Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Swap Shop!

Monday 10 November

Well new and exciting things are happening within the stake! So we Sisters and the Elders had a swap shop! Our stake President spoke to us and told us that he felt that we needed to change around some of the wards in the stake. So we give up Brighton Point to the Elders (they live in that area anyway) and we now have 1st ward! So that really is the newest thing that has happened.

Monday: P-day! Most of the zone went up to Brighton for a hike in the snow. I stayed home with S.Pahulu and tidied up the house and wrote a letter or two. No snow for me thank you.

For the evening we went around dropping off paper work for our leaders and tried to contact some people who had been previously taught by the missionaries.

Tuesday: HAPPY 9 MONTHS TO ME! I cannot believe that I have been out for so long....
In the morning we went to one of our Relief Society President's and spoke about sisters that needed a visit. More and more contacting. Then Sister Knight had an Sister Training Leader Dinner with Sister E so S.Pahulu and I went out for tea. Then we had Sister Nelson join our party so she wouldn't have to go back to Park City and then back for the meeting so that was fun. We had stake missionary correlation which was good.

Wednesday: Sister Knight had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) So after we dropped her off it we just me and Sister Pahulu! Again it was contacting, managed to get in contact with a former but she wasn't interested. She told us that she was already Christian. Then we picked up Sister Knight after lunch and then more contacting until dinner. Dinner was wonderful.
"So Sisters, what are your plans for tonight, do you have any appointments?"
"No, no appointments tonight"
"Okay teach us a lesson!"
Best members ever. So we were just thrown into the restoration! It was wonderful, you could really feel the spirit in the lesson. Then our ward mission leader in the Apple Valley Ward (Bro.Eberhardt) texted us asking what our plans were and we told him that we didn't have anything because our appointments had cancelled. He told us to come over to his home and teach a lesson! We told him to provide Rootbeer and Ice-cream which he did and we did an object lesson on the Holy Ghost and used the Rootbeer and Ice-cream! Then he told us that he had arranged for us to go over to another family and have a lesson there. At lunch we thought that we had an empty evening, next thing we know it was full! #BestThingEver

Thursday: We had weekly planning and lunch with the Westenskow's always a good time there. Then we went over to a member who hosted a MAHOOSIVE halloween party that everyone goes to so we asked if there was anyone that she knew who would like a visit. We got a couple of names from them :) Then we had an active member lesson in the 17th ward which went well. Then we went over to a less active member’s home and had a really nice visit with her, so much so she would like us back! woohoo!

Friday: In the morning we had Zone Meeting which was really fun :) We had a thanksgiving type of lunch which was nice :) After lunch we went and did some yard work as a district for one of our members who is fighting cancer. We had a lot of fun. Then we had dinner with two members whose husbands are less active. We didn't meet the husbands but we had a great dinner with the wives. We felt the spirit as we shared a message. They were crying and talking about how our mums would be proud of us. After dinner we had an active member lesson with a young couple which went really well.

Saturday: So in the morning we met with the Elders to do the official hand over of the Brighton point and 1st ward so we were exchanging maps and all that fun stuff. Then we had a sisters meeting and just spoke about what is happening in the coming weeks and what are some of the things President would like us to be aware of and things that we could improve on. We had a lesson with Juanita who is a less active and we spoke about the plan of salvation, she is a widow. It went really well, she asked a lot of questions which was good. Then we met up with Bro.Eberhardt and his children and we rake leaves for one if the members in our ward and then we chopped wood for a spiritual lady in the neighbourhood. We had axes and everything!!! It was fun... well... I didn't use the axe, I didn't trust myself so I gave out the wood and put the chopped bits in a pile. I didn't want to take a trip to the hospital! It was a lot of fun :) Then in the evening we tried to go around the leadership in the 1st ward but hardly anyone was home haha but we managed to meet our new Relief Society President who is lovely!

