Here We Go Again

Monday 7 July

This week has been too hot, it has been in the 100s and it is awful. I look ugly. I am amazed that people will talk to us when they see us. Sweaty panting sister...niiicee

"Can I call you back? I'm playing bingo." - One of the ladies during the middle of bingo #OAPLife

This week at The Wellington was priceless, not that it normally isn't.

So we were in the middle of bingo and one of the nurses comes in holding a small cup and it turns out that one of the old ladies had left her bottom dentures on the floor! She looked so surprised! Haha normally she doesn't wear her teeth because they are uncomfortable but seeing her with her teeth was rather strange, I think I prefer her without her teeth....

Also, I was helping one of the ladies who can't hear very well and she got a bingo and she called out "BINGO!" so loud and in slow-mo it was so funny.

Great British Bake Off

This week Sister Melanson and I made Artizan bread, it had a good crust and didn't have a soggy bottom! Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would be proud.

4th July

So I was woken up at 6:30 to Sister Coleman banging pots and pans singing "God Bless America" she had decorated my room with streamers, American flags and a poster that said "we won" it was a fun. It was a normal teaching day but for dinner we went to a members home and had a bbq, smores and played fluffy bunnies

My bike tyre popped, but my chariot of fire is fixed!

We had a zone meeting which was really good. One thing that really stood out to me was:

His steps, you walk
His words, you talk
His love, you share
His name, you bare

This is why we don't have our first names on our badges, because this isn't our work.

The work is going okay, we hopefully have some more people to teach. We had someone on date (9 year old junior) but we need to push it back because we feel he isn't ready.

Thank you for the letter by the way, I really appreciated it. We have trek on 22nd, I am absolutely petrified.

Today we are off to Fatcatz bowling, but I will write letters whilst I am waiting for my turn.

I can't believe that it is my birthday next week.....
Got to go and shop at Walmart!

Love you all so so much, if you knew how much you’d be blown away

Thank you for everything you do

Sister Leah Hughes xxxxxxxx


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