Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!

That's Scottish for "What’s meant to happen will happen."

Oh my goodness, I had a cracking Easter weekend in Bonnie Scotland. 

There was a Convetion up in Glasgow. Since I had never been there I thought, "why not?" So a friend of mine and I packed up our bags and drove 4 1/2 hours... Oh my goodness, it was long, but we made some stops on the way 

It was a beautiful wedding, I couldn't have asked for better weather.... Shame I wasn't the one really getting married. The bride did look beautiful though and I managed to find a hunky Scotsman... He was a waiter and we exchanged glances and I said thank you. Shortest relationship ever. It was nice whilst it lastest haha. 

On the way we made a stop in Dumfries and caught up with a childhood friend. Even though we're now in our 20's, we still talk like we used to. Though it certainly made me feel old looking back on the good old days. 

Then we made it to Glasgow! And had a wonderful open mic night, the scots are musical geniuses! No one played the bagpipes that night though. 

The. Saturday we had a devotional in the morning. The pews in the chapel were the comfiest ones I have ever sat on. Then we had lots of different activities going on. I did 

- heads up

Story time. So one of the categories we chose was 'animals' and all these different animals came up that we had to act out. The next animal was Koala. And I think "what on earth does a koala do... They just sit in a gum tree and eat leaves..." Without thinking, I just latch onto the girl right next to me Koala style and decided that she was going to be my tree. We didn't know each other, I don't blame her for looking surprised. But it made a good laugh for the rest of the weekend. My friends would randomly come up to me and latch onto me shouting "KOALA!" 

So for the weekend and probably the rest of my life, I will be known as 'Koala girl' 🐨

- hungry hippos 

- minute to win it 

- quiz 

It was all a lot of fun.

After lunch we went to the Glasgow press

It was so cool, if you're in the neighbourhood you should totally check it out! The guys there was so lovely and they told us loads of interesting things... I can't remember what they were, all I remember is that it was super interesting. We even got to make something's too! 

"I needed to text my mum, she would be so impressed!" 

Then in the evening we had a ceilidh. Oh my goodness that was an experience. SO MUCH FUN! I have to say though, the Scottish people are a very fit and healthy bunch. They can dance these energetic, intense dances all night long without breaking into a sweat, while the rest of us foreigners have glassed onto the floor gasping for breath after the first dance. It was so much fun being spun round by a scot. I need to find me a man that can dance.. I loved it, despite not knowing what was going on half the time and being super dizzy hahaha 

Sunday was a normal affair. We had sacrament and then we joined the family ward for the other classes. Because I was so tired I fell asleep in relief society (women's meeting) until there was a musical item and the woman singing was singing so high she woke me up. My friends were laughing whilst I looked rather sheepish. 

Then it was a munch 'n' mingle for us young ones which was nice. A couple of girls that we had met over the weekend turned out to be going to Edinburgh that day just like we were so we decided to carpool. 

Once we had dropped our things off at our B&B we all met up together and explored Edinburgh! 

"2 Brits, 2 Americans and 1 Aussie all walk into... The place where JK Rowlings wrote parts of Harry Potter!" 

We also found Tom Riddle's grave. Whilst we were walking around the graveyard we were playing the Harry a potter theme tune... It was so creepy! 

Later on in the evening we went to a catholic Easter service, even though it was different to what we were used to it was nice to focus on the Saviour and what he did for us and because of this event we can become so much more. 

After the service a friend of ours who is a local took us up this super high hill which over looked the whole of Edinburgh, it was super pretty. It began to rain pretty hard... And because he was a gentleman he drove us all home to our different places.

Monday we had breakfast at this cute little place 
You should totally check it out! Great food, great prices and great staff! I was in the best mood for the rest of the day, no joke. 

It was sunny but windy so it was super cold so we went into a primark to get a scarf and a coat so we didn't end up next to Tom Riddle in the graveyard. 

We did a little tour, went to the national museum which was super cool and then met up with the rest of the girls. 

We also tried some local delicacies 

The famous fried mars bar. It wasn't too bad...but all I could think about was how many calories were in it... For the foreigners the scots like to play a joke and tell you to order a "fried jobbie" whatever you do don't. They're just having a joke with you. A "jobbie" is a Scottish name for a poo. 

The scots drink this like its water, it's pretty good! I am converted hahaha 

We went to the castle 

We also checked out some markets and shops, it was great! 

But alas, all good things must come to an end. We had to head home. 

"2 Brits, 2 Americans and 1 Ausie. The type of people that meet on a Saturday at a Convetion (some for the first time) and on Sunday find out that you're all going to Edinburgh so you decide to carpool and spend the rest of the weekend together. Gals, you were a dream. #Squad" 

Going back to the title of this blog post "what's meant to happen will happen" I honestly feel like this was meant to happen. 

The Aussie that I spend the weekend with knew my Aussie mission companion, small world! And because I love America I was with Americans and I'm grateful for my fellow Brit that drove the whole weekend and for being a great friend.... Even if we both are duvet hoggers. I'm also glad that we are the type of international group that all like to stick together.

Anyway, that's a wrap from me!

Stay tuned for another adventure!


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