Sunday: was 17th wards primary presentation which was really cute. The was a 2 year old whose father is not active and he came to church to watch the presentation. When his mum took him up to sing a song the little boy was just shouting "Daddy!!!!!" and waving frantically it was the cutest thing, He was just so happy to see his daddy at church! Then we went to the 1st ward for the first time which was good! They had a favourite hymn Sunday which was people would just get up and tell the congregation about their favourite hymn and we just sing one verse. So it was like a singing testimony meeting! It was different but good.

Then we had 2 active member lessons in the 17th ward which were good.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Hughes xx


Families Can Be Together Forever

Monday 3 November

Malo lelei fefe hake!?

Okay so that is tongan for "hello, how are you?"

So we are now in a trio and her name is Sister Pahulu and she is from Tonga (in the pacific) she is the bees knees! She is a spiritual bomb. We are going to see miracles these next 6 weeks.

Monday: Pday was pretty chilled; I was just at home writing letters and prepping our house for the new arrival. Sister Knight and I felt like a newly wed couple going to pick up their baby from adoption hahaha Then we saw Tiffany and had a FHE with a part member family on the gospel of Jesus Christ which went well.

Tuesday: We picked up our little Polynesian Princess! We had a lesson with a recent convert who is preparing to be sealed to her family in the temple next month. It was amazing; you could really feel the spirit. We all worked together which was amazing because we had only all been together a couple of hours. Then we went to the Apple Valley Halloween party which was really good. We dressed up as Sister Missionaries, because we are so original.

Wednesday: We were trying to contact people in 2 of the wards. Then we had a lesson with Keaton who is our 9 year old investigator and we taught him the Word of Wisdom and the law of Chasity which went well. Then our evening appointment cancelled so we did some more contacting!

Thursday: Was weekly planning and lunch with the Westenskow's which is always delightful! We baked cookies with the Westenskow's too because we live in the midst of a lot of non-members so we are going to go over and tell them that we are their new neighbours and give them cookies :) For the evening we had 17th ward Halloween party which was fun as we were prepping one of the tables there was a little boy dressed up as Captain America and kept coming up to us saying "Trick or Treat" I kept having to tell him that I didn't have any treats hahaha

Friday: So in the morning we had District Meeting our District Leader is From Finland so our district is super international... baring 2 Americans woohoo! Then we had our final lesson with Tiffany before she is baptized, so it was basically just a pep talk really.. She is due in 7 weeks we are all so excited. Then we went to the Salt Lake Temple for the rest of the afternoon and then we had dinner at the mission office and a talent night which was funny :) We were at the mission office until 10:30... we all felt like sinners. It was about 11:00pm before we get home and 11:30 before we got into bed! We were all so shattered. We had to get up at 6:30 too, maaaan I had never felt so rough in a long time... I'm not cut out for YSA anymore hahaha

Saturday: 6:30 wake up was ROUGH. We then were sorting out some paper work and then we had a meeting with our new ward mission leader Bro.Eberhardt. Yes, that is President's son and he is the best,  his enthusiasm is infectious! Then we had lunch and had a lesson with a less active that we are going to start our missionary lessons with.

Then it was Tiffany's baptism!!!! Oh my word it was so special, I shed tears. Her husband is an active RM but he didn't have any baptisms on his mission because it was a really tough mission, so his first baptism was his wife!!

Then we were just following up on people.

Sunday: Was Tiffany's Confirmation which was a really special Sunday you could really feel the spirit.

What I learnt this week:

Matthew 25 - the parable of the talents.
A talent that we have been given is our testimonies and we need to share it.


So this was my conversation with our District Leader earlier this week over texting

Elder Kirsi: How was thy day?

Me: And it came to pass that in the 4th day of the reign of the sisters they beheld an interview of baptism which was exceedingly fine. Thus, the sister missionaries had exceeding happiness beyond all measure.
And it came to pass that Tiffany wife of David in the City of Zion was baptized on the 6th day of the reign of the sisters.

Elder Kirsi: And it came to pass that Elder Kirsi marvelled in the sight of the success of the sisters. He asked, how is it that thou beheld a baptismal interview? How was it brought to pass?

Me: And it came to pass that the baptismal interview was brought to pass through Elder Sanders of Louisiana because he has reign over the Elders of Cottonwood Heights. Thus, the sisters travelled far to the building of zone for the interview to be brought to pass.

