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Monday 23 March 2015


Sorry for the late email, we were at the temple and just got back.
Low down of the week.

Monday: okay! So this was a crazy date, running late as per usual (yeah nothing has changed, but I just stick to mormon standard time) So Sister McArter is in this exclusive choir thing so we went to that it sounded really good. Then we headed home for a quick change and headed to the park because I just really needed to get in jeans. In the evening we had no lessons so we just tried to get a hold of a lot of people, only one of them was home which was a miracle.

Tuesday: So we had correlations with our Bishops and all that stuff. Then we had correlations with our senior couple and had lunch with them which was really delicious because it's super healthy. After that then we had an active member lesson with a couple which went good, they're doing missionary work with is awesome. Then we did some contacting and then we had a lesson with Miley which we spoke about faith which was good, she came to church woohoo! After dinner we went to the 4th ward Relief Society party which was really good because there were some non-members there and the "Because of Him" video was played and we got the opportunity to talk about it which was really nice. After that we then went to the Jones family in the 3rd ward for a lesson but we knocked on the door and it turned that everyone was sick. They said that we could come in if we wanted to risk getting sick I said that I had an immune system of steel and just walked right in, we could give a lesson but we were present for blessings.

Then we went to the Butler Sister's house to go on exchanges, I was reunited with my aussie babe.

Wednesday: We were contacting all morning. Then after lunch we had service, we were picking up pinecones, we thought that's all that we were doing but it turned out that we were doing yard work, so we were the best dressed service people in the whole wide world. I mean it isn't every day that you see a girl in a bright pink skirt doing yard work #OhSoFancy Then our lesson with Mia cancelled then we had dinner and then our lesson with the Arhet's cancelled so we were contacting all night.

Thursday: Weekly planning..yadayadahyadah

Then we had a lesson with Scott Barber, amazing as always. Then we went out on visits with the Relief Society President in the 5th ward which was good. Then we had a lesson with Evan which was really good, then a lesson with the Clarke family which was good.

Friday: District meeting good always after lunch we went over to an Australian lady which was really nice, her accent was lush. She's only been for a year so she sounds like she is fresh of the boat (..or plane in our case) In the evening we had a good lesson with a less active in the 4th ward which was really good because he bore his testimony which amazing. Then we met with Shelee and had a great lesson with her! Then we had a lesson with the Bishop and his family in the 4th ward

Saturday: So in the morning we attended a funeral which was a really good one. It was the first time that I had attended a 'mormon' funeral service. It was nicely done then later in the afternoon we went out with Bishop Stowell (High Councillor for missionary work) on some visits, no one was home but it was fun. Then we met with our Stake President and had dinner with him too. Then we had a lesson with the Western's and then went on visits with the young men's president in the 5th ward which was fun. Then we went and did our paper work.

Sunday: #SundayFunDay

Evan passed the sacrament for the first time WOOHOO! Then we had meetings then we had a massive stake meeting where our stake got downsized to 5 wards and the branch. Then we went out with the 5th young men for visits and had a great time.

So that was my week! Look out for the new campaign on mormon.org for Easter comes out March 28th and it's called #BecauseHeLives or something like that.
Hope you're all well and loving life because I certainly am! Cannot believe how time is flying.

Love you all!

Sister Hughes


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