Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run!

Monday 18th May

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run!

It's just another marvellous Monday. This past week has been really good! So sit down, relax and I will tell you all about it ☺

Monday: Just the usual prep day things. In the evening we had a lesson with the Redmon's about the plan of Salvation which went well. Our 7pm cancelled because of family emergencies and then we went to the Snow's. They have a daughter that served in the Leeds England Mission! She served in Harrogate, if anyone remembers a Sister Snow from Wyoming then I was with her parents. The Snows were showing me all of her stuff and then I looked through her transfer journal and I knew practically half of the people there were pictures of, it was so weird and cool at the same time. We spoke to them about prayer and how it is important for our conversion.

Tuesday: we were contacting in the morning but no one was home. After lunch we went to see some widows. We saw Sister Davis and she is so cute and funny. She was showing us photo albums of all the cruises her kids have taken her on which have been really good. Then we stopped by the Seymour's who are active members and we had a nice visit with them. Our 3pm cancelled so we were stopping by members who we needed to ask questions to about the area.  We knocked on our 1st counsellor in the Stake Presidency's home and a young man opens the door turns out he just got back from his mission in Chicago the day before, my heart died for him a little bit. Then we were contacting again, still no one was home. Then we had a FHE with the Thomas family about the gospel of Jesus Christ which went well and more contacting in the evening. We had a miracle though. We were just walking down the street. "There they were just a walking down the street singin do-wah diddy-diddy down diddy-do" and this little girl comes running out of her house and says to us "are you going to come and talk church with us?" We were like "sure!" So we go in and it turns out that her sister had been meeting with missionaries when they were in Colorado before they recently moved. So we got numbers and set up a time to have a lesson, this girl is so legit she is reading the bible. She had read the whole of the Old Testament and is now in John! She's read more than me! But that was so cool and a miracle.

Wednesday: we went out on visits with sister Covolo which were really good. After lunch we stopped by the Biggs to tell them about our musical item for Sunday. Then we had a lesson with a widow who is super cute and we were talking about the plan of salvation. Then trying to get a hold of some people for dinner, after dinner we were asking members questions again. Then we were with the Young Women in the second Ward helping with service. It was heavenly to be in trousers, I cannot tell you of the joy that I felt.

Thursday: Weekly planning, ah we meet again. Boring but necessary so blah blah blah. We were trying to catch people home, but no success. Then we had dinner and after dinner we went over to an investigator that just moved into our area, they are the nicest! We set up a lesson and invited them to church on Sunday and she said yes! Then we were contacting again for the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting on the Book of Mormon "I'm all about the book, bout the book, bout the book, the Book of Mormon" so it was a grand old time. After that we had lunch and stuff and contacted a couple of people. Then we had the Brooks and read the Book of Mormon with them. Then we had dinner and had two lessons that night. One with Tayah our 13 yr old investigator and then with a family in the 4th Ward who said we could come back so woohoo!

Saturday: Missionary stuff in the morning, we were at the Snows for lunch so I could meet their daughter and talk Leeds, it was great. Her dad had a can of squirty cream and made me open my mouth and he squirted it into my mouth! He is hilarious. Then we were just trying to get a hold of people! Then in the evening we met with a member for an hour and practised our song for Sunday.

Sunday: Meetings and Sacraments. Our investigator Lisa came to church on Sunday (the one that moved into our area) with her whole family which was amazing. We sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives", sister White doing the soprano and I was doing the alto. We made our high council man for missionary work, bro.Moretti cry and people said that we sounded like angels so I think it went well. President Brikso told the elders that we are giving them a high standard to compete with hahaha! Then after dinner it was contacting. We decided to stop by a part member family and share a message with them and they want to meet with us! Total miracle and inspiration because we hadn't even planned on going to see them that night.

Anyway that was my week. Love you all!

Sent with love from the mission field ❤️


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