Monday, 22 June 2015

RAWHIDE!!!!! #ForeverWest

Monday 22nd June 2015

Oh mygiddllygoodness! WHAT A WEEK and I have been dying to tell you all about it since Tuesday! If you don't have a lot of time, just read Tuesday.

Monday: We went to Sheep's creek geological park which was very beautiful. Here's a picture to prove it.

Then we just wrapped up the usual stuff. In the night we were going to YSA but the guy we were going to take got called into work so we didn't go. So we were contacting for the rest of the night. Holy cow it was a massive thunder and lightning Storm!! So we had fun.

Tuesday: Okay, this is the day that I have been dying to tell you all about. "A dream is a wish your heart makes" and on the mission they come true!!! So we were contacting in the morning and we had a lesson with a family in the 1st Ward then right after we ran home and got changed and headed out to LoneTree to help out a family brand their calves.

Yes, you heard me right we were off to help brand calves. #LifeMade Sister Covolo brought us boots (our trainers would have died) and she brought us Plaid shirts! (The only appropriate attire around here) I was talking to some young kids and I asked "Do we look good?" And they said we did, now we looked like everyone else, we totally could have got mistaken for locals. It was really funny because we were with all the people that we usually have Ward council with and to see them in plaid on the back of a horse was quite comical. I think Yard councils are now a legit thing. Then once we got the cows, Bulls and calves separated it was time to get to work. I got handed an injection needle and was told that I was in charge of injecting. (You can't go too wrong with it) I had a surprised/shocked/nervous look on my face but one of the brethren said "don't worry by number three you'll be a pro" whatever you say and he was right! It wasn't too hard. Because the calves were roped by 2 horses so they were lying flat and you just put the shot into the neck. It was so much fun, though you had to be alert all the time because you had to make sure:

1) Not to get behind a horse
2) Not get in the way of the brander
3) Look out for dogs
4) Not to be in anyone else's way.

I managed it though. Oh my word I could have spent all day in the corral (the pen thing) but we had to get going after a little bit because we had dinner. Sister White and I kept smelling each other like weirdos because we were paranoid that we would stink of burning flesh and cow poop. We didn't want to offend our dinner hosts! I did not want to be remembered as the stinky sister! But we came out smelling like roses! ... Well campfire but it was just a wiff so I came out feeling like a champion!

Here is a Cowgirl Selfie, the only appropriate thing to do when you're living the dream.

Then after dinner we were contacting until 8 then we had an appointment with a part member family that said we could come back! Woohoo :)

Wednesday: Was just had a day of contacting and our one appointment feel through, it was still a good day though! It's getting hot up here. We had a dinner with one of our favourite widows who is like a grandma to us and we had a ball. She is so funny! Then we were contacting again and then helping the young women with their buckets for trek. I managed to burn myself with the glue gun 3 times! Boy did that hurt, I know what the calves we were branding were going through.

Thursday: Weekly planning blah blah blah

Then we had an appointment with Rhea and we were talking about the commandments and how they are a blessing to us. Then we went over to the Coles and we are getting the ball rolling on a baptism date! Woohoo! Then we had dinner with a wonderful couple who have a litter of two of beagle puppies! I was in heaven and they had baby lambs too that were so cute.

"Sister White, can I have a puppy?"
She said no

Then after dinner we had a lesson with the Sanches family who are a family who have kids that want to be baptized so we had a really good lesson with them on the gospel of Jesus Christ and they are going to be baptized on July 25th! Woohoo! After that we had a correlation meeting and then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting, it was really good because it was about personal goals which I found really helpful, after that we were contacting some people. I went to my British besties and had a chat with them to see if they were coming to the Ward party, unfortunately they couldn't make it. But they are the nicest people in the world. They gave us salmon and chicken! So if anyone has some quick and easy Salmon recipes I would be very grateful just email them to me.

Then we met with the Brooks and read the Book of Mormon with them. Then we had the 4th Ward party which I was super good! There was a lot of people that I didn't recognize and got to meet lots of new people which was great.

"Can I have your attention please! Brother Kaiser cut his finger earlier and has lost his bandaid, if any of you find it we'll replace it with another piece of chicken". It was a great night!

