Sunday, 25 January 2015

"I say goodbye and you say hello!"

19 January 2015

So the transfer calls are in and I am being transferred! My heart is slowly breaking, and leaving it in the Butler Stake. Serving with Sister Knight has been a dream. Living with the Aussie, one of the best mission moments ever.

Monday - We had P-day! Sister Knight and I worked out. I can hear you all laughing but I actually did. Sister Bagley has an exercise bike that we used. Working out to church hymns is a whole new experience. In the evening we saw Tiffany, oh my goodness we just love her. We spoke about the Plan of Salvation. Then we had a lesson with the Hessenthaler's in the Apple Valley ward, they are just the best and we shared our new year’s message with them. Then we met up with Alex and read chapters 12-13 of 1st Nephi because it was a little hard to understand. When I read it I thought "I don't blame you girl, I have no clue too"

Tuesday: We had a lesson with the Fisher's they had a granddaughter who is getting baptized really soon and they wanted us to teach a couple of lessons before she does. They went well. She is so cute very chatty too. *points to a speaker on the wall* "That thing tells me the future" she cracks us up! We had dinner with our Bishop and then we saw an old lady who was really cute. Other than that, we have been trying to contact people.

Wednesday: we contacted some widows in the morning. Then jotted down some ideas for a ward party in the Apple Valley ward. We are thinking of doing an international night, but we shall see how that goes. We had a great lesson with our Old Mill RSP Sister Fletcher we spoke about missionary work and gave out a challenge. We contacted a couple of people but they weren't interested.

Thursday: We had weekly planning with the Westenskow's. Life is finally back to normal! How much I love them. We then went contacting. We had dinner with the Eberhardt's which was super fun. We had waffles! Breakfast for dinner has to be like one of the best things that I have had on my mission. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night because our appointments cancelled.

Friday: We had district meeting which was really good. President Banks and his wife came in and it was so much fun. They can be really funny sometimes. They also provided lunch for us all which was really nice. We then saw a widow in the Apple Valley ward and she was sharing with us her missionary moments that she has had. Then we went over to the Bryson's and saw Bro.Bryson because he is seriously ill and slowly dying. We went contacting again and then we had dinner and contacting for the rest of the night.

Saturday: We went to see some widows in the morning. The old people are really funny sometimes especially when they say "diebeatis" (typed how it is said) #OAPLife. We have just been contacting all day and stopping in on some widows. We also had a lesson with the Busto's at the Westenskow's home which went really well. We taught a jumping game about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I seriously think that we have some Olympic champions here!

Sunday: We just had church. It was nice to have the Cooper's back. Life isn't really the same without them. Bro. Cooper gave a really good talk and he recited the missionary call letter and the experience of receiving it. It really took sister knight and I back! We then had dinner with the Henrixson's and then we had a lesson with Sarah who is 11 she is now on date for 7th Feb! Woohoo then we headed to the Cooper's to put in our numbers and they shared some holiday photos and vids, it was a good time.

I am so sad to be leaving this area, I really love the people here. But I know that Heavenly Father has more people for me to meet and things to learn.

Hope you all have a great week!

Much love,

Sister Hughes xxx

"I believe in miracles!!! Where you from? You righteous thing!"

12 January 2015

Oh my word, I am so glad that I am sat down to tell you about me week because some amazing things happened. So make sure you're sat down so when you read this you don't fall over. I don't want to be the reason why people end up at the ER.

Monday: Preparation day!
We got our haircut, so we look classy now. We went shopping because we had some vouchers to spend so we had a party and I got some bright clothes. I will never lose my love for shopping! Then Sister Knight had a Sister Training Leader dinner so I went on exchanges with Sister Hatch and we went to a Mexican restaurant.

In the evening we saw Tiffany!!! We haven't seen her in around a month because of her pregnancy and giving birth and all that. LUCY IS SO SMALL AND SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!! It was so hard not being able to hold her! Then we had our final lesson with Ella before her baptism. She is so excited. We also asked Bro.Turgeon if he would consider baptism for himself and told him to pray about it.

