"Get me to the church on time!"‏

Monday 9 February 2015

I have been a little late to things too many times this week, I feel like I am going to be late to the Celestial Kingdom.

Monday: So we played Volley Ball. In the Evening we had a lesson with the Harris' they are awesome! They made us felt feet that we could teach the gospel of Jesus Christ with. It was the best thing ever. They also performed a song on the guitar which was amazing and we taught then the 10 commandments using hand signals which went really well. Our other appointment cancelled because they forgot about parent teacher conferences.

Tuesday: So I spent from 9-3 back in the Butler Stake. Sister Knight needed to go to a meeting so I helped out her new companion Sister Talbert. Then we had a lesson with Miley on prophets which went really well. We got to speak to her mum for a little bit which was nice :) Then we had an active member lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ which went really well. In the 5th ward they were doing a humanitarian service thing which we went to for a little bit because there were some non-members there. Then we had a lesson with the Jones on the Restoration which went really well. Then Sister Owen's and I went on splits (the perfect way to be in 2 places at the same time) Sister Owens went to an active member lesson in the 8th ward and I went to our lesson with Tony, who is in the 7th ward. My lesson was a handover lesson with the AP's for the central mission because they are over the YSA in our area. It went really well and he is working towards being baptized on 28th February.

So I have now been out for 1 year, oh my word time has flown. We had a British tea party to celebrate with a less active. It was the best thing ever, scones, sandwiches the works, it was paradise. We then went and contacted some people and had a lesson with an 8 year old who wants to get baptized. Then we had a lesson with Mia and taught her the first half of the restoration which went really well. After dinner we had a lesson with the EQP for the 5th ward. Then later on we went out with the young women's president in the 7th ward and made a visit. Our dinner cancelled so we had Sushi, Sister Owens did know what she was eating. Her face was priceless.

Thursday: Weekly planning... nothing too exciting. We then had lunch with Bro.Hanks our 5th ward mission leader and correlated with him. We then went out with our 8th ward mission leader and did an active member lesson with him. Then we went  up to Brighton for dinner. Brighton is beautiful. Imagine a car advert driving through some tress and whatever, that it what Brighton is like. It is so beautiful. Then we had a really good lesson with Evan who is coming back to church, he is doing so awesome! WE read Alma 36 with him.  Then I went to my old area because Sister Knight was on exchanges with Sister Owens.

Friday: Back to the old area!
We had zone meeting which was really good. It is really strange being in your old area because you feel like you don't feel like you really belong there. We stopped by a couple of people, It was nice to see some old faces :)

Saturday: We were doing paperwork in the morning. Then I went to Colt's baptism. Colt is someone that I found in my first area. We found him in Walmart so Walmart literally has EVERYTHING that a missionary needs, even people wanting to learn about the gospel! It was so good to see him again, unfortunately his wife wasn't there because she had to work but I have missed them both so much.

"Colt, you're amazing."

"No, you're amazing. You're the one that found me."

Nothing can replace that. Seeing someone change has to be the best thing ever!

Then I went straight to another baptism! Sarah was a sister’s referral that I taught in Butler Stake. I was running a little late. The Baptism started at 3, I got there at 3:02pm Sarah was waiting for me at the door. She gave me the biggest hug and started to cry, I think everything was just hitting her. But she was worried that I wasn't coming. I told her that I wouldn't miss it for the world! She had also asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost.

"This is what we do as missionaries Sarah, we help people get the Holy Ghost. Sister Knight came all the way from Australia, I came all the way from England and Sister Talbert came all the way from Texas!" everyone burst out laughing, I then said "I didn't mean it like that!" it was funny. This has to be the best day of my mission 2 baptisms in 1 day. Then we stopped by some more people and then more paper work!


8:30 5th correlation
9:30 3rd ward council
10:50 5th sacrament - Mia came to church for the first time, it was the best thing ever! Also the whole of our mission presidency were at our meeting because the Winn's (office couple) were giving their homecoming talk.
12:00 4th correlation
1:15 Stake meeting
2:00 3rd sacrament - i was asked to bare my testimony because I was new
3:30 3rd correlation
4:00 Lesson with the Western's
5;00 Dinner
6:00 Active member lesson with the Orr's
7:00 Lesson with our Recent Convert J-bay
8:00 Handover lesson with our recent converts because they have moved into a new stake.

Sundays are no longer a day of rest.
"No rest for the wicked.... and missionaries"

It's all good though, you can take it easy for the rest of your life, you only have a special time to be a missionary.

So Sister Owens loves 7B&7B and when we're being a dork we call each other Dorcas. Fun fact.

Bless our beautiful hides.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Hughes xoxo


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