Saturday: It was just a day of contacting and trying to get people to church, but no one was home, but that's okay. We had a great dinner with a part member family and we had the best burgers ever! And a delicious pear custard pie. It was so good!

Sunday: Sunday fun day #FathersDay

It was great, we taught Primary 4 times so that was fun. Then because it was Father's Day we had no meetings so we were a little thrown off haha. But we had dinner with the Madsen's and had a simply marvellous time and then we had a lesson with the Hamblin's which was really good because you could feel the spirit when we said family prayer together.

Well that was my week!

Hope all is well

Love, Sister Hughes

It's the middle of June...really?‏

Monday 15 June 2015
Hello everyone!

I cannot believe it is the middle of June! The sun is shining and I am loving just wearing tops and not having to wear boots, the weather is lush and everything is green.

Monday: So I cannot remember what happened.. But I am 100% sure that it consisted of writing letters and doing laundry.

In the evening we had a family home evening with some members that live behind us and they are downright hilarious! Then both of our next appointments cancelled so we went contacting for the rest of the night.

Tuesday: We did service for a young couple in one of our wards. She is our age and has 2 kids who are the cutest! We were clearing out the kitchen and her 3 year old hands me a box of toilet paper and tells me "this is paper for poop" and then he is watching Peter Pan and asks "do you want to watch a movie with me?" I told him that I wish I could but I was helping mummy.

Then after lunch we did some contacting and then had a lesson with Sister Cox. She didn't fall asleep this time so I guess our conversation must have been much make riveting. Then we had a lesson with the Goates. After the Goates we went to a car shop because we needed to have the power steering checked. The radio was blasting out summer of 69, and holy momma I was in heaven. That is something that I am really ready for, normal music.

Then we had dinner with the young's they are such a wonderful family. When we were leaving I asked their 3 year old girl Casey if I could have a hug and so we hug and then she tries to give me a kiss, so cute and she was a little upset when we told her no. It was so cute. Then both of our appointments cancelled so we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Wednesday: we went out to the boonies of lone tree and did some service for a less-active couple. The weather was perfect! It felt great to be in jeans...

After that we had a Fro-Yo date with one of our Ward missionaries and did a correlation about the Ward. Then we stopped by people and dropped off party invitations and had a good chat with one of them. After dinner we had a lesson with Tayah. We read the scriptures with her, her brother (who is our age) sat in on the lesson too and he got reading! It was a miracle and he wants to get involved with the YSA!!!

Then we had a meeting with one of our Ward mission leaders and then stopped by the Coles and taught them the restoration which went well.

Thursday: Planning....blah blah blah
We went over to the Madsen's (Ward mission leader) and helped his wife plant flowers which was fun and right at the end we got drowned by the rain. Then we headed over to dinner. After dinner we were at the snows and we taught lesson 2, plan of salvation. Which went well. Then we were contacting the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting! It was all about our companions. And we had to share what we loved about our companion. When Sister White got up I got embarrassed with what she was saying because she was bigging me up too much! "She has a backbone of steel.... And a mind of steel too because she doesn't break down" that was so funny. Then after that we were at the brooks and we read the Book of Mormon with them. Then after dinner we were contacting all night.

Saturday: We were at the Brigg's and they were packing up the attic. Her husband served in London, South mission I saw a WH Smith's notebook which took me back! Then we went to a Ward party which was on the pavilion. After that we went over to the Sidwell's and painted furniture which was really fun. We all kept forgetting what had been painted and putting our hands on it and then realizing there was wet paint on it. Then we tried to get a hold of our investigators to see if they are coming to church. We only managed to catch one home and she wasn't sure whether she was or not. Then we were doing party invitations and contacting for the rest of the night.

Sunday: Just church! We taught Elders Quorum, we only had one ordained women comment. But the lesson went really well. Then we were in 1st Ward and I am really grateful that Sister White is my companion. She noticed that Sister Brooks (blind lady we see every Friday) was sitting by herself so we decided to sit with her, I didn't notice until Sister White pointed it out. Then we had to pass the sacrament to her and this experience just really touched me because she couldn't do it for herself.

