quick change and headed to the park because I just really needed to get in jeans. In the evening we had no lessons so we just tried to get a hold of a lot of people, only one of them was home which was a miracle.

Tuesday: So we had correlations with our Bishops and all that stuff. Then we had correlations with our senior couple and had lunch with them which was really delicious because it's super healthy. After that then we had an active member lesson with a couple which went good, they're doing missionary work with is awesome. Then we did some contacting and then we had a lesson with Miley which we spoke about faith which was good, she came to church woohoo! After dinner we went to the 4th ward Relief Society party which was really good because there were some non-members there and the "Because of Him" video was played and we got the opportunity to talk about it which was really nice. After that we then went to the Jones family in the 3rd ward for a lesson but we knocked on the door and it turned that everyone was sick. They said that we could come in if we wanted to risk getting sick I said that I had an immune system of steel and just walked right in, we could give a lesson but we were present for blessings.

Then we went to the Butler Sister's house to go on exchanges, I was reunited with my aussie babe.

Wednesday: We were contacting all morning. Then after lunch we had service, we were picking up pinecones, we thought that's all that we were doing but it turned out that we were doing yard work, so we were the best dressed service people in the whole wide world. I mean it isn't every day that you see a girl in a bright pink skirt doing yard work #OhSoFancy Then our lesson with Mia cancelled then we had dinner and then our lesson with the Arhet's cancelled so we were contacting all night.

Thursday: Weekly planning..yadayadahyadah

Then we had a lesson with Scott Barber, amazing as always. Then we went out on visits with the Relief Society President in the 5th ward which was good. Then we had a lesson with Evan which was really good, then a lesson with the Clarke family which was good.

Friday: District meeting good always after lunch we went over to an Australian lady which was really nice, her accent was lush. She's only been for a year so she sounds like she is fresh of the boat (..or plane in our case) In the evening we had a good lesson with a less active in the 4th ward which was really good because he bore his testimony which amazing. Then we met with Shelee and had a great lesson with her! Then we had a lesson with the Bishop and his family in the 4th ward

Saturday: So in the morning we attended a funeral which was a really good one. It was the first time that I had attended a 'mormon' funeral service. It was nicely done then later in the afternoon we went out with Bishop Stowell (High Councillor for missionary work) on some visits, no one was home but it was fun. Then we met with our Stake President and had dinner with him too. Then we had a lesson with the Western's and then went on visits with the young men's president in the 5th ward which was fun. Then we went and did our paper work.

Sunday: #SundayFunDay

Evan passed the sacrament for the first time WOOHOO! Then we had meetings then we had a massive stake meeting where our stake got downsized to 5 wards and the branch. Then we went out with the 5th young men for visits and had a great time.

So that was my week! Look out for the new campaign on for Easter comes out March 28th and it's called #BecauseHeLives or something like that.
Hope you're all well and loving life because I certainly am! Cannot believe how time is flying.

Love you all!

Sister Hughes

"Be bold enough to change someone's life today"‏

Monday 16 March 2015

OH my giddly goodness, time has just flown by but been really slow at the same time.

Monday: it was just the normal p-day shenanigans we played an amazing game of speedball! In the evening we went to a family in the 7th ward and spoke about being peacemakers. Then we went over to a less active lady who is really hard to get a hold of BUT SHE WAS HOME! We had a very nice chat with her and her husband and we are in the process of arranging a lesson with them.
Tuesday: We were doing calls and missionary paper work in the morning. Then we had lunch with Sister Le Roy and co-ordinating things going on in the stake. After that we had a lesson with the Griffith's in the 5th ward on the plan of salvation which went well, they are starting to do missionary work which is really cool :)  Then we were just contacting until we had a lesson with Miley, we were helping her read the Book of Mormon. After dinner we had a lesson with Elijah and his family on family history which was really fun and then we had a lesson with the Jones family about the plan on salvation which went really well.
Wednesday: We were calling Bishops and contacting in the morning. Just before district lunch we stopped by a non-member who we knew who was from England.

This is kind of how it went

Me: Hello! How are you?

Jackie: I am doing good thanks, but I am not interested *dogs run out"

Sister McArter: SHE IS FROM ENGLAND! (whilst trying to get the dogs back in the house)

Me: I am from England! I heard you were from England too!

Jackie: Who told you that?

Me: Your neighbours, and I really wanted to meet you so I could be with my people!

Jackie: What part of England are you from?

Me: I am from York, where are you from?

Jackie: I am from Kent

And we started talking and we asked if we could come back and share a message. She said she was hard of hearing but we could come back
WOOOHOOO!!! I am so glad that she said we could come back, I didn't want to be rejected by my own people! #BritishBabes

Then we were contacting for the rest of the afternoon

After dinner we had a lesson with a couple who are wanting to come back to church which was really good, they are so sincere and sweet.

Then we went to young women's and tried to get a hold of Mia so we could plan to have a lesson with her which we had managed to do, yay!

Thursday: weekly planning blahblahblah
After that we had a lesson with Scott which was really good, he is really growing in the gospel which is really nice to see. Then we had a lesson with the Lawson’s which was good. We had a lesson with the Clarks on the restoration which was good. Then we went out on visits with the Elders quorum. No one was home but it was nice to get out with them.