Elder Kirsi: And I Elder Kirsi, having been heard of the explanation of the Sisters, was satisfied. Nevertheless, being filled with awesomeness, I commanded them to have an exceedingly pleasant night.

Different day

Elder Kirsi: How was thy day?

Me: And it came to pass that it was a joyous day in the City. For Tiffany, wife of David in the city of Zion who was with child was baptized and made a covenant with The Lord. Thus the sisters were exceedingly happy even unto tears because of the beauty thereof.

Life is grand everyone! Hope you all have a great week!

Okay everyone I have to go and do my shopping and laundry!

I cannot believe that I have completed half of my mission. Time flies ridiculously fast. I have just realised that I get to skype with you next month!!! wowzers

I have grown so much over this short period of time (and that isn't just my skirt size and fanciness) keep on being good examples that I know you are!

Love you all

Sister Hughes xxxxx


O Happy Days!

Monday 27 October

So transfer calls are in and Sister Knight are STAYING!!!!!!!! wooohoooo! Though we are becoming a trio so that will be fun.


TIFFANY IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!! We are so excited and it is just going to be such a special day. Her Husband Dan is baptizing her and she is only 8 weeks away till she is due!!! #FamiliesAreForever


Monday: Had a wonderful lesson with Tiffany and a really good lesson for FHE with a family in the Apple Valley ward.

Tuesday: We went to the car shop for a couple of hours because we had an oil leak and our windscreen wash wasn't working. So that was fun. Then we were contacting people and then we went to a baptism over in Holladay, which was really cute. for the rest of the evening were putting posters on peoples doors about the halloween parties and getting them to invite their friends.

Wednesday: We were on exchanges so I was with Sister Coleman for the day and it was wonderful. We had a great lesson with Tiffany about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We handed out party invites for another ward party. We had a lesson with Keaton who is 9 and we spoke about baptism and told him to pick a date and we will talk about it in our next lesson. After dinner we had a lesson with a less active who is trying to come back, she is awesome. Then we were contacting in Brighton Point ward for the rest of the night, nobody was home unfortunately but people do have lives :)

Thursday: We had planning and a halloween lunch at the Westenskows which was fabulous! Then we had a lesson with one of our recent converts who is 10 which went well. Then we had a really good lesson with a really less active couple, they really opened up which was really nice. We taught them the Plan of Salvation.

Friday: We had a good district meeting. then we stopped by some of our ward mission leaders to touch base. We had a really good dinner WE FOUND A NEW PART OF OUR WARD WE DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED! (It wasn't on the map, we're not stupid) So that was like Christmas had come early and it is a condominium so that is a high turn over! So we are going to go knocking over there :) Then we had a really good active member lesson.

Saturday: So we had a really good lessons with a less active who is really progressing her name is Juanita (waneeda) and we invited her to take our lessons so that she can prepare to go to them temple :) Then we were going to have a lesson with Keaton's mum Alex but she was as sick as a dog so it was just a stop by. and it has been contacting and flyers.

But with the active member lessons that we have had and we have asked them to think of someone that they could bring to the lessons and they all said yes! Which is really exciting so I know we are on the verge of miracles.

When we do active member lessons we like to share the video "because of Him"


We like to share it because it is "Because of Him" all things are possible.

We are going to have ALOT of parties this week which will be fun  woohoo

Halloween day we are going to the temple and having a talent night. Sister Coleman and I are singing with Elders Butifoker, Sanders( on the guitar) and Merkley its going to be sweet!

Have a great week!
So I need to go, I have laundry and other things!

Keep being awesome!
I love you

can't believe that we have reached 9 months!!!!

happy halloween, dont have too many sweets

Sister Hughes xxxxxxx

The Sisters are are - Woohooo!!!!!!

Monday 20 October 

You know you're a regular when you get a public announcement when you walk into a restaurant... hahahaha :) 

So not a lot has happened this week because people weren't home and we did a lot of contacting and they weren't interested. Not even the accents could sway them! Oh well.