It was also Flag day so we sang 'Star Spangled Banner' and once we sat down Bro.Madsen pats me on the back and says "Good job" it was soo funny. Then we had meetings and a lesson with Emry. She wasn't at her house so we decided to go to the neighbours and they were there! Miracles!

Anyway that was my week, I am still loving it and having the time of my life despite this week being a little rough with all the cancellations!

Today we are off to Manila and then tonight we will be going to YSA FHE that'll be an experience since I haven't don't that since before my mission!

Title of this Pic - Beauty in the Boonies!

Anyway, love you all!

Sister Hughes

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sweet 16

I never thought that I would be turning 16 again, 16 months already gone?

To all those people that have said that they would write me on my mission and have not yet done so then you better hurry up! You only have 2 months! And I don't want you to look at my face when I get back and feel regret and guilt. Don't say I didn't try to warn you. So the low down for the week!

Monday: We went to Jane and Main and Sister White spent her birthday money otherwise it was just another day at the house. We had a birthday dinner for Sister White at the Snows and Sister Snow did a little package for us both and now I have some super snazzy PJ bottoms! We got talking about how she met her husband and she told us the hilarious story of how the first time she had seen him (in the 80's). He was wearing a tank top, short shorts and knee high socks! I died laughing. So she gave us some words of wisdom "never judge a man by his early 20's" then I said "yep, never judge a book by its cover! Especially if it is in short shorts a tank top and knee high socks", we always have so much fun with them. Then we had a meeting with an EQP and then went contacting some people.

Tuesday: In the morning we had a meeting with a Primary President which went well. Then we were just contacting people. During lunch time we were taking out the rubbish and because we have already locked ourselves out of our flat once I am paranoid that we are going to do it again, so I took the keys with me. I threw the rubbish into the dumpster and started walking back to the flat... I realized that both of my hands were completely empty... I threw the keys in too!! I had to quickly go back and try and find them. I found them, but I couldn't reach them #ShortGirlProbs so Sister White had to save the keys. I am so glad that no one was around to see me trying to look for the keys in the dumpster. Some days I feel really grown up and like a woman but then I have moments like this where I remind myself that I am still a little girl despite being almost the ripe old age of 21.

After lunch we moved a recliner from Mike's house (our opposite neighbour) into our house. We've got muscles  our living room looks great now. If only we had friends to share our couches with.... Then we went contacting until we had a meeting with Sister Hadley who is a Primary President so we were talking bout the Ward. Then we created flyers for the Ward party with her which was fun. They look so western, I am so pleased with ourselves. "To get the Cowboys, you gotta think like a cowboy" so Sister White and I have now found our inner cowgirl! Then we were just contacting for the rest of the night.

Wednesday: we went on visit with Sister Covolo and stopped by some people. There is a lady that works with special needs children on a farm. It's called Taponi which means "special child" in some tribe of Indians. There was this little girl that was severely handicapped and she was showing us her riding skills, she was the cutest thing ever. I told her that she was the best rider I have ever seen. After lunch we did a little contacting before we saw Sister Cox, one of our widows. We were teaching her the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well, until she fell asleep on us for the final 2 minutes. We had to call her back, she was so embarrassed but it was really funny, she told us that after we left she was going to take a nap.

Then we were contacting for the rest of the day until Nacho. We had our final lesson with Nacho, it was so sad. He leaves for Madrid this week but he kind of believes everything that we have taught him and he said that when he knows it is all true he will be baptized. He said he will meet with missionaries in Spain. During our nightly planning Sister White said "I like being an old missionary with an old missionary" Sister White really knows how to flatter me. I told her I hate being old.

Thursday: Weekly blah blah blah In the evening we had a lesson with the Platts and then with a less active which went well.

Friday: We had zone meeting which was super spiritual, imagine jumping into a pool of water. That's what the spirit felt like. It was so strong and intense, it was all about being consecrated. Then after that I was on exchanges with Sister Mann, who I knew before the mission from Facebook on the "many are called but few are sisters page" so it was like being with another friend for 24 hrs. All of the appointments cancelled but we still had a good time contacting together.

