Saturday, 20 September 2014


Monday 15 September

Oh my word, life is just full of surprises this week.

Sister Nelson is leaving and becoming and STL (Sister Training Leader) and I am staying!

We are moving homes today, so if all post could be sent to the mission office in the time being that would be grand.

Monday:  So it was p-day and we just played sports at the church which was fun and then in the evening we were stopping by people, but everyone seems to be off the face of the planet so.... yeah.

Tuesday:  Everyone is falling off the face of the planet so this week has been pretty slow. But we had a lesson with a less active member before she went to her new job the next day which was good. What we do with her is help her read the Book of Mormon. Then we had a lesson with a recent convert who is like 10 so he is really funny.

Wednesday:  So we helped an inactive member with her basement. Her next door neighbour got evicted and had loads of rats and mice so she needed her place checked out and her basement was pretty full so we helped!

Thursday:  Weekly planning and lunch with the Westenskows and we had a couple of lessons with active members which was good.

Old Mill Ward had a party which was fantastic, there were lots of non-members which was great!

Friday: So we had district meeting which was good. President Banks and his wife showed up which was a nice surprise. Then we helped a member clear out/arrange his house with the Westenskows. Turned out to be a lesson which was nice. Then we were just trying to stop by people. They have seriously fallen off the planet!

That night we saw a non-member who was really funny. Sister Nelson shared a scripture and she says "stop, read it again with your heart" which she did. Then she says "now, I want you to sing it" poor Sister Nelson had no idea what to do so our non-member did it for her.

Saturday: We did service with the Wassatch Sisters and the rest of our district in the morning. Then we did service with the Elders for a person that they were teaching AND HE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY WHOOO!

Then we had dinner at the Stevens which was so lovely, Sister Stevens in the most wonderful cook. Then we were stopping in on people for the rest of the night.

Sunday: So we help teach gospel principles in the 17th ward which was really good and then we taught Elders Quorum. So we were just sat in priesthood waiting to teach and all the bretheren came in and started cracking women & the priesthood jokes which were really funny.

"So our lesson today will be on marriage because we are the most experienced people.......we're only joking, we're talking about missionary work."

Our lesson went really well.

So we walk into Old Mill Ward and we see one of our investigators which was a nice surprise, we weren't expecting her there and then we look at the stand and see…..

ELDER D.TODD CHRISTOPHERSON!!!!! Yes, it was real. Sister Nelson and I just kept giving each other looks hahaha. We got to speak to him at the end of the sacrament meeting. He asked where I was from and it turns out that in March he was in Newcastle and Sunderland. He asked me where York was in relation to those places I said "I'm a couple of hours south of them... I think?"

He replies: "I think you're right. You've been out for too long"

He is really funny :)

So that is my week! Full of surprises!

So one of our Bishop's gave us a really cool quote:

"God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfil your dreams, just as He always has. But He can't if you don't pray, and He can't if you don't dream. In short, He can't if you don't believe."

- Elder Jefferey R Holland

Love you all!

Hey, please can you send me the words to ‘God save the Queen.’ I can sing more of the American anthems than my own!

I’m going now

I love you all dearly.

Love, Sister Hughes


Monday, 15 September 2014

"And I'm freeeee, free fallin'"

Monday 8th September

Oh my word life is just getting ridiculously crazy. It’s week 6 already!!

We are teaching 9 people which is fabulous!

Okay, the break down:

Monday, Tuesday - happy day, Wednesday, Thursday, happy day ... hahahaha jokes, but seriously though.

Monday: So we started off the day with attending the Brighton Point's Labour day breakfast. They started with their pledge of allegiance so I was lost and felt awkward. We were right next to Bishop Workis who was doing the eggs on a wok, we said "You're working the wok Bishop" Well he replied

"You've gotta talk the talk and wok the wok" it was really funny.

 P-day antics. We exceeded our zone goal of 10 baptisms by 2 in the month of august. So we had a party :)

Tuesday: We met with a couple of members who are less active and had read some chapters of the Book of Mormon with them.

Wednesday: Oh my word, what a morning!  So we had just met with one of our ward mission leaders and we were walking back to the car. His drive and the path aren't even... so I face planted it... my guardian angel was either on vacation or on her lunch break. It was a smack so loud that our ward mission leader came running out and said "I heard that, are you okay?" He heard it from behind his closed door, how embarrassing! I was totally fine, only a few minor scratches. The only thing that was severely hurt was my pride. I got up brushed myself down walked to the car and drove off... with my companion. No tears no nothing.

