Knock.knock,knocking on heaven's door........well more like randomers

Monday 14th July

Oh my word it has been in the 100's, I am too hot. Though my tan lines are looking pretty sweet. I haven't been (or ever will be) so brown in my life!

This week we are trying to expand our teaching pool so we have been doing a lot of door knocking. We have found a small handful that look promising. We picked up 3 new people whoo!

We had a ward breakfast with one of our wards and we got to meet a fair few non-members which was really cool.

This week has honestly been a blur. Though Sister Melanson and I had a bike accident. I was focused on biking and I biked into her and my back wheel lifted a little, enough to scare me silly but no injuries hahaha. I am a bull in a china shop!

I can't believe that it’s my birthday this week and I celebrate 6 months in a couple of weeks.....

Saturday at The Wellington is the highlight of my week. They're so sweet.


"So will you follow the example of our fathers and mothers and marry me?


I know that you will be blessed and that you will have the best husband"


love you all

Sister Leah Hughes xxx


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