Saturday: We went to the stake baptisms because one of the families we are teaching (less active) their daughter was getting baptized, so that was really nice to be able to see that. Then I got Sister White back so we did some contacting and helped out the Hamblin's with their yard. Then after dinner we had a lesson with the Snow's which was really good, we taught the restoration and you could really feel the spirit. Sister Snow and I shed tears when it got to Joseph Smith's vision. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Sunday: Church! This week from 7:45-7pm and it was fast Sunday.... I am amazed I didn't die.

Church was good, Sister White and I went on splits so that we could attend 2 wards that went on at the same time. The meetings were all really good. Then we had our meeting with an EQP a and then we had our stake meeting which ran slightly over , then we taught missionary preparation class! The first time that I have ever done it and it was really fun! I felt so old though. But having said that it was a good way for me to reflect how much I have grown on my mission. 

Before I came out on the mission I knew that the church was true, but now I really know why it is true. I am just so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a missionary and to wear Christ's name over my heart everyday. Miracles happen all the time, there are no such things as coincidences. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the real deal people, it changes lives and makes them happy.

Love you all!

Keep it real keep it righteous and make good choices 

Sister Hughes

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ay up me duck!

Monday 1st June 2015

Hello Everyone!

So when I did a shoutout for my blog last week I forgot to do a shoutout for UK and the USA! #Awkward #SchoolGirlError

But at least I remembered, that shows my love for you!

So this week has been a very good week, let me tell you all about it!

First of all though I found a really cool video on on one way to do missionary work. Obviously you don't have to do exactly what the video does but you can do something similar.

Check out the link:

Anyway, thought I would share the goodness but now back to me and my week.

Monday: P-day! With it being memorial weekend we weren't able to go shopping, so we just did our normal food shop and stayed home. We're not too exciting. But it rained like usual. We have had 19 straight days of rain, I felt completely at home and I could actually breathe it was great! Though I did say many times "whoever is praying for moisture, quit it!"

In the evening we were contacting referrals and then we went to the Gines to bake cookies for visits later in the week.

Tuesday: TRANSFERS and we escaped the chopping board. So together for another 6 weeks, yay! It was weird not going down, I have been to every transfer meeting for the past couple of months! I liked being in the loop but now being in the boonies you don't know a sausage! Elder Graydon, my fellow Brit got called as the assistant to the president! I shouted "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!" When I found out. We are now in s new district and have to go to green river for our meetings now. We had a meeting with a primary president of the 3rd Ward then we have been contacting all day. So I have been coming down with a cold so my voice was 10 octaves deeper than it usually is (nobody still wanted to enter the waters of baptism despite my really attractive, deep, husky voice) at lunch time we were just chatting to our opposite door neighbour, Mike. He was asking for some honey because he was sick too, so after we had been speaking with Mike we get on with our lunch hour. I walk into the kitchen and start speaking to sister White who was doing the dishes and she jumps a mile in the air! She thought I was Mike! You know it's bad when you're companion thinks you're a man :(

Wednesday: We did some contacting after lunch we had a lesson with the Gaylord's :) my voice was now none existent. I went from deep and husky to a whisper and they are an old couple so I tried to speak but they couldn't hear me so in the end I went over to them and sat right in front of them on the carpet! They want us to come back though! Woohoo!

We then had a meeting with a potential but it turned out that he wasn't interested and started to kind of bash us. He'd ask us a question but wouldn't give us time to reply. But I am grateful for the experience because it strengthened my testimony of the gospel and the prophet Joseph Smith.

Then we had a lesson with 2 foreign exchange students one from Korea and one from Thailand, we spoke about the plan of salvation. Then we were talking about their experience here and Fa (Thai) said that she has felt the spirit whilst she has been here and she is really sad to leave. It was so sweet. But I told her that she can still feel the spirit even when she is in Thailand, she can pray for it.

