First the worst, second the best

Monday 27 April 2015

So the first week here was a little rough because I was adjusting but
this week has been much better.

Monday: We spent all of our p-day cleaning the house. Now it is really
liveable. Then in the evening we had a lesson with Paxten and we were
just arranging his baptism for Saturday. Then went over to the Gines
who are Ward missionaries in the Urie Ward and we were just talking
about the missionary efforts.

Tuesday: Mainly a day of contacting, and meeting with relief society
presidents and widows: widows are just so funny and cute.

Wednesday: We had the Jensen's move their exercise equipment out of
one of our rooms. The elders had borrowed it and since Sister White
and I don't plan on being able to lift 400lbs by the end of the
transfer (I have given up on 4 months till sexy) we thought it would
be fair to let them have it back. I was sick in the morning, I think I
had altitude sickness. I was very nauseous and faint so I had to drink
some sprite and lie down. I slept for 2 hours! #Standard I could have
slept for more but I was well enough to go out and work which is what
I wanted. Then we were contacting for the afternoon. After dinner we
went and met with the third Ward relief society president and then we
met with the 4th Ward bishop. "I can really respect someone if they
can manage to get what they want to say out in 3 minutes or less"
plain straight and to the point, I like that man. Then we heard that
our 2nd Ward bishop wanted to speak with us so we waited outside the
office for 20 minutes. We were about to write him a note because we
were having to go home, Bishop opens the door and we said "we heard
that you wanted to speak to us" "I just wanted to say hello." I said
"that was the best hello ever" he asked how long we had waited and
then he found out that we had waited 20 minutes, it was the best hello
ever though.

Thursday: Weekly planning, holy cow we had to get so many things
organized it took FOREVER. We met with another relief society
president then after dinner we had visits with some Ward missionaries
and then we went out on splits with the Urie Ward which was so much
fun! We went around wishing people happy birthday which was nice.

Friday: District meeting which was good as always. A quote I really
liked was shared by our district leader in trying to help someone in a
situation that we have never been in and they say that we don't

"You're right, I don't understand. But I am human and we experience
all the same emotions" it was so good.

Then we went to lunch and after lunch the Gordon's (over housing in
the mission) dropped off a chest of drawers for us, this was way too
exciting. Then we had to finish our weekly planning. After dinner we
had a lesson with the Cole family on the 10 commandments which was so
good. You could feel the spirit, the children told us that they wanted
to get baptized so we'll be working with them on that, but we will
have to work with the parents too because they are not active. Then we
were contacting for the rest of the night.

Saturday: Paxten got baptized! He was someone that the elders had been
working with and was already on date when we arrived. The baptism was
so special. The family was crying. His dad had been not active for a
very long time so it was really special for him to be able to baptize
his son. Then we were just contacting for the rest of the day but it
was SO GOOD!

Sunday: #SundayFunday we spoke in 2 sacrament meetings which was fun
this is how I started my talks:

"I'll start off with a brief introduction. I'm Sister Hughes I am 20
years old, I have been out on my mission for 14 months and I am from
York, England, which is in the county of Yorkshire and according to other
missionaries my dad looks like Bilbo Baggins despite him being 6 ft 3.
So in the mission I am known as the hobbit from the shire.
I think that it is pretty safe to say that you all have the accent."

They all got a kick out of that.

Then we had a stake meeting and then we had dinner with Bishop Ellis,
chicken enchiladas.......sooo delicious. The 4 year old was
singing at the top of her lungs a song about eating crocodile pie
which was hilarious. Then we were just contacting some referrals that
we had received. Not interested but super friendly :)

Anyhoo that was my week! Rough start but great finish.

We also are seeing some potentials tonight which is super exciting.

Love you all!

Keep it real, keep it righteous and make good choices.

Sister Hughes x


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