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Monday 16 March 2015

OH my giddly goodness, time has just flown by but been really slow at the same time.

Monday: it was just the normal p-day shenanigans we played an amazing game of speedball! In the evening we went to a family in the 7th ward and spoke about being peacemakers. Then we went over to a less active lady who is really hard to get a hold of BUT SHE WAS HOME! We had a very nice chat with her and her husband and we are in the process of arranging a lesson with them.
Tuesday: We were doing calls and missionary paper work in the morning. Then we had lunch with Sister Le Roy and co-ordinating things going on in the stake. After that we had a lesson with the Griffith's in the 5th ward on the plan of salvation which went well, they are starting to do missionary work which is really cool :)  Then we were just contacting until we had a lesson with Miley, we were helping her read the Book of Mormon. After dinner we had a lesson with Elijah and his family on family history which was really fun and then we had a lesson with the Jones family about the plan on salvation which went really well.
Wednesday: We were calling Bishops and contacting in the morning. Just before district lunch we stopped by a non-member who we knew who was from England.

This is kind of how it went

Me: Hello! How are you?

Jackie: I am doing good thanks, but I am not interested *dogs run out"

Sister McArter: SHE IS FROM ENGLAND! (whilst trying to get the dogs back in the house)

Me: I am from England! I heard you were from England too!

Jackie: Who told you that?

Me: Your neighbours, and I really wanted to meet you so I could be with my people!

Jackie: What part of England are you from?

Me: I am from York, where are you from?

Jackie: I am from Kent

And we started talking and we asked if we could come back and share a message. She said she was hard of hearing but we could come back
WOOOHOOO!!! I am so glad that she said we could come back, I didn't want to be rejected by my own people! #BritishBabes

Then we were contacting for the rest of the afternoon

After dinner we had a lesson with a couple who are wanting to come back to church which was really good, they are so sincere and sweet.

Then we went to young women's and tried to get a hold of Mia so we could plan to have a lesson with her which we had managed to do, yay!

Thursday: weekly planning blahblahblah
After that we had a lesson with Scott which was really good, he is really growing in the gospel which is really nice to see. Then we had a lesson with the Lawson’s which was good. We had a lesson with the Clarks on the restoration which was good. Then we went out on visits with the Elders quorum. No one was home but it was nice to get out with them.

Friday: had a good district meeting then afterwards we had to take the car to the car shop and then we were taxi for the Butler sisters to get to the car shop so that took a fair bit of time. Then we did some service in the 9th ward we were folding clothes and doing house work for a lady who has just had a baby. Then we went on visits with the 4th YW which was good. Then we went to the Hamilton's to do a FHE we bumped into their neighbour on the way and he wanted a message, nothing like being asked for a spontaneous message on the spot! But you could tell that he really needed it. We also gave him our number and he said that he would meet with us if we could kick a ball, I better brush up on my football skills! Then we had a lesson with the Duzett's which was good, as always. We had trifle for desert which was lovely!

Saturday: We met with one of our ward mission leaders and the bishop to discuss some things that are going on in the ward, then we were contacting. After lunch we went and did some service. The moment we walked in the lady said that she had ordered pizza and hoped that we were hungry... awkward. After the service we met with President Hicken then we went around the 3rd ward delivering flyers about emergency preparedness with Bro. Ebgurt we made some good contacts out of it.   Then after that we met our high counselman over missionary work

Sunday: just the usual crazy meetings, needing to be in 5 places at once. Miley came to church wooohooo!! That was a surprise, finally her skiing lessons are over :) Then more meetings and stuff. We were asked to bare our testimonies in the 7th ward which was nice :) Then we were contacting and trying to find people to teach just like the rest of the week. Then we had a lesson with the Ashworth's and after dinner we went to a chilli cook of and we were made the judges!!! Chilli is no longer just chilli to me know, plus I have had my share of chilli for the rest of the year. #SUNDAYFUNDAY

Also, it got announced that our stake is having some big changes so we all need to go to a big meeting next Sunday! It will be good for the Stake because I know that the changes whatever they may be will come from God and he has a better plan for us then we could have ever thought up ourselves.

Anyway that was my week!

Hope you are all well!

Keep it real, keep it righteous and make good choices!

Love, Sister Hughes :)


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