Now she's back from that soul vacation

I feel WHOLE.

I am now complete.

Girl goes west round 2 was perfect, the perfect remedy for the English girl who was love sick for America. 

I was worried about going back, I LOVED being a missionary and I loved my Americans. I was worried that I would become bitter about not being a missionary anymore. Instead of being bitter about not being a missionary I was filled with so much peace.. I did my best and it was time for me to move on... and now, I'm okay with that.

There is a time, a time to love,
A time to sing, a time to shine,
A time to stay, a time to go
There is a time, a time to cry,
A time to love, a time to,
There is a time, a time to sing,
A time to love

Ah, my boys Mumford & Sons putting things so perfectly again. 

Life is good because God is good. #FeelingBlessed

I've never had a trip that was so good for my soul. There is something special about walking down memory lane retracing old steps and reconnecting with loved ones that just fills you up. I was able to reflect on who I was as a missionary and I was able to realise better that I can still have the qualities of "Sister Hughes" even though now I don't have the beautiful black name tag. 

I was so blessed to attend conference in the centre, like I did as a missionary.. and the tradition of finding someone that I know still continues.. I guess somethings just don't change.

The mountains and the people were just as beautiful as I remembered them. Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit everyone that I met as a missionary, but that just means I have to make another trip back.. oh what  shame.. the Americans can't keep me out now anyway. 

But I am so grateful for the time that I was able to spend with my Americans. They have blessed my life so much by their examples, it's because of them that I am the person that I am now and that is something that I can be forever grateful for. 

You've been dreamy 'murica, God bless you and I'll be back to you real soon but until then, just remember that you make my heart full. 


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