Friday: had a good district meeting then afterwards we had to take the car to the car shop and then we were taxi for the Butler sisters to get to the car shop so that took a fair bit of time. Then we did some service in the 9th ward we were folding clothes and doing house work for a lady who has just had a baby. Then we went on visits with the 4th YW which was good. Then we went to the Hamilton's to do a FHE we bumped into their neighbour on the way and he wanted a message, nothing like being asked for a spontaneous message on the spot! But you could tell that he really needed it. We also gave him our number and he said that he would meet with us if we could kick a ball, I better brush up on my football skills! Then we had a lesson with the Duzett's which was good, as always. We had trifle for desert which was lovely!

Saturday: We met with one of our ward mission leaders and the bishop to discuss some things that are going on in the ward, then we were contacting. After lunch we went and did some service. The moment we walked in the lady said that she had ordered pizza and hoped that we were hungry... awkward. After the service we met with President Hicken then we went around the 3rd ward delivering flyers about emergency preparedness with Bro. Ebgurt we made some good contacts out of it.   Then after that we met our high counselman over missionary work

Sunday: just the usual crazy meetings, needing to be in 5 places at once. Miley came to church wooohooo!! That was a surprise, finally her skiing lessons are over :) Then more meetings and stuff. We were asked to bare our testimonies in the 7th ward which was nice :) Then we were contacting and trying to find people to teach just like the rest of the week. Then we had a lesson with the Ashworth's and after dinner we went to a chilli cook of and we were made the judges!!! Chilli is no longer just chilli to me know, plus I have had my share of chilli for the rest of the year. #SUNDAYFUNDAY

Also, it got announced that our stake is having some big changes so we all need to go to a big meeting next Sunday! It will be good for the Stake because I know that the changes whatever they may be will come from God and he has a better plan for us then we could have ever thought up ourselves.

Anyway that was my week!

Hope you are all well!

Keep it real, keep it righteous and make good choices!

Love, Sister Hughes :)

"I throw my hands up on the air sometimes saying eyyyo gotta let go!"

Monday 9 March 2015

So I won't lie, because we have had transfers and I got left behind this week to take over the stake this week has been a little stressful. But I have heavenly help, so it'll be right.

This month as a mission we are studying the topic of patience and there were some really cool quotes that I read.

"Patience is not passive resignation, nor is it failing to act because of our fears. Patience means to active waiting and enduring. It means staying with something...even when the desires of our hearts are delayed. Patience is not enduring, it is enduring well." Pres. Utchdorf

"Patience means accepting that which cannot be changed and facing it with courage, grace and faith" - President Utchdorf.

He's the man.

I got through this week with God's help, I can make another one. I am just taking a day at a time. How do you eat an elephant? A bit at a time. Thanks for your words of wisdom Pappa Hughes long ago.

So this is a low down of the week.

Monday: It was just shopping and cleaning the car and house for the walkers and then we went to a church building with the district and they played basketball whilst I wrote letters and doing transfer journals. Then we were saying farewells.

Tuesday: Holy cow it was snowing hard! I was like "where did all this snow come from!?" I have had enough snow to last me a life time. We were saying final goodbyes in the morning and we all met up for a final district lunch, after that us Sisters went to a bridge and had a final Sisters picture before we all drove down to transfers.

My New companion is Sister McArter from Texas! She doesn't have an accent because she is from the city but sometimes it will come out and I will be like "what was that?" she is really lovely and a hard worker. She is funny.
In the evening we had a lesson with Elijah, went to an RS party then we went around meeting leadership.

Wednesday: We were on splits because Sister McArter was needed in Butler. So I was with a member for the majority of the day, it was good we contacted a former who was never home but she said that she wasn't interested. Too bad, then we did service. Then I got Sister McArter back we went to contact some people and then we had dinner and right after we had a visit with a less active.  Then we went on visits with our EQP in the 3rd ward. After that we went over to the Stowell's and helped Ella with a school assignment. She needed to quiz someone who hadn't lived in the states for more than 2 years and she was stressing out because she couldn't think of anyone but then she was like "no, wait. SISTER HUGHES!" #BritishPerks Then we were seeing leadership again for the rest of the night.

Thursday: planning blah blah blah it’s taking longer too because we need to make sure that everything is updated for the iPads. We had a great lesson with Scott on the atonement. We have great discussions. I just love those lessons. Scott was almost in tears several times in the lesson, it was great. We had a lesson with Evan which was good!

Friday: great zone meeting! We were talking about becoming more concerted and diligent missionaries. It was so good. After lunch we took the butler sisters (knight and Talbert) to the car shop after that we went and contacted for like an hour and then we went back to the zone building and got our ipads and spent a little bit of time getting them sorted and downloaded. It's really funny I don't really know what to do with it, the poor thing just stays in my bag most of the time... it is handy though! We had a great lesson with a less active. I had a really cool miracle with listening to the spirit. We had asked one of our less active about what they wanted to learn, unfortunately our phone wasn't really working and couldn't receive her messages. We decided to talk about testimonies and faith because there was a really great Ensign article on that in this month’s issue. We get into the lesson and our less active asked if we had gotten her messages, we said that we hadn't and she explained that she wanted to talk about faith. I was really shocked because that was what we had planned, this has never happened to me before, it was really cool.