You can just call me Calamity Jane.

Later that afternoon we had a lesson with a less active member  who is partially blind so we went up to the big cottonwood canyon for a picnic with the Westenskow's. Sister Westenskow packed up the most delicious lunch and it was a grand old time! I felt like I was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when they all go off for a picnic to the beach!

That evening a miracle happened. We had a text to our phone telling us to go and see someone who wasn't a member of the church (it was a missionary referral) So we went there and knocked a man opened the door, we asked if the A was there. He said she wasn't but she will be back in the evening, "but she'll say no to you guys."  We told him that was fine and left. We went back later and she answered the door she let us in but said we weren't going to baptize her. We told her that was fine and we spoke to her. She asked us questions about our upbringing in the church and other things but she kept saying that we weren't going to get any brownie points because we weren't going to baptize her. I told her that's not why we are here; we are here to bring people closer to Jesus Christ that's what our "brownie points" were. Baptisms don't really mean that much. We weren't here to baptize the whole of Utah, we are here because we love the gospel and want to bring people closer to Jesus Christ. She was very touched with what was said and that we weren't just here to baptize her. She got emotional... she has a 20 year old son and said "everyone should go on a mission" we were both like amen! hahaha and we hadn't even mentioned about giving her the lessons but she said 'I want to take the lessons from you guys" I wanted to cry. I love this woman so much. It was definitely a miracle. I cannot wait to see her on Wednesday.

Thursday: Weekly Planning and had lunch with the Westenskow's and the Elders. We had an active member lesson with someone in the Old Mill ward which went well. We taught Preston who is 8, his parents requested him to be taught by us because he wasn't sure of the whole thing. But he wants to be baptized so woohooo! He told us that he prayed about it and it is what God wants him to do! He is hilarious we ended teaching him the commandments and we were leaving and he says "See ya later girlfriend" I just about died laughing. Then we went to a stake conference singing practice!

Friday: Zone Meeting which was amazing!

We spoke about the goals that we wanted for the month of September. And then we had an AA meeting and everyone had to get up and say
"Hi, I'm Sister/Elder and I have a problem. I'm scared to invite people to be baptized....(and then a reason)" It was really good and funny too, we had to stand on a podium. Then I was picked on to do a role-play with my Zone Leader, Elder Jarvis and I had to get him to say yes to baptism. I thought I was going to die of a heart attack, I was so so scared but it went really well. Then we were helping hand out flyers for the cub scout activity on Saturday.

Saturday: We had service! We had a lesson with a recent convert who is 11 and then we had dinner then stake conference! Sister Nelson had to speak and she did the best job, PROUD COMPANION!

Sunday: Oh my word this threw me off! Only 2 hours of church, no meetings and actually had time to study. It was strange. Stake conference was really good. The theme was the atonement. The was a lady who was less active speaking and her non-member husband came. She said "James, you are the most handsome man in a suit" She is a cancer survivor and a lot of the congregation were in tears.

So this is my week!

Thank you so much for the package... it's waiting at the office. I am almost too excited to sleep! It will arrive, otherwise i will hunt my ZLs down

I love YOU beyond measure.

Can you believe I’m almost half way?

I don’t want to leave

Time flies

See you in what will feel like tomorrow but will be actually next week

Keep it real

Keep it Righteous

Love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx

Sister Hughes & Nelson: Taking on the world one soul at a time

I'm so busy my head is spinning!

Monday 1 September
So this week has been a crazy week.

We are currently working with a family, the parents are less active but their children want to get baptized! And another one of our families is doing great.

Monday: P-day, sports at the chapel

Tuesday: We had to say goodbye to Joowon who goes back to Korea, she was only on vacation for 3 months. But she knows that the church is true, she is going to talk to her husband about the church.

Wednesday: Just a normal day. We have a lady in our ward who is fighting cancer so we went over to her house for dinner. We cooked the dinner for her and we ate it with her and her husband. It was such a nice time! Then we went to the youth activity which was a water balloon fight which was super fun...I was a prime target for a lot of people. The funnier thing was that we had an appointment afterwards... we did a really good job of drying off without a towel, we didn't look that bad when we got to our appointment... thank goodness!