Tuesday: I was on exchanges with Sister Hatch again! This was the first time that I had been on exchanges not in my area. Sister Hatch has been out 4 months, this made me reflect a little. She is such a wonderful missionary. When I got Sister Knight back we went over to drop by the Flink's to set up an appointment and we get there and they had set out cookies and water and were talking about how they were expecting us! It was really funny and weird. We had dinner at a new move in's home. They had 2 young children that loved to dress up and during our dinner we managed to see all their outfits! It was adorable! Then we had an active member lesson with the Dunkley's which went really well then we had correlation for the rest of the night.

Wednesday: We had a study group in the morning that was given by our ward mission leader, President Stevens (He has just been called as a mission president in the London Mission and starts in July) which was really good and an amazing turn out! We tried to contact some people, but they weren't home. We had a lesson with our 9 year old, Keaton. Then we had dinner with the Bishop in the 1st ward which is always fun. Then we taught a member’s granddaughter who is getting baptized soon.

Thursday: We had weekly planning and interviews with President, which went really well. President was commenting on how much I have grown since I came out and also how Sister Knight and I are "a dynamite couple" I couldn't agree more President. Sister Knight and I also got a hold of Sister Eberhardt's camera and took selfies and had our own little photo-shoot. How I miss photography. Then we went back to weekly planning. We had dinner with one of our investigators Joey Hogan and his family. It was really good and we had a nerf gun war at the end! It was super fun! Then we had an active member lesson with the Anderson family in the 17th ward.

Friday: We had zone meeting which was really good. We then had planned on contacting some widows. We helped Jean Perkins with her cleaning which was fun. Then we had dinner and we contacted a referral that we had received. We knocked on the door and a young man answers with 3 young boys. Turned out that he was the uncle and just babysitting whilst the parents were away. They are originally from Bosnia! It was so cool, just on a doorstep we had the whole world covered! They were asking us all sort of questions about the church and our countries. They were big soccer fans and Nazir (the uncle) was wearing Man U socks! We were chatting for an hour and they want us to come back because they think we are really cool. So that was a golden contact! We walked away and I said "Sister Knight, my feet are frozen!" But it was so worth it though!

Saturday: Such a special day! Ella got baptized: D it was amazing. Her father gave a great talk and musical item and her mother and sister gave amazing talks too! it was so special! Then we had lunch with the Westenskow's and have a correlation. We then went contacting, nobody was home. We had a lesson with Keaton's mum, Alex which went really well. We had lessons with the Busto and Bennet family and had a correlation with our Stake President.

Sunday: We had church. Ella's dad came to church for the first time which was amazing!!! We had dinner and then we went to Sister Elaine S. Dalton fireside which was really good. I have been so blessed to have met and spend time with such amazing women of the church. I hope someday that I will become like them. Sister Dalton was speaking about the Book of Mormon and how we need to not just have a testimony of it but act on it as well. We need to live what we read. The word testament is another word for covenant. The Old covenant, The New covenant, Book of Mormon... another covenant and the Doctrine and covenants. We are all about covenants! We need to be articulate advocates of the Book of Mormon. She is really amazing, I got to spend a couple of minutes with her at the end and she is the sweetest!

In one of the wards one of the speakers shared a really good quote.

"Are you the type of person who walks into a room and says "here I am!" or do you walk into a room and say "there you are"?

Just some food for thought.

Also, check out the new Mutual theme! it is super cool with some super catchy songs! I downloaded the songs onto a CD they are that good!
here is the link
Hope you all have a great week!

I have to go now!

Have a great week.

Keep it real, keep it righteous and make good choices.

I love you all dearly

Sister Hughes xxxxx

Sickest week to 2015 EVER!‏

5 January 2015

Happy 2015 everyone! Hope you had a great start to the Year!

