2016 innit


Now that we have had so much turkey over Christmas we actually look like a turkey it's time for a new year. #NewYearNewMe
C'mon we've all seen about 7 statuses that are about someone giving up unhealthy eating and going to the gym more often then hours later they're eating some chocolate bar. 

I had the best New Year's I could have hoped for with it being my first one being home from my mission. 

My brother and I drove down to London! 3 and a half hours really couldn't come quick enough. I also have to congratulate myself on driving in London for the first time and came out without accident. MIRACLES!
Seriously, driving in London makes me miss the countryside, it's a completely different world down south. Everyone was pippin their horn for what seemed like just the fun of it, I almost wanted to join in!

Once we arrived into London we met up with our friends from Birmingham and we hit the streets! It's fun being a tourist in your own country. We went to some museums which had .... some culture stuff in it.. and then we were just exploring because that's what real tourists do, right?

For dinner we went to a Italian place, the food was really good.. well it was if you weren't my brother who got a little bit of hair in his pizza... but he got a free meal out of it

Then we went to the Hyde Park chapel and danced the night away until 11pm and walked down to see the fireworks outside Buckingham Palace. I even might have seen Queen Lizzie herself peaking out of the window to check out the fireworks hahaha

Fireworks outside Buckingham Palace

and that was my Thursday night. The wildest Thursday night I have ever had. Thursday is the new friday people!


yes, I do... like REALLY do

Saturday night I went the most south I have ever been in my entire life for one of my most favourite gals. 

You only turn 21 once so you gotta go out in style and boy did this girl do it. The theme for her party was "bad taste/ugly" the best part was ALMOST everyone went full out. 

oh my, what a grand ol' time it was, the party games were spot on. 

- Psychiatrist -
(someone goes out of the room and you all decide on a patter like "when you answer a question you have to stratch your head" and the person who went out of the room has to figure out what the pattern is)

- The bus game -
(have chairs in a square as a bus and you have to get out of your seat and walk about the bus as the music is playing but when the music stops you have to get back to your seat by the left or ride ride.. that part is decided before you start.. it gets pretty intense really quick!)

- The winking game -
(girls are all in a circle on a chair, with a man behind her with his arms behind his back and looking down at the floor. One man doesn't have a woman so he winks at one girl to get her to come sit with him but the man behind the girl needs to keep his woman!)

- Who's in the seflie -
( a slide show with pictures of friends, family etc with their faces covered up and you've got to guess who's in the picture)

- The lap game -
(great way to get to know people! There are a list of statements. "Move to your left is you are wearing white underwear" or whatever and you have to get back to your own seat. Whoever does it first wins! You also find out about the other people at the party too!)

3 northern lasses invade the south

Shaz, Chantelle and out kitty cat
G Mummy with a tummy

As the night went on things progressed #BabyG


What I great weekend to start the year off!

Now it's a new year it's that time to reflect and make some goals


1.  Be realistic
(don't set yourself up to fail)

2.  Make a plan to achieve your goal
(then you won't fail)

3.  Be accountable to someone whoever that maybe
(then you really won't fail)

now that's all done go and make you're wildest dreams come true.

Here's to 2016 #Cheers


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