Monday, 17 August 2015

One 'n' done... I'm coming home!

Monday 17th August 2015

I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home,
tell the world I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home tell the world I'm comin' home.

It's been nearly 2 years and I'm comin' home to know honey foam, car, job, money clothes gonna feel weird like a hit to the funny bone, but I trust God so it's sweet as a honey comb
Coz I'm in the runnings and I'm sprinting to finish, satan wants me to fail but I'm in it to win it, making plans and setting back up from minute to minute

... Well, you get the gist

This is the final lowdown....

Monday: Final preparation day, did the usually laundry and everything and then we went to the church building and played basketball. We had spontaneous dinner with the James' and then for the rest of the night we were trying names that had been given to us.

Tuesday: Contacting in the morning. Then we went over to the West's for lunch and they had their daughter with her kids there and we tied them animal balloons and it was really fun. In the afternoon we went over to the Rowe's home (Ward mission leader) and we did some yard work for them. After that we did some more contacting and then after dinner it was more contacting.

Wednesday: We were contacting in the morning then after lunch our appointment with Joe cancelled so we tried some other people... It was just another contacting day we also did a lot of yard work and filling
dumpsters because they come only once a year so we got a really good arm work out!

Thursday: Weekly planning, not something that I am going to miss. Though it was strange planning a life that I wouldn't be there for. After that we had a meeting with our Ward mission leader then after
dinner we were contacting and had a massive stake meeting.

Friday: District meeting! I gave training on being 'one' with your companion in using the iPad. After that the YSA sisters picked me up and we dropped off sister Tigno so she could work in the area and we headed off to the Jordan River temple for our final session together, it was super fun.

I got to see the Covolo's because they brought the Wyoming bunch down, I died of happiness. After Tate it was dinner time and we had a lesson with Jenny which was good because she has a basic understanding of Jesus Christ.

Saturday: We went over to Diane and did yard work for her, I sawed down a little tree. We didn't think we would be doing much so we were just in our frocks, we were the fanciest girls ever! I was so proud of
myself that I sawed down a tree (the saw wasn't electric either!) Then we went out to lunch as a district for the final time and right by where we live is an Italian import store and they do the best sandwiches, like real life Italian style. 

Then after that I had my final interview with President and that was just a hoot, we had a
really good laugh ☺ and he just gave me some counsel. When he brought up marriage I burst out laughing! I just love natters with President , then after that we went to a birthday party and tied balloons. Then we had dinner at the Windes which was super delicious and they are super wonderful. We had stake conference so that was a good sesh.

Sunday: Not the normal day but still #SundayFunDay
Conference really throws you off. We had brunch with Jenny and then we headed to conference after that we were contacting people and then we saw Linda for the final time and she gave us a healthy people book
about fasting which will be a good read. Then we had a correlation at the Rowe's and goodbyes then after dinner we had a lesson with Yao and Li, so sad to say goodbye to them we had a great lesson and discussion one of the best that we have had. Then I realized that I was going home and needed to say goodbye to people so that was that!

Now I am done!

My mission has changed my life

2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”

My mission means the world to me and I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve these past 18 months. I have met so many people that will be in my heart forever. This is the truth guys, the real deal. It brings happiness. My testimony has grown so much!

Anyway my battery is going to die on the iPad.

Americans - see you tonight at 7!
English - see you on Wednesday!

Love you all dearly

Sister Hughes GB

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Sisters, do you like this cake?

Monday 10th August 2015

So I don't really know what to call this week, so you can think up of something creative yourself.

Reminder for all my beloved Americans!

Monday 17th -  3487 S 1300 E at 7 pm is my final testimony, I would really LOVE TO SEE YOU THERE so I can say a final goodbye before I fly back to the motherland. ✈

Monday: We spent the whole day cleaning. In the evening we had a family home evening with a new family that moved into the ward, the Larson's, they are so nice and we taught them the restoration. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Tuesday: More contacting really because our appointment fell through. So we stopped by this old lady and she opened the door and she said that she was busy, so we replied "that's okay, we were just wondering if there was anything that we could do for you today" and it was cool to see her facial expression change, she looks touched and chatted to us for a bit and let us inside her house and we then set up a return appointment.

We then went out to lunch with the Sisters. It was so good to see Sister Owens! I miss her hick accent so it was so nice to catch up! We were contacting for the rest of the day.

Wednesday: We spent the morning at the beehive house with the old ladies which was good, then after lunch we had a lesson with Joe...well it wasn't really a lesson because he showed up late and then was updating us on life, but it was still really good to see him.

Then we went over to Mary's and helped her fix her lights and do some yard work. She gave us some fairy lights and we put them in our bedroom and they look really cute! We have bunting too! You'd never have guessed that this used to be a guys place haha! After dinner we were contacting and then we had a lesson with Kristie which was good and she told us that she is really interested woohoo!

Elder Weeks came over to our house with a cake mix in his hand, 'Sisters do you like this cake?' I said 'so what you really mean is, sisters it's my birthday tomorrow and I want you to make me a cake', it was really funny.

Thursday: Weekly planning... Blah blah blah!!
Just a day of contacting and a meeting with our Ward mission leader, we also made Elder weeks his cake and decorated his door.