Here is our start to the week:

Monday: P-day, we had a snowball fight. It was pretty cool and cold. We had a lesson with Ella (who is getting baptized on Sunday) Then we had an FHE with the Eberhardts & Ekberg's, it was fun. Zach Eberhardt is the funniest thing. I was asking about why he was missing a tooth and asked "is it because you have been kissing girls?' So his mum starts teasing him. Later on Sister Eberhardt and I were just talking and Zach comes  up to me and says "You have a big crush on missionary brown!" I asked him why and he said "because you're both missionaries!" I don't even know who this kid is, he was way before my missionary time. Then Zach comes up to Sister Knight and said "You have a big crush on Elder Clarke!" and she asked why? "because he is your type." 4 year olds crack me up! Zachy Eberhardt  romance guru hahaha.

Tuesday: So I lost my planner, so I had to go to the Zone Leaders and get a new one. Then we did some contacting of part member families. We knocked on a door and we heard an Asian guy shout "guard dogs! Pitbulls! Pitbulls! coming at the door! Pitbulls!!" He opens the door and out walks a poodle and a golden retriever. I won't lie we laughed. They said they weren't interested but could stop by anytime. We had a great dinner with the Clark's who had one of their neighbours there. We could really feel the spirit as we left a spiritual thought. Then we had a lesson with the Anderson's in the 17th ward and shared a New Year's message with them.

Wednesday: Exchanges! I was with Sister Coleman for the day; I have been serving around her since my second transfer! It was a lot of fun and we had a lesson with Natalie which was really good and had dinner with the Old Mill RSP which was really good. We had been talking about stir fry that day and Sister Fletcher had cooked us up stir fry! it was lush. Then we had a sleepover at the Wassatch Sisters so we could do a companionship study together the next day (STL duty) So last year I went down to London for NYE and stayed up till 5am. This year I was in Utah and I went to bed at 10:30 #WildLife

Thursday: So Sister Knight was sick so I had to drive her home at 7am. We had weekly planning, We had dinner with the Fisher's whose daughter just got back from a mission in Tahiti. Then we had a lesson with Silvia and her family. They are from Sao Paulo and they are the best. We taught the restoration. They currently have a Portuguese student, Tiago staying with them and he sat in on the lesson too! I know what you're thinking "Sister Hughes, you cannot speak Portuguese" and in that I reply, you are right! I cannot speak Portuguese. Silvia had her family round and one of them translated! IT WAS SO COOL!! You could tell that our translator was a solid RM, it was so special. Tiago was really listening we invited everyone to read the book of Mormon and pray about it. It was such a cool night. We then had a little dinner with them and went home because Sister Knight needed to rest.

Friday: District meeting which was really good. After that we then had to go home because Sister Knight really wasn't feeling too good. Being sick isn't fun on a mission because you are really limited to the things that you can do. I tided up the whole of our apartment.

Saturday: Wow, we had a fun morning, we were up at 4:30 because Sister Knight was coughing and not feeling good (no throw up though) I had to drive Sister Knight to the instacare to get her to a doctor at 8 so we were sorting that out for a while. Then we were at home whilst she rested and I gave her meds and all that. We saw some devotionals that Sister Bagley had recorded, I am so glad she did. They were really good! Then I just studied and studied. That night our district leader and sisters came to the house to drop off a massive get well soon card, 2 bags of sick people goodies. There was a Disney Princess colouring book!!! I won't lie, I felt like I won the lottery. Then they left and we went to sleep and the Zone Leaders came round with some Australian treats from the world market. They really are inspired, they managed to pick Sister Knight's favourites without realising!

Sunday: We had to stay home because Sister Knight was still infectious but TIAGO CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! We were so happy and we are going to stop by and ask if he wants to learn more. So I studied and coloured in my Disney Princess book.

So that was our start to the new year
Don't forget to read Ecclesiates 3:1-8!

Sorry that this has been really short. I had to wait for a computer today :( there have been changes in the room.

Love you all!