Monday: So after P-day We had a wonderful lesson with Tiffany who is our Sisters referral. We taught the Plan of Salvation it went really well and she told us that she wants to get baptized. So she is getting baptized on the 1st November! #SaveTheDate She is pregnant and her husband will baptize her! oh my goodness gospel and families are the bestest.

The other appointment we had cancelled because they have moved out to west Jordan...

Tuesday: So we met with a less active lady called Paula, she is so wonderful and so cute. We all bonded over Gingerbread houses because Sister Knight is a baking babe and does all these awesome gingerbread house villages like a Bethlehem scene or Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, y'know the usual. I hope Sister Knight's baking skills rub off on me!

Wednesday: Wednesday was ultimate contacting day. HOLY COW IT WAS WINDY we almost got blown away! Alas, nobody was home so we weren't successful :( 

Though in the afternoon we managed to meet with one of the widows in the Apple Valley Ward and we had a nice visit with her. The plan of Salvation is so comforting for things like this, it doesn't take the pain away but it helps to know where your loved ones have gone to. 

Thursday: Weekly Planning with the Westenskow's always a treat with the Westenskow's. We are going up to their cabin next week :) Then we had an active member lesson with a family which was on The Gospel of Jesus Christ which went good. 

Friday: We had district meeting at our stake centre and we practised doing a church tour with our senior couples pretending to be the non-members which was really good, we learnt a lot together.
We had a family history lesson with The Bosley's He is a family history buff. We asked if he would be interested in taking the lessons (he has had them before) but he said he wasn't interested. But that is okay he is lovely and if we ever need help with family history we know who to call.

Then in the evening we were at the Westenskow's and baked sugar cookies so we could BOO our members with cookies and halloween party invitations to give to all of their friends. It was fun :) 

Saturday: So we went contacting in the morning, which was unsuccessful and after lunch we had a lesson with Juanita who is a less active member but she is trying to change her life. She has just recently got a job at the Desert Industries (DI) and she is just so happy. I have never seen her so happy, it is a joy to see. 
For the rest of the afternoon we were contacting until dinner time. And the same after dinner too. 

Sunday: OHMYWORD our 6:00am alarm didn't go off. We had 7:00am ward council and we woke up at 6:50. Having to text the bishop that you are going to be late is really embarrassing. I didn't even have time to shower. I got ready in 20mins #RecordTime but I felt so dirty. No make-up no nothing, time was of the essence!

Then we had PEC and then church and after church we contacted people. then we were ding dong ditching people with the cookies and invites which was fun. 

So that has been my week. A LOT of contacting not interested but they were all really nice about it.

Hope you have all had a great week

Love, Sister Hughes 

It was a long days night

Monday 13 October

Okay so this week has been long, but short at the same time. I cannot believe that it is Monday again already but I have felt like a lot of things have happened in between.

Monday: Prep day and Sister Knight had an STL dinner so I hung out with the other sisters for an hour and then we went by former investigators in the Brighton Point ward. One of them said that they would have us back again, woohoo! :) We are seeing them this Thursday.

Tuesday: I was on exchanges with the Wasattch Sisters whilst Sister Knight was at an STL meeting. We helped one of their ward members with a ward cookbook so I was on the phone asking people for recipes and asking how many cookbooks they wanted.

"do you know that they are $8 a piece?"

They never understood me when I said that #BritishProbs

In the afternoon we had a meeting at the office where all the sisters in the mission gathered together and did role-plays. YES we role played for 2 hours. It was really good and I learnt a lot from it.

In the evening we had stake correlation which was really good. Bro Cooper (high councilman over missionary work) is the best.

After that we tried to stop by former investigators and less actives.

Wednesday: Nobody was either not home or they would cancel, it was a little frustrating. It was part members and potentials in the Brighton Point ward again.