Then we had a lesson with the bishop and his family, they taught us the 3rd lesson and it went well :)

Saturday: it was service and we met with president Hicken. Then we had a baptism of an 8 yr old in the 3rd ward. the whole room was packed which was really nice for the family. Then we had dinner and got some referrals woohoo! We had a lesson with the Goodman's they are so great, I just love them. Then we were doing the paperwork fun fun fun and met with Bro Stowell.

Sunday: church church church and meetings
WE had a lesson and a correlation and it was all good

go to go!

Love, Sister Hughes

Sunday, 8 March 2015

"If you can't swim, don't get in the boat"

Relief Society can sometimes be really entertaining. We were having a lesson on "Stay in the Boat" by Elder Ballard and we were going through the rules of the water rafting.  We got to this part of the talk.

‘At the beginning of the trip, one of the experience driver guides reviewed important safety instructions, emphasizing three rules that would ensure the group’s safe travel through the rapids.

“Rule number one: stay in the boat! Rule number two: always wear a life jacket! Rule number three: always hold on with both hands!” He then said again, with even more emphasis, “Above all, remember rule number one: stay in the boat!”

Then our 90 old year old lady piped up "If you can't swim then you don't get in the boat!" Sister Petty must have had her hearing aids in for once, she usually isn’t that quick!

Oh transfer calls are in and Sister Owens are getting split up! I will be taking over the Wassatch Stake, this is going to be fun!

Anyway, the big weekly!

Monday: just the usual and we went to the park though, it was chillier than the time we played kick ball... For dinner the Walker's took us out to a Chinese restaurant because they were leaving town on Wednesday. After that we had family home evening with the Hamilton's who are recent converts. Those lessons are always fun. One of the children is 8 and is very austistic we were singing "I am a child of God" for our closing hymn, Danny was singing a long and every time it almost makes Sister Owens and I cry. He is the sweetest boy. Then our 8pm cancelled so we went out and tried to contact some people.

Tuesday: We had a 4 hour training on iPads with Elder Clark and Elder Doneldson. Did I tell you all that we are getting iPads, if not then we are. HALLELUJAH, we've been waiting for a while. This is going to hasten the work so much! But the training wasn't on how we used iPads and got to play around with them and check them out, it was more about is and making sure that our hearts are in the right place and making sure that we were ready for the iPads. Our purpose is still the same; we just have a new tool to hasten the work. It was really good! Also it was nice to see the whole mission. Even Wyoming got to come down! So you know it was kind of a big deal. After dinner we went out with our 7th ward mission leader and went to some houses, no one was home but it was good to get out. We will be getting our iPads on the 6th March.

Wednesday: We were just catching up with leaders in the morning. After lunch we had an active member lesson with the Fyfe's in the 5th ward, they were super cute. Then we had a lesson with Miley on Lehi's dream and we were getting her to draw it out and we spoke about it. Then we had dinner with Elijah, Kathryn and his mum and we had a lesson after. We just love that family! Melissa (mum) is a recent convert and has finished her final temple prep class! Soo excited for her when she goes through the temple. Then we went on a visit with one of our Relief Society Presidents to a lady who just had a baby. Her baby was so cute, such a chunky monkey. Then we went out with 3rd ward mission leader for the rest of the night.

Thursday: Weekly blahblahblah and it took slightly longer than normal because we were having to make sure that the area book was up to date for the iPads. Then we had our lesson with the Barber's which was amazing, as always. We were discussing the Plan of Salvation. Then we did service for a lady in the 4th ward. After dinner we had a lesson with our new 12 yr old investigator Mesha. She's a cool girl. Then we had a lesson with Evan which was a discussion about the blessings of repentance because he has really changed his life around. He will be passing the sacrament  for the first time on the 15th March.

Friday: District meeting was good, as usual. It was all about helping our investigators with their fears. Then we all headed out to lunch. After lunch we went to a care centre to see some members of one of our branches who have been really sick. Then we went and contacted because another appointment got cancelled. After dinner we stopped by a less active family and set up a return appointment with them. Then we had a lesson with Shelee which was good and then we had an active member lesson with the 4th Bishop and his family.

Saturday: We had breakfast at the Passey's (former high counsellor over missionary work) and then we started the move! I won't lie; I am looking forward to moving into a house and staying there for a good time. But we got everything moved throughout day in between appointments and stuff.


meetings, sacrament meetings and all that.  So we walk into the building and I see this on our wall. Someone is antibritish......

It's sad that Sister Owens and I are getting split up, good bye my little hunter.... I'll miss you

I also realized that I only have 5 months left

5.......4.......3....2.....1 THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO..... it is really crazy how time flies, I guess  it’s what happens when you are having the time of your life.

Hope you all have a great week!

So long, farewell. Till next Monday.


Sister Hughes xoxoxoxoxo