Friday: Zone meeting my final one, they asked me to bare my testimony. I shed a tear or two, it was so sad! After that we saw Betty who said she was busy, but she chatted to us for an hour, old ladies are funny.

At dinner our member recited 'Albert and the lion' which was really funny. Then after dinner we went contacting all the names we had received. We stopped by a member and we made animal balloons for them and then it poured it down and we managed to get a ride to our appointment with Jenny. We had a good lesson and she is willing to have the lessons. We also did service for some members in the 2nd Ward.

Saturday: We grabbed our bikes from the Tippets who were babysitting our bikes. And we were contacting all morning. No one was interested, but it was good! We then had a surprise birthday lunch for sister Muños which was fun. Then we had a lesson with Yao and Li which went well and then we did service for a Catholic lady, yard work is growing on me!

Then we had dinner with the Newman's, it was the best thing since sliced bread! It was like being at home and it was so good to catch up with Matt & Ella again. Seeing friends is soooo good! The food was lush too then we had a meeting with another Ward mission leader. And we were out contacting for the rest of the night.

Sunday: #SundayFunDay
Church! No one was at church because of sickness or work which was really sad :( but it was a good day all the same. One of our less actives came, woohoo! Though he ran off after sacrament meeting when he said he wouldn't, rude! We then went to a Filipino home for dinner, I left that home fat! It was so delicious! And we were contacting names we had been given.

Well that was my week.... Just one more to go.... So sad and weird.

Hope you have a good week, love you all!

Sister Hughes GB

Friday, 7 August 2015

A man's house is his pigsty!

Monday 3rd August 2015

It's that time again!

It's crazy how time flies by!

Monday: We did our shopping and had a small mission reunion with Elder Seymour, Andela and Hearn. It was so good!
Elder Hearn "how is everything on the east side?" Elder Folson "still the best mission in the world"
I died for the guys. We miss them.

Then I can't really remember what we did... Oh yes! We went to the hair dressers and I got a trim then we went to Linda's for dinner and had campfire food (hot dogs) which was really cute. Then we had a lesson with a part member family about family history which was really cool, he was showing me all his ancestors from England, he was related to the queen and William the conqueror! It was fun and then we were contacting for the rest of the night,

Tuesday: We get a phone call from out housing co-ordinator "sisters we have found you an apartment and we'll be moving you Thursday" so I know what it's like to get evicted. Did I tell you that we were moving? Well, we did because Elder James is coming home and needs his basement back and we can't hang out
because he is a boy so we got the boot!

So we did a little packing and we had a lesson with Joe and he was telling us about some of his friends that have been asking him questions so he is going to try and hook us up :) then we were contacting until dinner. After dinner we had a lesson with Brian which went really well.

Wednesday: We saw Teri in the morning and then we had interviews with President! I love a good old natter with President. It was a reflecting interview even though he said that we weren't really going to talk about home because that is for our final interview but that is mainly what we talked about and how far I have come. It was such a good chat, and we got to spend some time with Sister Eberhardt which is always good. "Sister Hughes you have got two and a half weeks, I want you to have 3 people on date", that sad moment when you get told you have less time than you thought. Then we did some service for a manner family, we were weeding with their daughter who just got from her mission in Mexico so we were just talking about missions. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Thursday: The day! We did our weekly planning and went out to lunch with a member and then we moved! I heard a man say once "A man’s house is his castle" well if this is the case then we were in the pits, the edlers hadn't cleaned whatsoever. I am scared. LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING LADIES THEY MIGHT LOOK CLEAN AND FANCY BUT CHECK THEIR HOSE. I have never felt so betrayed in my life. So after we moved in we spent the next 3 hours cleaning the bathroom and bedroom so that we could actually function when we got home that night. Never in my life have I spent so long on a bathtub...I was almost put off getting married! Then after dinner we were contacting.

Friday: We had district meeting! Then after lunch the sisters and our STL came over and helped us clean some more (yes it was that bad, and I'm not a clean freak but I am turning into one) for a little bit then we had a meeting then we had dinner and then we were contacting until 8 and then we had a lesson with Mike, Jenny and Matt.

Saturday: Service day! We did yard work in the morning. Then the best thing happened. SISTER KENT (my trainer) TOOK US OUT TO LUNCH!!!! It was so good for a catch up! It was the best thing, I had so much to tell her that I couldn't contain myself. It was just so good then we were contacting in the afternoon, always remember where you put your bikes otherwise it's really scary when you come away from a house and your bikes aren't where you left them or thought you left them. Then after dinner we had a lesson with Li on faith which was great. You could really feel the spirit. Then we were contacting again.

Sunday: #SundyFunDay
Church church and some more church oh and throw in a meeting or two. Li and Charles came to church woohoo! After dinner we stopped by a less active and he was showing off his new car, I know I shouldn't
covet...but I was pretty close. And then we had a meeting with the Halpin's

Anyway that's a wrap! My week in a nutshell.

Pictures- after interviews with president and then when I went for the hairdressers

Love you all!

Hope you have a great week

Love, Sister Hughes ��