Sister Hughes! xxx

P.S someone that I taught in my last area is getting baptized Feb 7th! and his newly wed wife is expecting!!! I am so excited.


Holy Cow what a week.

29 December 2014

Oh my word, I have almost been out a year. at the end of this week I will be saying i come home this year ....
Monday: So we had P-day... nothing really happened that was life changing. In the evening we had dinner and a lesson with the Turgeon family. We had Sushi for dinner and it was LUSH and then we had a lesson on Tithing, we used skittles so naturally it was a good time. Then we went carolling with the whole district and our zone leaders for the rest of the night. It was so much fun!

Tuesday: So we spent the morning with the Westenskow's and opened the presents that they had given us. THEY WERE AMAZING! We got a jigsaw of Salt Lake, a pillow case the S.Westenskow made herself. Mine had bees on it because "I am the bees knees" and then a couple of other small things. Then we had an appointment with some new move ins. The mum is less active but the boys are completely active. We had a great lesson with them you could feel the spirit even though the dog threw up half way in the lesson. Then we went carolling for a couple of hours then we were contacting until dinner. Then both of our 6 and 7 o'clock's cancelled so we were stopping by on a couple of people and then we had a lesson with a guy who had previously been taught by missionaries. It was a great discussion, but he isn't interested. But he loves us enough to give us some frozen cinnamon rolls as a Christmas present!


So we dropped of the last of our Christmas cards and then we stopped by the Leatherbury's who are the sweetest people. We shared a Christmas message with them and you could really feel the spirit. As we were watching the "He is the gift" video and the "Angels we have heard on high" It just really hit me the true meaning of Christmas. Then we were ding dong ditching members with Books of Mormon and giving them a challenge to give it to someone before the New Year. Then we headed over to the Taylor's home for dinner. They invited Edna who is a Methodist and we had the best Christmas Eve EVER. We had Thai food which was to die for. I am asking sister Taylor for the recipe, then we shared a Christmas message and the spirit was really strong and it was just a perfect evening. After The Taylor's we went carolling and then we headed up to the Olympus Stake and had a musical fireside which was amazing! It was done by Deane Kaelin and it was a duo of piano and organ.. then there was a guy that did a piano solo and sang The First Noel, Sister Knight and I died. His voice was REALLY beautiful. That didn't finish till 10, again we felt like sinners. I am going to be such a party pooper when I get home. "it's 10 o'clock, I need to be in bed by 10:30!!" Yeah I am such a party animal.

Thursday: IT WAS SNOWING!!!

Despite getting  to sleep later than I have in a while I woke up at 3am... I can't help but get excited about Christmas... plus I had a sore throat but still. Then at 6:30 Sister Knight and I opened our presents. Thank you to all those that had sent me packages. I was very thrilled to see that I got sent Malteasers! That is what made it officially Christmas morning for me. Then we got ready and studied and all that and then headed over to the Coopers for breakfast and then I skyped them fam and that was a good time. It was nice to have a refresher of accents even though I sound slightly American! Then we headed over to the Roylances (he is on the stake presidency) and had lunch with them which was really nice, then we skyped Sister Knight's family... well, tried. They were all still asleep or shopping. So we did some weekly planning for 2 hours and then she got to skype her family! They are the best and really funny and their accents were great! Then we went to our dinner appointment at the Webb's in the 17th ward (we spent Thanksgiving with them too) They had got us a present too!

- Scarf

- Farting Putty

Yes, that's right. Farting Putty! I am not sure what made them think "hmm.. the sisters will like this" but hey! We had a blast playing with it at the Webbs! I guess it just means that we are really close. We LOVE that family. Then we were weekly planning for the rest of the night.

Friday: We had the best district meeting. It was about the Word of Wisdom and we had some really awesome roleplays with how to help people who have word of wisdom issues. Then we had lunch and we had to take a trip to the mission office because somebody knocked us whilst we were in an appointment on Christmas Eve (the rats, they didn't even tell us) then we were contacting some referrals and then we had dinner and then it was contacting for the rest of the night.

