It's THAT time again.....

Time is absolutely flying.


Sister Melanson and I are both staying which I figured. Though this will be my final transfer I think. #CrazyTimes

So with it being another week means another bike accident. This week it involved a member honking at us on our way home and we heard a horn and Sister Melanson stopped and I slowed down but we got too close and I fell off, a sore ankle for like a day but no biggie. My legs look like they have mould on them with the amount of bruises I have....

This week has been a massive blur....

We have had a fair few names given to us to check out which we have. One of them we have started teaching and he is so golden.... he just needs to come to church, he didn't come this Sunday because he slept in, which I understand. He is a 13 year old boy after all…..

This week Colt and Courtney are getting married which is SO EXCITING!!!!!!! I don't think we can go because it is out of our mission boundaries... we're going to ask President for special permission.

We have had 2 deaths within a week of each other, both old men with heart attacks :(

When it rained on Tuesday, BOY DID IT RAIN. I felt like I was at home and then it felt like it was in the 100s another day, turned out it was only in the 90s but I was almost on someone’s  lawn next to a heavy duty sprinkler. Everyone has a sprinkler in Utah.

I got the packages thank you! Thank you soooooo soooo much. Thursday Morning there was a door knock and there was Elder Connell with all these packages FOR MEE!!! It was a wonderful experience. That's how I like him best, when he has my packages and post hahahahha. The shoes are AMAZING SOOO COMFY. I am actually wearing the blue lace ups right now! hahaha All the girls in the house love them. I'm not sure about the pink ones, I need to have another look at them, but I like them.

I love it when you send me things, I put them on my wall, I loved the princess one.

A member gave a card that said "Keep Calm and Preach the gospel" it was the best thing ever haha

My eczema is clearing up, I had a week of pills and some cream
Today I have been out 140 days (someone told me, I definitely wasn't counting) I can't believe how time is flying. I have grown so much, but I have so much more to learn. So happy I am staying in Winder West, it really is the best stake to work in. It is Missionary Heaven.

Goodbye everyone, I am off bowling now!
We get in free!

Enjoy Italy, send pictures!

Thank you for everything that you do for me. You give me the support  I need
Love you all so so so  much

Happy 140 days to me

Speak to you next week which will feel like 3 days haha

I love you all so much

Sister Hughes


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