After dinner we had a lesson with Tayah on the plan of salvation which went well. We then had a lesson with our Spanish exchange student Nacho! He is so good we spoke about the plan of salvation and he believes it and the thinks that the church is good, we spoke about eternal families which is something that he wants. He said he would meet with missionaries in Spain which is really cool. After that we went to the 1st Ward Young Women's to talk about how we can do missionary work together

Thursday: Weekly planning blah blah blah I won't bore you. We then had dinner with the Buckley's who are great and everyone in the 3rd Ward that we are teaching are on Bro.Buckley's home teaching list which is really funny. He told us to stop by the Flints (part member family on his home teaching list) so after we stopped by the Coles (our investigators), we stopped by the Flints. Jayme opened the door and let us in and we spoke for around an hour and we spoke about Joseph Smith and she gets her scriptures and finds a restoration pamphlet in there and she says "so to learn about Joseph Smith I just need to read this?" We said "we can actually teach you the lesson" Jayme then said "can you come back tomorrow?" I would have totally given up district meeting for it but we couldn't, but we do have a lesson scheduled! SO HAPPY she is so prepared. So happy, and we were on cloud nine for the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting, now in green river so it takes an hour to get there. But I knew everyone in the district because I had served around them all apart from our district leader, an Elder Broadbent. But I knew of him because I've seen him at missionary functions. Because we were a new district we did a district unity activity, so we did the FAQ's of missionary life
- last area
- hero
- when you go home

It turns out that half the district goes home in August, it was so weird! And depressing at the same time. But our meeting was good and we all brought packed lunches. After that we went to the brook's to read the Book of Mormon with them and then we had dinner. Then we went on birthday cookie visits, it's a way that we are trying to get to know people and people can't deny you when it's their birthday and you have cookies, we have met some good potentials that we are going to try this coming week.

Saturday: we helped one of our Ward mission leaders with his yard, we were planting flowers. Mother, you'd be proud. I was incharge of the watering. I had to refill the watering can and I had to put in miracle grow!
Hughes: Sister, it's blue! Do you know what else is blue?
White: Water?
Hughes: No. The Book of Mormon! And that is what helps our investigators grow!

After lunch we went to contact some referrals that we have received. One of them was from England! I had to meet them, and we did! They're from Nottingham! And the Husband sounded FRESH OFF THE BOAT his accent was so beautiful. They made my day ❤️ they said that we could come back and share a message too, I died of happiness. Then stopped by some leaders and the had dinner with one our Ward mission leaders. Then we went to one of our part member families that we are working with and the wife really opened up to us! It was so cool and you could really feel the spirit.

Sunday: #SundayFunDay
So we are heading to go to church and sister white is starting to back me whilst I am reversing and a young man pulls over "hi, I don't think that I have met you yet" he is one of our neighbours in the opposite building. And he just said if we needed anything to let him know. There are so many gents here. Though we won't lie, Sister White and I were surprised at the abruptness of the welcome. It was nice though all the same.

Then it was church, we were speaking in the 2nd Ward. A member of the bishopric came up to us and said "I have some bad news, our youth speaker bailed on us so it's going to be you for the whole meeting" we had only prepared 10-15 minute talks! The congregation suddenly looked 10x more scary. But miracles happen people! We covered the whole meeting without problem! I spoke about the Book of Mormon and Sister White spoke about prophets then we just had meetings and then we had dinner with a Relief Society president and then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Such a good week! We have 9 investigators that we are working with and
we see miracles with I them.

I love being a missionary!

Hope you're all well!

Love you guys!

Sister Hughes ��
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So I forgot to tell you all about my embarrassing moment!

I was having dinner with our high Councelor for missionary work and I was putting some jam on my bread. Once I had finished I started to lick the spoon... Then I remembered, it wasn't my spoon!
I didn't know what to do with myself, but then I saw that I had a clean spoon that I could put back in the jam, everyone thought it was hilarious and Bro.Moretti said "I would have done exactly the same thing".
So after dinner when we were cleaning up they asked if I would like to lick the spoon.

Even though I am almost 21 you still can't take me anywhere!

Anyway thought that would give you all a laugh!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Another transfer bites the dust

Monday 25th May 2015

I cannot believe that another transfer has gone. I now only have 2 transfers left! �� and sister white and I are both staying together, yay!

So my Dad emailed me the stats for my blog – and I am so touched with how many people read my blog! I didn't think anyone would bother reading it, it is also cool to see how many people around the world read it too!