Thursday: WEEKLY PLANNING.... it's a love/hate relationship. Then we planned with the Westenskow's who are our senior couple that we work with and had lunch with them. Sister Westenskow is the best cook, she fixed my skirt that got a hole and gave us Lindt chocolate, she is one of my most favourite people in the world.

Friday: District meeting was good. We helped a sick member clean her house. We have a set of parents that want us to teach their 8 year old which is going well. We also saw lots of people in one of our neighbourhoods doing yard work and filling up lots of skips! So we helped out with that.

Saturday: We helped 2 families to swap houses... it got a little confusing as to who's was what but we got there in the end. There were 6 missionaries and we all had fun.

Sunday: Church! So we spent sacrament in 17th ward and then we taught joint Priesthood and Relief Society about member missionary work in Old Mill. We took a lot of our lesson from "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" it is such a good book. Then we came into AppleValley Sacrament meeting right at the end and then stayed there for Sunday school and Joint Relief Society and Priesthood. We didn't manage to get up to Brighton Point because it is a little far and we were low on miles.

So that was my week!

This morning we were helping out Brighton Point for their Labour Day breakfast which was fun. We were serving Hashbrowns (not the english ones) Pancakes, Sausage and eggs. It was great we had so much fun! At the start of the breakfast they said their pledge of allegiance ... I didn't really know what was going on so I just copied everyone else by having my hand over my heart and staring at my companion for her to show me the way. She found this hilarious and all she said to me was "British probs" hahaha

I am having a great week, being kept really busy!

One of my favourite scriptures is Mosiah 3:20

"And moreover, I say unto you, that the time shall come when the knowledge of a Savior shall spread throughout every nation, kindred, tongue and people."

The Lord is hastening His work and as Missionaries & Members of the church work together in spreading this wonderful message of Jesus Christ we will be able to bring about this prophecy!

Have a great week everyone!


Sister Leah Hughes xxx

Friday, 29 August 2014

Goodbye Mr A!

Monday 25 August 

This week has been a long one, but really good.

Monday: We had zone conference with Elder Clarke who is of the 70 which was really good. He was a good speaker and funny too, which is always a bonus. I have attached the notes we all made together so you can all see what I learnt!

I got to see Sister Melanson and Sister White too and they gave me an update on Winder West, they are doing such a good job!

Tuesday: We were at the temple, afterwards our district all went out to breakfast which was nice and then it was just the usual craziness and then in the evening we taught Keaton, who is nine, the 10 commandments. It's like being back in primary, though it isn't the same without Jasper, Gianna, Lila and Eden. The lesson went really well, there's a way to teach with hand signals which is really cool :) Then we had stake Correlation

Wednesday: We had a lesson with Joowan who is from Seol, Korea. We taught her the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. In Seol they have a strong Christian upbringing there so it wasn't really hard to teach her. She goes home this week with her boys back to her husband. We will miss her. Then we joined the youth in doing some service for an old lady in the ward.

Thursday: Weekly planning, every missionary's favourite thing to do.... it's not bad, it just a necessity. We had a couple of active member lessons which went really well. We taught the first lesson, The Restoration. You really could feel the spirit it was great! Then we met with one of our members who is less active, we help her with her Book of Mormon Reading. Then we had a Family Home Evening with a less active family, which went really well. There were a lot of young children so we were trying to think of something fun, so we read a couple of verses from 1Nephi 8 talking about Lehi's dream and the fruit of the tree. We talked about how the fruit represents the Gospel and it makes us happy and for the game we played fruit basket, which was really fun, the children really enjoyed it :)

Friday: We had a Zone Meeting which was really fun. We were practicing our invitations to be baptized. All the senior couples had come in with "civilian clothes" they were asked to leave or something. Elder Gray said "okay, so now you are going to invite people to be baptized. We have got a lot of non-members waiting outside" at that moment I got chills... I thought he meant real live non-members...turns out it was just the seniors...silly me. Even though it was our senior couples we all still treated it like they were non-members, it was really good!
We also had an active member lesson with one of our families and they surprised us at the end of the lesson by saying they had brought a non-member friend which was really cool, our members are being righteously sneaky and we love it!