Saturday: we went to the widows, well the ones that were home and just chatted with them and shared a message. it was basically a contacting day.

Sunday: church church church. Then we had dinner with the Creer's who are really cool and hilarious. They got up google maps and went to our houses! It was really funny! Then we went contacting and stopped by the mills, they had a party and we wondered if there was anyone we should stop by. THEY MADE US BUTTERBEER like from Harry Potter! It was the best. Then we stopped at the cooper's for numbers and then they showed us their family christmas video AND WE WERE IN IT!!! We felt really loved.
So the message that we are sharing now is for the new year:

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
1. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
2. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
3. A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
4. A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
5. A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
6. A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
7. A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
8. A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace
We also like to add to that "a time to change" With the new year coming up, reflect on the year that you had in 2014 and set some goals that you want to achieve in 2015 so that you can get the most out of this year.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year.

Love you all

love you all to the moon and back

You are the bestest family ever xxx

Sister Hughes xxx

Trust me, I'm the doctor!

22 December 2014

Oh my giddlygoodness, WHAT A WEEK. "It was the best of time and the worst of times". So now that I have you interested I will tell you the story of the week.

Monday: P-day was WILD. We went to Deseret Book, because that is a super Mormon thing to do. Jokes we needed to get a photo for Sister Knight's investigator who was getting baptised on Friday. Everything just took forever; I have no idea why... 7 hours really? Never again. Then we just went to the zone building to play sports for a little while. Then we had appointments for the rest of the night which was amazing. The Bustos we made root beer floats and tied that into the Holy Ghost, The Johnsons we shared the "He is the gift" message and then we did the root beer floats for the Hogan’s too. It was a good night!

Tuesday: Early start, we went to the temple in Salt Lake which was really nice. After we had studies we met with Joey and had a great lesson with him. Then we saw Alex and had a great lesson with her. Then we had a great lesson with the Tergeon's (Ella is getting baptized on January 10th) and then we had to meet with Sister Crotts because her and Sister Knight were doing a training the next day in zone meeting.

Wednesday: We had zone conference which is a large group of missionaries in different areas all meet and have training. It was really good!! Unfortunately Sister Knight was severely sick right after zone conference so I had to quickly drive her home and we stayed in for the rest of the night. Seeing your companion throw up has to be one of the most heartbreaking things I have had to witness.

Thursday: It was a rough night with Sister Knight throwing up in the early hours. We did weekly planning and I studied a lot whilst Sister Knight was on her sick bed.

Friday: Sister Knight was feeling slightly better so we went to our Christmas devotional. Sister Eberhardt insisted that we didn't miss it and I don't blame her

Yes, that's right.

He started off by shaking everyone's hand and then he told us from the pulpit "I am not sure if you notice or not but as I was shaking your hand I looked you in the eye and I interviewed each and every one of you."
I was like holy cow he knows all my deepest darkest secrets!  Sister Knight felt instantly healed as she shook his hand! MIRACLE

We had a Q&A session with him which was really good.
Some good things he said:
"God will take care of you as you take care of His children"
"Baptism is for the remission of sins, NOT entrance into the church"
'I cannot live with a missionary who doesn't understand his/her calling"
"When God wants to do something, He sends a baby"
"You're going to see yourself as a baby, and that's okay. God has worked with babies from the beginning"
"If you feel young, welcome to the church. So do I!" (If he feels young then I have no hope!)
"The very least thing you can do is believe" (He said that with power and I was like I BELIEVE!)
*insert handslam on the pulpit* "Don't you DARE DOUBT THIS WORK" (No Elder Holland, I don't doubt)

Faves lines -
"You have got to be in this forever"
"Be true for the rest of your life, forever and ever"
"Be faithful and be faithful and be faithful"
 (I will, till the day I die)
So now I have met one of my favourite apostles, now I can die. But I won't because I want to fulfil the rest of my mission and have a life here on earth!

