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Monday 30 March 2015


This is the low down.

Monday: So we had another choir practice for the devotional. Then we had the mundane things to do so we were running around like crazies, but that is normal.

In the evening we were contacting for an hour and then we had a lesson with our opposite door neighbour the Shaprio's, they are an awesome family. Then we had a lesson with Evan on how the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together.

Tuesday: Catch up with Bishops and things in the morning and a lunch provided by the Le Roy's and then we went contacting until 4:30 we had a lesson with Miley which was about making good choices which went well. Then we had dinner with the Bartholomew’s who are the best family, they love missionaries and missionary work so they are awesome. Then later on we had a lesson with the Arhet's who are just the cutest, I just love them and to finish the night we were in the 3rd ward with the Jones :)

Wednesday: We had Zone Conference which was really good and that took up most of the day. Then after dinner we had a lesson with the Christiensen's which was really good. They pretended to be non-members and had some really good questions. 

Thursday: We had weekly planning and we had to co-ordinate with the Brighton Elders because we now cover one of their wards because of the stake change. After lunch we had a lesson with Scott, his wife Marge was there and she is from Wales. Oh my goodness I had way to much fun talking to her, her accent was lovely. Then we went up to Brighton which is really pretty the lesson we were going to have cancelled so we were just being shown around and told about people that they are working with we also had a lesson with Dean who has just gotten out of a care centre, he looked so happy and good!. In the evening we had our lesson with Shelee which is good as always. We had Sisters Melanson and Guy stay with us for the night which was fun, I haven't seen my baby for a while! (I trained her) 

Friday: No district meeting with us having Zone Conference so that threw us off a little bit, but we did some good contacting! We managed to see Cassie who we have been trying to see for a long time. After lunch we had a lesson with Kaela which was good. Then we contacted for a little bit and then we headed down for a final choir practice. Then we had a mission photo then we had Elder Allan come and speak to us. He is the bees knees, funny and spiritual. That was pretty much for the rest of the night. 

Saturday: We did service pretty much from 10-1:45 only one was planned. After the service we did a little contacting then Sister McArter went with Sister Stevens and skyped in to a baptism in Wyoming. But Sister Stevens couldn't be there for the whole the things so I got to sit in for the rest of it, which was really cool. Despite being on skype you could still feel the spirit really strong. Thanks for technology! yay :) Then we went to the Egburt's home and then we watch Conference with the 3rd ward Young Women. Then we stopped by the Cole's and shared an Easter message with them and then went to the Stowell's for the missionary paper work.

Sunday: #SundayFunDay

We managed to hit every ward at some point #Achievement

With the stake change all the wards are much bigger now. Because we were always attending sacrament just in time Sister McArter and I were almost sat on each other more than on one occasion, this is why everyone you should be early to sacrament. Then we were just stopping by people.

Happy Easter everyone! Check out Mormon.org they have a WONDERFUL video all about Easter. Then read Mosiah 16:7-9

Love you all!

Sister Hughes


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