I'll be home in a while, lover I'll be home #Happy1year

Hello, it's me.
After all these weeks i'd thought I'd write a post for you to read
to go over everything..

I've been home one year now, finding Waldo is easier than finding a missionary that I know in a picture.. haha I aint a recent RM no more..

As one of my friends would put it "life is grand" right now. I am teaching missionaries, the journey has been long. Struggling with feeling good enough but I am grateful for the love, support and the confidence that I have been given by those around me. I literally LOVE my job. You don't understand when I say I LOVE my job. Remember when I was a missionary and I was in love with being a missionary? okay, it's like that but for the MTC teacher. I like literally LOVE it.

Because it's been a year, time to go back walk old tracks and look up to see the mountains. I am so excited to go back, reconnect with loved ones and be able to hang out with them in sweatpants and not have a curfew. 27.09.16 - 18.10.16 GIRL GOES WEST ROUND 2 literally cannot handle my excitement.

Being where I am now reminds me how God always has a better plan than me, and I need to trust him more. He has blessed me in so many ways that could have only come from serving a mission

I had to teach the whole of Relief Society (all women's meeting) on Sunday.. talk about daunting! But anyway, it was on Fatherhood but it just reminded me that God is in every hand of our lives and that he has a plan for us. If you want to see the video 'Earthly Father, Heavenly Father' which I shared in my lesson then click here


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