Thursday: Weekly Planning! It's a love hate relationship, but we are working at it.
We were following up with people to see if they had invited anyone to the "meet the mormon" movie

Friday: We had a zone meeting which was really good. Because we are a new zone, our zone leaders made stickers for Brighton which was really cool. I made up a song!
"shine bright like Brighton, shine bright like Brighton"
Quite catchy I know, I was inspired by Rhianna. Thanks RiRi

We met with some of the widows in the stake, one of them lost her husband like 6 weeks ago due to cancer which was really sad. She is the sweetest lady.

Saturday: So we tried to stop by all the widows but they weren't home. And people cancelled on us so not much happened...

Sunday: WOW what a special Sunday. So we spoke in the 17th ward. We came in a little late because we had been at a ward council. So we come in in the opening hymn and I sit next to Greg and he turns to me and says "glad you can make it" I said "me too!"
Greg, our less active who is now active and preparing for the temple spoke and gave such an amazing talk. He spoke about becoming more like Christ. Then I was up and spoke on Charity.
Then Sister Knight spoke about becoming like Christ and then Bro Richard's our Ward Mission leader spoke about "knowing."  Holy smokes it was powerful and he brought the man who confirmed Sister Knights grandad to church with him and got him to stand up in the middle of the meeting (he was explaining the story as he went along) I was nearly in tears it was soo amazing
Then we spoke in Apple Valley about strengthening our faith and knowing which went really well..

That was my week!
Alright everyone, I have to go and do my shopping and laundry before 2:30 (zone activity)

Keep it real, Keep it righteous and make good choices!

love you all

Sister Hughes x

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Monday 6 October

HAPPY 8 MONTHS TO ME! Time is flying, I LOVE being a missionary.

Monday: P-day
The usual and then sports at the chapel. We were playing basketball; I have been practising my skills so when I get home I will be a professional.

Then in the evening we had a lesson with a sister missionary referral. (someone who requests sisters) and it was really good. What we like to do the first time that we meet someone is just to get to know them and see what they want to get out from meeting with us. VERY good lesson and meeting :) Tiffany is recently married to an RM and they're having a baby due on 24th Dec! SO exciting in the house.

Tuesday: We had interviews with President which were really good. I love my interviews with President. Then we have been going through the part member lists for our wards. After dinner we had a lesson with, our less active member who is coming back to church. She is so amazing. She really is turning her life around.

Then we stopped by one of our investigators who turns out that she is having a hard time which is really sad.
Wednesday: So we were supposed to have a lesson with one of our less actives but it turns out that she wasn't there so we met with her mother instead. Then we had a sisters’ lunch at Zupas (sooo good) and had a meeting at the same time. Next we met with a member’s husband who is very very sick and about to die. Then we helped one of the seminary teacher’s talk to students that aren't enrolled in seminary.

Thursday: It was weekly planning and with the Westenskow's then lunch with them and the elders. Then Sister Knight had a Sister Training Leader meeting with Sister Eberhardt at the office so we went there and I got to see Sister Nelson which was lovely! Then we were just trying people who we have been wanting to meet with for a while. We stopped by our Inactive- Returned Missionary and invited him to conference at his cousins AND HE SAID YES!!! I almost fell over. (unfortunately  it didn't work out but at least he was willing)

Friday: We had district meeting in the morning and I gave a training on how to keep people on their baptismal dates which really was all about keeping commitments which went really well. Then we had lunch...at Zupas. You know it's bad when they say "weren't you in here the other day?" but it is so good. Everyone is so happy it is like the celestial kingdom! After Lunch we went back to the church to watch the new movie "Meet the Mormon's" it is sooo good! deffs recommend to go and see and take a friend. Then we had a correlation with one of our ward mission leaders and stopped by formers. Also, we made cupcakes for all our ward mission leaders with a post it note that said "it's a treat to work with you" We have never baked so much in our lives, it’s fun but sometimes we feel like we are running a baking business. Great British Bake Off I'm coming for you.

Saturday: Conference!
morning: 88,000 missionaries worldwide <-- woohoo!

"remember which way you face" - Elder. Robbins

I loved the native speakers.  For those that  it was their native language I think that would have been very special for them
Pres.Utchdorf - "if you do your part, it will come and it will be GLORIOUS"

that man is the bomb.com i LOVE him.