To all my readers: 

     Russia: спасибо
     Australia: thank you!
     El Salvador: gracias
     France: Merci beaucoup
     Germany: Danke
     Canada: thank you!
     Ukraine: спасибі
     Spain: gracias

I really appreciate the time that you take to read my little blog, I love you all. Truly, I do.❤

Time for the weekly update! 

Monday: Preparation day! We just stayed at home and washed the car, you can't be too exciting in Wyoming. In the evening we had a lesson with the Redmon's again and then we had a lesson with the Fenus', they are preparing to go to the temple. You could really feel the spirit in the lesson and we were taking about a lot of things but the main one was spiritual protection. 

Tuesday: A lot of stopping by people, we had some good visits. We stopped by Sister Davis who is a widow and we knocked on the door about 2/3pm and every time we knock we wake her up because she has dozed off crocheting! The poor woman, but she is always fun to visit! Then for dinner our members took us out to a Chinese restaurant which was really good quality and not too pricey (that's the way uhuh uhuh I like it).  I love Chinese restaurants, especially the fortunes, they're always fun to read.  My fortune: 'The strengths in your character will bring you serenity'. And Sister White got a fortune cookie but it didn't have a fortune in it, so I told her that she was just unfortunate. 

Wednesday: In the morning we had visits with sister Covolo. We met a part member family and they said that they would take the missionary lessons! In the afternoon we had a lesson with Lisa, we taught the restoration and soft committed her to baptism and she said yes! She is really progressing. Then after dinner we had a lesson with Tayah and we taught her the restoration and she believes it and already wants to get baptized, but because she is a minor we are having to work with the parents. But she is so legit, I cannot believe that she is 13 and asking about religion, when I was 13 I was chasing boys or something! We then went to Young Women's with Tayah to help her to get to know the girls in the Ward. We then had a lesson with Chuck and his wife and we spoke about the Book of Mormon and how it and the bible work together. 

Thursday: Weekly planning blah blah blah, I still find it boring. Then we did a little contacting before dinner, we had a lesson with a less active lady that Sister Covolo took us to. It was a really good lesson, you could feel the spirit. Then we had dinner, our members took us out to an American diner and Sister White ordered a scone, out came this massive fat thing which turned out to be fat fried bread or something. I told her that she wasn't eating a real scone. Then we had a lesson with the Goates, their little girl is getting baptized and the parents want her to have the lessons so that was cool. 

Friday: ROAD TRIP! I drove all the way to Salt Lake and didn't kill Sister White, oh I am so grown up! It was the longest I had ever driven until before my mission! But we had good music so it was good. When it got to our favourites we CRANKED IT UP when we were on the motorway, good times. Then we had training for our driver accountability program, we now have a tiwi device and it monitors our speed, makes sure we have our seatbelt on and let's us know when we are driving aggressively. We have named it Tim and it's the only relationship were it is appropriate not to speak to each other. He has only spoken to me twice and that was when I was overtaking a massive Lorry on the motorway. Then we saw the Brook's and read the Book of Mormon with them, I just love them. Then we had dinner with the Gross' and they are such a fun family, I just love them too. We had a lesson with Nacho (his last name is not libré) and it was really good. He is originally from Spain and he is here on exchanges. We taught the restoration and he thinks the church is good, you could feel the spirit. 

Saturday: It was Sister White’s birthday! So I made her a thing of 21 reasons why I love Sister White. We partied hard by preaching the gospel. We met with the Young Women's president in the morning then after kph we went contacting and we had a visit with the Condos, it was basically a day of contacting. We also went to dinner at the Chinese restaurant again which was tasty, I got a seafood platter. There were oysters!! I have never had one before and they were good! I got another fortune too! My fortune: ' An Admirer is too shy to greet you'. Oh wow, I am flattered. Whoever you are, wherever you may be, don't be shy. The fortune cookie has told me so I am expecting you. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night. We stopped by an active member family and shared a message with them and had ice cream sandwiches. 

Sunday: Church Church Church then we had dinner, then we had a lesson with the Antonines and then the Hamblin's, it was a good night. I love those families.