Then Sister Knight had to rest because she was weak. Then we went to her baptism in Holliday which was really nice and then we went to the mission office for the dregs of the Christmas dinner and we got to see other missionaries and get packages and things. Sister Eberhardt calls me Nurse Hughes now. So I am a legit doctor, I have been Eberhardt certified! Then we drove home. I can now drive from the mission office using the freeway without needing Sister Knight's help. I am a grown up girl now. Sister Knight has told me that she has been waiting for this day haha I am a real American now...

Saturday: We handed out the last of our Christmas card and message and then we had lunch with the Westenskow's. Sister Westenskow made the most delicious soup. Then we contacted and went over to an elderly lady and helped her wrap Christmas presents. Then we had to stay in because Sister Knight needed to rest because Sunday's are our busiest day.

Our Bishop stopped by and brought us each a single rose for Christmas which was really nice! He said "I knew you wouldn't be getting anything like this for Christmas"
Bishop knew we were single and that we wouldn't be getting roses for Christmas. The best thing is that his name is Bishop Rose and he is a florist. He is the best man ever.

Sunday: Church, Church, Church. Everyone had their Christmas programs which was really nice! A couple a members handed us Christmas presents which was really nice. We are so well taken care of here. I have never felt so loved in a foreign place! Then in the evening we had a lesson with the Webbs and they have invited us over for Christmas day dinner which was really lovely with them. They told us that we have been the missionaries that they have had most over, woohhoo! We were over at their home for thanksgiving too :)

So this week we are going carolling and we are busy most nights which is good. 24th we have a Dean Kaelin concert at a chapel which should be good. it ends at 10 so it will be a late night, no risk of me waking up at 5 because it will be Christmas next day! Our district and Zone Leaders will all be meeting up and opening our presents together which will be really nice :) Our district gets along really well and our Zone leaders are amazing! We are also doing white elephant with whatever we can find in our apartments so it will be interesting.

John 3:16-17
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved

Click on this link to watch a 3 minute video on Christmas:

you can also Youtube David Archulatte's "Angels we have heard on high" From The Piano Guys. The Largest Nativity EVER! It's been Guinness certified.

So that's a wrap. That has been my week!

From the other side of the pond, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Hope you all have great family time, presents and don't eat too much Turkey and don't forget to think about Jesus.

Much Love,

Sister Hughes xxx

In A Week!

15 December 2014

So I had just deleted my large email -____- #Fail

I don't have a lot of time anymore so I am going to have to be brief.
Monday- We went to temple square with 2 part member families and a whole lot of other families, it was a party and a mission to keep track of everyone, it was so much fun.

Tuesday: Transfers! It was so nice going to transfers knowing where you are going and who your companion is. but we do miss our Princess rocking out or sleeping in the back of the car. Then we were contacting and we had a great lesson with the Bustos on "He is the gift"

Wednesday: So we tried to contact some widows... they weren't home. I guess that it is nice that they get out and have a life but we would like to talk to them! We think that there should be a new definition for widow... homebound! hahaha :) and we did that until the afternoon. We had a lesson with Joey Hogan which was really good we shared a Christmas message and then had a lesson with our Old mill RSP which was good. WE went to the chapel to grab some water at 8:30pm our recent convert jumped out at us and made us scream!!! worst nightmare came true!

Thursday: weekly planning... same old... we made English breakfast for the Westenskows which was a lot of fun and had a great lesson with the Tergeon's about the restoration and we used cups.

Friday: District meeting, always a good time and contacted and had a Christmas party as well as  a lesson with our sisters referral Sarah!  
Saturday: Old Mill Christmas party was really good, Sister Knight and I were bell ringers! WE have both found a new talent! Santa arrived.. I was coughing over some chocolate milk so hard that tears were falling down my face... I just told people that I get really emotional when Santa arrives. WE got to have a picture with Santa!! That awkward moment when Santa tires to get you on his lap and you give him a handshake hahaha more and more contacting
The Carmichael's got sealed!!!!!!! woohoo the Old Mill Ward has had 2sealing of recent converts in 2 weeks!