Afternoon, we took a less active member.
I loved Elder Callister's talk

Jorg Klebingat - he was hilarious, plain and straight just how we like it

loved Elder Holland

Sunday: almost had to drive downtown salt lake to go to conference! but fortunately we found a ride
Morning: loved Elder Ballard's "STAY IN THE BOAT"

and Richard G Scotts family is important!

Sunday afternoon (if it’s your final session before you go home then you get to go with your companion by yourselves.)

I can't remember but it was a good session and I really liked Elder Bednar's talk!

Hope you are all well and have a great week

Love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx

‘Well it’s gonna take work’

Monday 29 September

"Anyone who does any kind of missionary work will have the occasion to ask, ‘Why is this so hard?’ ‘Why doesn't it go better?’ ‘Why can't our success be more rapid?’ ‘Why aren't there more people joining the church?’  ‘It is the truth. We believe in angels. We trust in miracles. Why don't people just flock to the font?’ ‘Why isn't the only risk in missionary work that of pneumonia from being soaking wet all day and all night in the baptismal font?’ You will have the occasion to ask those questions. I have thought about this a great deal. I offer this as my personal feeling. I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. We are the church of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, He is our Great Eternal Head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him.?" - Elder Jeffery R Holland

So the work has been slow for the past couple of weeks so we are going to people who have previously met with the missionaries but discontinued the discussions. We go round to the members that know them and ask questions about them to see if they would be interested in having the lessons again.

Monday: P-day
- got a haircut
- shopped
- wrote a letter or two

The people we had an appointment with either cancelled or weren't home. Nobody seemed to be home but we had a great lesson with a member in the 17th ward. Sister Bates read from a book called "unanswered prayers" it was really good!

Tuesday: We did ALOT of service. One of our appointments cancelled but we had a great lesson with someone that has just picked us up instead :)
Wednesday: We spent the morning doing service, then we had lessons with some less active members which were good. What we do with these particular people is 1) help them with their Book of Mormon reading by reading it with them 2) help them have a better knowledge of the scriptures and reading chapters with them and talking about it

I learnt that Mosiah 1-4 was a record of the 1st general conference ever! Haha it's a great read.

We had a final lesson with Preston who is 8 and was getting baptized at the weekend.

Then we spent the evening contacting

Thursday: Final weekly planning session without the Westenskow's whooo!! We have missed them terribly. And we were just asking about people who had the missionary lessons.

Friday: We were practically in meetings all the way until 3pm which was weird. We had a really good lesson with a non-member who is an expert on family history. We got him to teach us! Then we did family history later that night with another person. I am gaining a love for family history!

Saturday: We helped a Methodist lady clean her house, she had a crazy and tough week and her house was suffering. She was very grateful for our help. Then it was lunchtime and we started dipping the truffles that we had made earlier in the week.

Preston got baptized, whooo! Bless him, he is a cutie.

Then we went over to one of our recent converts who is 11 and read the Book of Mormon stories with her to help her reading.

That evening we had the general women's meeting, I LOVED IT. Especially Pres. Utchdorf, I love it when he talks about facebook, pinterest, twitter and instagram.

Sunday:I was talking to Sister Stevens about the women’s conference  (yes casual name drop ;))

We were sat next to each other in gospel essentials. We didn't talk about it too much because Bro.Stevens was teaching. he shared a really good mormon message


We taught gospel Principles about missionary work which went really well. 

Then we met with our Stake President and spoke about the work and how we can move it forward.

So that was my week!

Right hughsies I am going now

Hope everyone is well.

Oh, early happy 8 months to me. How wild is that?!

Have a great week everyone

Enjoy the holiday Mamma and Pappa

You all owe me a BIG holiday when I get back

Anyway love you all!

Sister Hughes xxx

"Are you free Friday night so we can make history?" "I said are you free Friday night so we can do family history!"

"Do you come from the land down under? ...YES!"

"Hi, my name is Sister Knight. What's your name?" "It doesn't matter. In fact I am really busy right now" #awkward

"You're just like one of those american girls" (cute handwriting)

"We are domestic goddesses''"