Anyway that was my week! 

Spiritual thought: something that I read this week in my studies 
President Gordon B. Hinckley declared: “Those who have read [the Book of Mormon] prayerfully, be they rich or poor, learned or unlearned, have grown under its power. ...
“... Without reservation I promise you that if you will prayerfully read the Book of Mormon, regardless of how many times you previously have read it, there will come into your hearts ... the Spirit of the Lord. There will come a strengthened resolution to walk in obedience to his commandments, and there will come a stronger testimony of the living reality of the Son of God” (“The Power of the Book of Mormon,” Ensign, June 1988, 6; see also “The Book of Mormon,” Tambuli, Oct. 1988, 7).

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run!

Monday 18th May

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run!

It's just another marvellous Monday. This past week has been really good! So sit down, relax and I will tell you all about it ☺

Monday: Just the usual prep day things. In the evening we had a lesson with the Redmon's about the plan of Salvation which went well. Our 7pm cancelled because of family emergencies and then we went to the Snow's. They have a daughter that served in the Leeds England Mission! She served in Harrogate, if anyone remembers a Sister Snow from Wyoming then I was with her parents. The Snows were showing me all of her stuff and then I looked through her transfer journal and I knew practically half of the people there were pictures of, it was so weird and cool at the same time. We spoke to them about prayer and how it is important for our conversion.

Tuesday: we were contacting in the morning but no one was home. After lunch we went to see some widows. We saw Sister Davis and she is so cute and funny. She was showing us photo albums of all the cruises her kids have taken her on which have been really good. Then we stopped by the Seymour's who are active members and we had a nice visit with them. Our 3pm cancelled so we were stopping by members who we needed to ask questions to about the area.  We knocked on our 1st counsellor in the Stake Presidency's home and a young man opens the door turns out he just got back from his mission in Chicago the day before, my heart died for him a little bit. Then we were contacting again, still no one was home. Then we had a FHE with the Thomas family about the gospel of Jesus Christ which went well and more contacting in the evening. We had a miracle though. We were just walking down the street. "There they were just a walking down the street singin do-wah diddy-diddy down diddy-do" and this little girl comes running out of her house and says to us "are you going to come and talk church with us?" We were like "sure!" So we go in and it turns out that her sister had been meeting with missionaries when they were in Colorado before they recently moved. So we got numbers and set up a time to have a lesson, this girl is so legit she is reading the bible. She had read the whole of the Old Testament and is now in John! She's read more than me! But that was so cool and a miracle.

Wednesday: we went out on visits with sister Covolo which were really good. After lunch we stopped by the Biggs to tell them about our musical item for Sunday. Then we had a lesson with a widow who is super cute and we were talking about the plan of salvation. Then trying to get a hold of some people for dinner, after dinner we were asking members questions again. Then we were with the Young Women in the second Ward helping with service. It was heavenly to be in trousers, I cannot tell you of the joy that I felt.

Thursday: Weekly planning, ah we meet again. Boring but necessary so blah blah blah. We were trying to catch people home, but no success. Then we had dinner and after dinner we went over to an investigator that just moved into our area, they are the nicest! We set up a lesson and invited them to church on Sunday and she said yes! Then we were contacting again for the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting on the Book of Mormon "I'm all about the book, bout the book, bout the book, the Book of Mormon" so it was a grand old time. After that we had lunch and stuff and contacted a couple of people. Then we had the Brooks and read the Book of Mormon with them. Then we had dinner and had two lessons that night. One with Tayah our 13 yr old investigator and then with a family in the 4th Ward who said we could come back so woohoo!

Saturday: Missionary stuff in the morning, we were at the Snows for lunch so I could meet their daughter and talk Leeds, it was great. Her dad had a can of squirty cream and made me open my mouth and he squirted it into my mouth! He is hilarious. Then we were just trying to get a hold of people! Then in the evening we met with a member for an hour and practised our song for Sunday.