Saturday: We went to a baptism of the Wassatch Sisters and brought Joowan. She enjoyed it :)  Then we had a lesson with a recent convert who is 11. In the afternoon we had a lesson with Mr.A He is a member of the Church of Christ... unfortunately we had to stop meeting with him because he wasn't progressing and he just wanted to teach us "and bring us to the truth" but we have such a great respect for each other, I hope I have a bible knowledge as good as his by the time I die. It was so sad,  I wanted to cry!!!! but we couldn't we went straight to dinner and continued with our day.... it was so sad....

"Sister Hughes, I want to cry!"

"Me too!!!"

Sunday: Church, church, church.We had a surprise lesson at dinner, our members just bring their non-member friends when we are there, it's great!

One day this week it was raining and cold, we had to put the heater on in the car...FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! It was just like being at home!

Okay, I haz to go. I want to do my food shopping and pick up my meds.I am a leper and need to be healed.I didn't choose the leper life, the leper life chose me.

Have a great week everyone

Post is with the postman and will come to you soon!

Thank you for everything you all do for me.

I love it here, the work is good.

Love you all

Sister Leah Hughes xxx

Monday, 25 August 2014

You're alright for an Alta girl!

Monday 18 August

I just got out of the temple!

We went for the 7:00 session, I was up at 4:45.... the alarm changed from day to night.... not impressed hahaa

Okay, so this week has been a bit of a blur. Can you believe that I have been out almost 7 months! No? Good because I cannot either.

So I was at the office for a choir practice (we sang in zone conference)
And I run into Sister Winn, who is in the office. She is the sweetest little german lady I know. She comes up to me

"Sister Hughes, I was at a wedding reception and I met someone called Matthew Newman and he asked if I knew  a Sister Hughes and I said I sure do so he said could you tell her that I said hi?"

So every time she saw me she would just say "Sister Hughes, Matthew Newman" hahaha

small world!

Could you tell him and say that I got his message and that I say hello back?

So we have a car... I AM DRIVING!! It's the best and super sunny so I have to buy sunglasses today before I turn blind.


It isn't that hard and I am driving an automatic. You get used to it, I have to clarify sometimes but it is all good. I feel big and grown up too!

I am now in Butler Stake and my wards are Apple Valley, Brighton Point, 17th and Old Mill

In old mill is Sister Stevens, she is on the GENERAL Primary presidency. We were at their home for Brother Stevens (ward mission leader) and she asked for a spiritual thought... I passed out

Sister Nelson was on it like a hot cake, I was still recovering when I was leaving the house! She is such an amazing woman, she has the spirit so strong around her. I did speak I promise... but she already had something planned.

We picked up a couple of new investigators this week :)

We have a lot active member lessons because that how we get to ask for people who need our help or would like to take the lessons.

One of our lessons cancelled because they were having to do yard work so we just turned up to his house in our service clothes and helped him move wood.

We taught the young women’s, that was a little strange being with the youth haha but it went well!

So yesterday was Zone Conference which was super good... I left my notes at home....freak well that will have to wait. Elder Clarke came, he was super funny and cool. Basically we talked about the whole of Preach my Gospel. He was the one that made the mini version! Chapter 8 of PMG will triple your income FYI hahaha there was such a great spirit

I have left my planner at home.... so I am a little lost for words for the big weekly


"You're alright for an Alta girl" #Dinnerbanter

Okay I gotta go I need to shop for food!

Thank you for everything that you do

Letters get to my new address okay, so get them letters sent! Hannah and Chrissy i am still waiting!

Have a great week

Love you all so so much

I am a missionary
I know it
I live it

Sister Leah Hughes


Sunday, 17 August 2014

…and the rain came down!

Monday 11 August 2014

So I am going to just start with a breakdown of my week because that is the easiest way to describe it .

So we went to Fat Catz as a district which turned out to be by the end of it the whole zone.

Then we had dinner at the Hales, we had super scrummy greek food... well, I think it was greek. Because I was leaving, in the times that we didn't have set appointments I went to the people that I loved, to spend a little bit of time with them.

So after the Hales we were cycling down to Walmart and it just started to pour it down with rain, we were caught in a flash flood. It was hilarious!

Imagine clothes coming straight out of the wash, put them on two sister missionaries bodies with mascara down our faces and you have what we looked like. We were crossing the road and Sister Hales had bought us some bath and body works treats and they were in a paper bag, let’s just say that it split in the middle of the road and the light turned green for the cars to go... I scrabbled everything together! 

Whilst that was happening there was a young lady telling us to get into her car.

