God is good

Monday 4th May

Oh my goodness this week has been so good!

Monday: P-day, always a pleasure... Most of the time. So because we spent the whole day of our  Monday cleaning after the Edlers we decided to treats ourselves. So we went to a store 'Jane & Maine' so cute! It's a home and accessories boutique, I had way too much fun in there, it is owned by a member too! Because it was out of our a rea we had to ask our District Leader to go and he said "you can go, just don't spend all your money" oh so kind. So we had a fun in there and then we went home and wrote letters and finished laundry  and went out for frozen yoghurt and all that jazz.

In the evening our 6pm cancelled 2 minutes before we were about to arrive at her house. So we did the back ups getting lost a lot of the time, and our 7pm didn't show up. It was very hysterical I think on several occasions we had tears as we were laughing, when things like this happen all you can do is life. Then we stopped by the Redmon's and shared a message with them, they are great members and they were telling us about their neighbours. Then we saw the Hamblin's who are a great family and we shared a short message with them. Bro.Hamblin said that he was planting treats in the morning if we wanted to help and we said yes!

Tuesday: in the morning we were planting trees with Bro.Hamblin which was fun. His 4 year old son was trying to help too, he is so cute. Then we stopped by some people that we were told to go and see, mainly widows who are all super cute. And we were contacting people in the evening. We got lost (again) trying to find dinner so we rock up in the middle of a farm and a lady comes out and says "are you lost?" We said we were and she said "I could tell, your car is too fancy for around here." Driving a Chevy Cruz has it's advantages and disadvantages. I am trying to get president to let me drive a truck so we can fit in with the people. Plus it would be a dream.

Wednesday: We went out on visits with our Ward mission leaders wife in the 4th ward. Which went really well. We helped a less active lady who had mashed her finger up, cook some meals. I was in charge of making chicken enchiladas, I won't lie... I felt like a true American woman. It was super fun and she was super nice. She let us take home some of the enchiladas too! They tasted so good, if I do say so myself. After lunch we went on a road trip with one of our relief society presidents who was showing us people in the Ward and other wards too, which was fun and very helpful. We tried to see a lady who has "downsized" to 5 dogs. We never found out how many she had before then. Then we went to see a widow in the second Ward who was super cute and she made wedding dresses when she was younger, she was a whiz at the sewing machine, she was showing us the dresses she made. Then after dinner we were contacting all night.

Thursday: weekly planning, it's only going upward. Hooray! After that we were just trying to contact. Then we had a relief society dinner and that was really good. There were also a couple of service projects going on that we helped out a little bit with.

Friday: we had a good district meeting on ... I can't remember, but it was really good. I think it might have been to do with commitments...I made notes! Afterwards we went to a Mexican place which was really good, on the wall it had a sign which translated "love, health and food" I thought it was a good motto to live by. It's much fancier in Spanish but I cannot remember it.

Embarrassing moment: there was an iPad that I had to sign for my card at the Mexican so I pick up this fancy stylus and try to sign the iPad with it, it wouldn't work, I was really confused.. 5 minutes later I hear a voice "use your finger" so I did and it finally worked! The elder behind me told me that I was trying to sign the iPad with a bottle opener!!!! Fortunately the lady wasn't there.  I wanted to die
so bad, I really have no sense with technology now. Girl vs. Technology, technology wins. And my pride and self esteem smashed.

After that we went to see another widow which was fun and then we went over to the Brooke's who are a blind couple. We are going over to help them understand the Book of Mormon better. They are the cutest couple ever, they make my heart melt every time. After dinner we were contacting again because our appointment had to reschedule. But we had a lesson with the Coles which was really good and they said that they would come to church! Even bro. Cole said that he would try to make
it, but he couldn't promise. But his wife said "you have personal days that you could use!" It was a funny conversation.

Saturday: it was one of those long days. Overall it was good but was long, we. Saw a widow in the second Ward who was super cute. Then we were just contacting all day really. Then we went to the Robbins because they said that they had some food for us, they were so sweet!  Just before we went there we saw a less active and we had a good conversation with her whilst playing fetch with her dog. The dog was so irreverent with the squeaker but it was so funny.

Sunday: Sunday fun day! 7:45am-5:35 that's how long we were at church for. We walk in to 3rd Ward sacrament 10 mins early waiting for the Coles to arrive and we walk in and they are ALL sat there waiting for us, they had even saved us seats! It was the most beautiful sight I have seen. Bro.Cole was there too!! Fasting and prayer really work, it was jut an experience of how Heavenly Father is mindful of us and listens to us. The fast and testimony meeting was really good too because it was all talking about families and stuff which really applied to this family, oh it was SO GOOD 👌 you know when you're so happy you just want to smile like a dork? Yeah it was one of those moments.

After we got out of church we had dinner with the Draney's who are a cute couple and then we had a lesson with the Hamblin's which went really well. You could really feel the spirit. And then we had a
spontaneous lesson with one of our bishops and a recently activated family who are going through a hard time which was really good.

That was my week in the boonies!

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Hughes


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