Sunday: Meetings and Sacraments. Our investigator Lisa came to church on Sunday (the one that moved into our area) with her whole family which was amazing. We sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives", sister White doing the soprano and I was doing the alto. We made our high council man for missionary work, bro.Moretti cry and people said that we sounded like angels so I think it went well. President Brikso told the elders that we are giving them a high standard to compete with hahaha! Then after dinner it was contacting. We decided to stop by a part member family and share a message with them and they want to meet with us! Total miracle and inspiration because we hadn't even planned on going to see them that night.

Anyway that was my week. Love you all!

Sent with love from the mission field ❤️

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Chicken Soup for the Sister Missionary Soul

Okay! It's massive mail Monday! Brace yourselves, I have a lot to cover. Or you can just toss it and be just take this email to the fact that I am alive and happy.

Monday: P-day we just chilled at home, in the evening we had lessons with the Redmon's which was on the restoration which went well. Their 3 year old is super cute! And a fearless missionary at that, she said that she would give her friend a Book of Mormon. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night and stopped by a member that we accidentally thought we had dinner with and set up an lesson with her. Her daughter served in the Leeds mission which was fun. If anyone knows a Sister Snow, then that's her mum.

Tuesday: we did contacting in the morning we had a lesson with a less active lady and we shared a Mother's Day message with her and that went really well. Then it started to pour down with train, typical because I didn't have a coat, or a cardigan. Someone pulled up and it turned out to be our landlord with his daughter and grand babies they told us to get in and they drove us to our appointment (sorry to the other person that pulled over too, you will still be blessed) shame our appointment turned out not to be there. So we were then walking back to our house to get the car and then we hear a loud whistle and we see member of one of the Wards telling us to get in their car 2
rides in less than 10 minutes #Standard They said "the Elders can walk as far in the rain as they want, but the sisters cannot walk in the rain", so cute. Then after dinner we had exchanges and I went to green river! I don't know where it is and it isn't green an I didn't see a river in my time there so I don't know how it got the name. So I was with sister Hatch which is always fun, she is from Arizona and has been out 8 months and I love her so it was lots of fun.

Wednesday: still on exchanges. We helped a member make nappies (diapers) for some school reunion and because they were all OAP's (old aged pensioners) they were having a joke around with their old age and adult nappies were one of them. Not life sized ones just little ones a, they were quite cute if I do say so myself. Then we had a lesson with a lady and she practically taught us the restoration which was really cool. Then we switched back to our normal companions. I like exchanges but there is nothing like going back to your normal place. Then we had dinner and later on we had a lesson with 2 friends of our bishops and one of them wants to continue to meet with us, yay! She needs to get better though because she has strep throat. Caring is not sharing #ThanksButNoThanks it was such a good lesson.

Thursday: weekly planning, we will just leave it at that (edit from Dad - Blah Blah Blah Blah...). Contacting again we had a nice visit with a lady who has just recently started coming back to church after dinner we were contacting again because our lesson had cancelled.

Friday: interviews with President, pleasure as always. We were just talking about I am now in the peak of my mission and how he has seen me change. It was just a good old chat, I love him. Then we had zone meeting which was really good, all the other missionaries are so good and legit, I feel like a baby missionary again but it is all good, then we had a lesson with a part member family which went well, you could really feel the spirit. Then we read the Book of Mormon with a blind couple and spoke about it, it was so good. Then contacting all night.

Saturday: so I was throwing up every 2/3 hours so I stayed in. I was so bored and sick and wanted to die. We had to cancel a lesson too! Thank you to all those who gave me chicken noodle soup, it healed me. The whole valley here heard that I was sick #SmallTownProbs #FamousForTheWrongReasons but the members have been taking good care
of me.

Sunday: Church! Skype with the fam #HappyTime #FinalCountdown then after church we were going around sharing Mother's Day messages and we now have a new person to teach! Woohoo! Then we had dinner with the bishop and then we visited an on less active couple and then sister White skyped her family.

When we got home we found on our door 6 cans of chicken noodle soup. Whoever dropped it off, it was really rude of you that you didn't leave your name because I want to thank you! But it was a wonderful surprise!

Anyway that was my week!

Cannot believe that I have 3 months left, time really does fly when you are having fun

Love you all

Sister Hughes xx

Sent with love from the mission field ❤️