"What about our bikes?"

"Just get in the car"

It turned out that she was a member of the church, but was not active. We biked over to her apartment which was 2 minutes away. I am not joking we biked through a sea at one point! She let us into her home, gave us dry clothes to put onto our bodies, called her dad and asked him to pick up our bikes and take them to our apartment, which he did and then she drove us to our appointment!

I hope everyone's faith in humanity has been restored! I have a thank you card to send to her

So I spent the morning packing.

Now I am in the Cottonwood Zone. I live in Cottonwood Heights which is about 20 mins east of the office. My companion is Sister Nelson who came out the same transfer as me! We get on great, we share clothes and everything :D AND I HAVE A CAR!!!! Though I slightly miss biking... slightly, it's weird not to have to wear cycling shorts all the time hahaha

Be champs and buy stamps people!

2102 E Londale Dr
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

Our flat is soooo snazzy,we live with a widow and we live in her basement.
I have to take pictures.

I want mail please!

So I have just been getting my head around the area and the people. So everything is pretty much a blurr.

One thing that I love about our zone is that it is into hashtags.

So we have a goal to have 10 baptisms in the month of August. We have as a zone had 4 baptisms so we are on a role #10inAug

I am SO HAPPY here, though I slightly miss my old area and companion.


"You can't marry anyone in your ward cuz that would be too weird...Sorry  Becca" #YouthTalks

"We love our Sister missionaries. We love the Elders too, but we sure love our sister missionaries"

"Who’s that?”

 “I don't and wave sister, just smile and wave"

"I love your accent, you sound like you are from the movies"

Today we are going to take sisters to get their car then going shopping but we need to food shop first. I need to spend my birthday money and I feel like I have no clothes.


Then we are playing speedball and writing and packing for tomorrow:  I am going on exchanges with my STL

It's like small army in our district, there are 20 missionaries.

Gotta go!

Love you all

Sister Hughes

It’s a bitter sweet symphony

Monday 4 August 2014

So, it's the end of the transfer and calls got sent to us this morning.

"Sister Hughes you are leaving, Elder M... Sister Melanson you are staying"

So I'm kissing Winder West goodbye! It was fun whilst it lasted, I can't believe how quickly 6 months has flown. I am going to miss it, everyone was so wonderful. But it looks like I am needed else where!

Okay so Sis. Melanson and I have had a really good week this week.

Monday was P-day

Tuesday: we had a lesson about the word of wisdom went well, apart from the thunder that interrupted.

Wednesday: I was on exchanges and went to a Spanish area. So I had a small understanding of what was going on... like the size of a grain of sand and read from Spanish pamphlets and Libro de Mormons all day, it was good Sister Rualez had fun :) it was nice being in a car too ;)

I was living the Spanish dream.

Thursday: Weekly planning and we had a lesson with one of our investigators about baptism, he's a catholic and he is making progress! Then we had a lesson with a less active that has been re-activated who is 13 and we are helping him work towards getting the priesthood, he has his interview with the bishop this week which is exciting!

Friday: We had a really good Zone meeting Elder Connell shared 'the death crawl' scene from the film 'facing the giants' and it was really powerful. Youtube it! It was related how The Lord will never give up on us, it was so powerful. Then we all had lunch together so we got Jimmy John's, which is like a fancy subway. I LOVE it

Then we were contacting

Saturday: So we met with one of our ward mission leaders and then the elders in the next stake over had a baptism so we brought one of the people that we are teaching to it. He loved it and really felt the spirit. He is solid!!! Then we biked like maniacs to The Wellington for Bingo, I am going to miss those grannies and grandad's so bad! We had four lessons with a member which was amazing!

Sunday: It was church so we didn't have as many lessons as we would have liked and we were walking because it was raining. I welcome the rain!
So today and tomorrow morning I am packing up my life,  putting it in the back of a car and heading up to the mission office and finding out my future!
I have grown so much since I have been out here. I can't believe that I have been out on my mission 6 months!

I know that this is the true gospel, this is Christ's Church on the earth. The Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet and it was by the power of God that he translated it.

"No wicked man could write such a book as this, and no good man would write it, UNLESS IT WERE TRUE AND HE WERE COMMANDED OF GOD TO DO SO" - Jeffery R Holland

I know that the gospel bring us happiness that lasts forever.

Until next week

Love Sister Hughes