Chicken Soup for the Sister Missionary Soul

Okay! It's massive mail Monday! Brace yourselves, I have a lot to cover. Or you can just toss it and be just take this email to the fact that I am alive and happy.

Monday: P-day we just chilled at home, in the evening we had lessons with the Redmon's which was on the restoration which went well. Their 3 year old is super cute! And a fearless missionary at that, she said that she would give her friend a Book of Mormon. Then we were contacting for the rest of the night and stopped by a member that we accidentally thought we had dinner with and set up an lesson with her. Her daughter served in the Leeds mission which was fun. If anyone knows a Sister Snow, then that's her mum.

Tuesday: we did contacting in the morning we had a lesson with a less active lady and we shared a Mother's Day message with her and that went really well. Then it started to pour down with train, typical because I didn't have a coat, or a cardigan. Someone pulled up and it turned out to be our landlord with his daughter and grand babies they told us to get in and they drove us to our appointment (sorry to the other person that pulled over too, you will still be blessed) shame our appointment turned out not to be there. So we were then walking back to our house to get the car and then we hear a loud whistle and we see member of one of the Wards telling us to get in their car 2
rides in less than 10 minutes #Standard They said "the Elders can walk as far in the rain as they want, but the sisters cannot walk in the rain", so cute. Then after dinner we had exchanges and I went to green river! I don't know where it is and it isn't green an I didn't see a river in my time there so I don't know how it got the name. So I was with sister Hatch which is always fun, she is from Arizona and has been out 8 months and I love her so it was lots of fun.

Wednesday: still on exchanges. We helped a member make nappies (diapers) for some school reunion and because they were all OAP's (old aged pensioners) they were having a joke around with their old age and adult nappies were one of them. Not life sized ones just little ones a, they were quite cute if I do say so myself. Then we had a lesson with a lady and she practically taught us the restoration which was really cool. Then we switched back to our normal companions. I like exchanges but there is nothing like going back to your normal place. Then we had dinner and later on we had a lesson with 2 friends of our bishops and one of them wants to continue to meet with us, yay! She needs to get better though because she has strep throat. Caring is not sharing #ThanksButNoThanks it was such a good lesson.

Thursday: weekly planning, we will just leave it at that (edit from Dad - Blah Blah Blah Blah...). Contacting again we had a nice visit with a lady who has just recently started coming back to church after dinner we were contacting again because our lesson had cancelled.

Friday: interviews with President, pleasure as always. We were just talking about I am now in the peak of my mission and how he has seen me change. It was just a good old chat, I love him. Then we had zone meeting which was really good, all the other missionaries are so good and legit, I feel like a baby missionary again but it is all good, then we had a lesson with a part member family which went well, you could really feel the spirit. Then we read the Book of Mormon with a blind couple and spoke about it, it was so good. Then contacting all night.

Saturday: so I was throwing up every 2/3 hours so I stayed in. I was so bored and sick and wanted to die. We had to cancel a lesson too! Thank you to all those who gave me chicken noodle soup, it healed me. The whole valley here heard that I was sick #SmallTownProbs #FamousForTheWrongReasons but the members have been taking good care
of me.

Sunday: Church! Skype with the fam #HappyTime #FinalCountdown then after church we were going around sharing Mother's Day messages and we now have a new person to teach! Woohoo! Then we had dinner with the bishop and then we visited an on less active couple and then sister White skyped her family.

When we got home we found on our door 6 cans of chicken noodle soup. Whoever dropped it off, it was really rude of you that you didn't leave your name because I want to thank you! But it was a wonderful surprise!

Anyway that was my week!

Cannot believe that I have 3 months left, time really does fly when you are having fun

Love you all

Sister Hughes xx

Sent with love from the mission field ❤️


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