Sunday: gotta get down to church on Sunday and we had a great lessons with members all evening woohoo!

That everyone was a very brief version of my week.. sorry I deleted the previous one :(

EVERYONE! youtube David Archuletta's "Angels we have heard on high" featuring The Piano Guys IT IS SO GOOD!!! And then share it on facebook or something! #ShareTheGIft

So I see you next week... literally!

Have a great week

love you all

Sister Hughes xxxxxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"‏

8 December 2014

Because it is the season if you haven't clicked on my Christmas link in my last email then repent and click on this one!

Monday: So I can't really remember what happened for P-day... OH YES I went to Old Navy and went shopping! Oh my word walking out of those doors with a bag never felt so good!! It's nice to feel like a normal person. I have a testimony that shopping always makes you feel good. There was 30% off in the WHOLE STORE, Heavenly Father knows me well <3

Then we went and played sports and left early for Sister Knight's STL dinner with Sister Eberhardt. For the rest of the evening we were with the Eberhardt's and the Bustos' and had a FHE on the Holy Ghost. We set up an obstacle course and it was super fun :)

Tuesday: Sister Knight had a meeting so Sister Pahulu and I went around and tried contacting potentials and widow's, but alas nobody was home or interested. After we had picked up Sister Knight from her meeting we made Pavlova (yeah that's right, we're super fancy, even Paul Hollywood would be impressed) with a less active member, it was SUPER FUN she made us bangers and mash, ohmygoodness it was like being at home. She presented it so nice. I never have thought that bangers and mash could look so glamorous!
Then we had a Christmas Relief Society activity in the Apple Valley Ward which was really good and an amazing turn out woohoo!

Wednesday: So Sister Knight had another meeting so Sister Pahulu and I had to wait for her. Then after lunch we were trying to contact a couple of people and then visited some widows.  Then we had appointments for the evening which was good :)

Thursday: Weekly Planning... same as always. Then went contacting people weren’t interested.. but hey :) Then we had appointments for the rest of the night which all were really good. They were all with active families in the Apple Valley Ward.

Friday: So we had a Zone Meeting which was really good, it was all about what we could give back to the Saviour for Christmas. Then we tried contacting one of the families were home! They are active members and they are Portuguese. Then after we left their house we had a nice conversation with Taylor and invited him to the ward party which was really nice, we haven't seen him for a while. Then we had a lesson with our Sisters Referral Sarah and we taught her the plan of salvation which went well. After the lesson we headed up to the chapel for the 17th ward party! Which was a good time.... especially the dessert..

Saturday: So we had the 1st ward party in the morning and then we were going to have  a lesson with Juanita but she didn't show up so we helped her mum put up a Christmas tree. Then we tried contacting some people wanting to give them a Book of Mormon, but they weren't home. Then we attended an open house of a recent convert who just got sealed to her family, it was so special! Then we were just trying to contact for the rest of the night.

Sunday: Church, church, church. Meeting with Bro.Eberhardt and then we watch the Christmas Devotional which was really good. The Schmutz are like the best people ever:  they provided a fire, cookies and blankets whilst we were watching it! They will be abundantly blessed for their kindness. Then we had a lesson with the Webb's who are amazing and we had the best reaction from them

"So I think we need to tell you that we have transfers coming up which means  that one of us could be leaving."

"One of you will be getting transfered, what kind of crap is that?" #FeelingLoved

Then we went over to the Cooper's to submit numbers!

Okay so that was our week.


I AM STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IS SISTER KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but Sister Pahulu is leaving, The Polynesian Princess is leaving D: A sad day in the land of Zion. It was short our time together but very sweet.

Tonight we are all going to Temple Square with some families to see the lights, it is going to be amazing!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Hughes xx