Sickest week to 2015 EVER!‏

5 January 2015

Happy 2015 everyone! Hope you had a great start to the Year!

Here is our start to the week:

Monday: P-day, we had a snowball fight. It was pretty cool and cold. We had a lesson with Ella (who is getting baptized on Sunday) Then we had an FHE with the Eberhardts & Ekberg's, it was fun. Zach Eberhardt is the funniest thing. I was asking about why he was missing a tooth and asked "is it because you have been kissing girls?' So his mum starts teasing him. Later on Sister Eberhardt and I were just talking and Zach comes  up to me and says "You have a big crush on missionary brown!" I asked him why and he said "because you're both missionaries!" I don't even know who this kid is, he was way before my missionary time. Then Zach comes up to Sister Knight and said "You have a big crush on Elder Clarke!" and she asked why? "because he is your type." 4 year olds crack me up! Zachy Eberhardt  romance guru hahaha.

Tuesday: So I lost my planner, so I had to go to the Zone Leaders and get a new one. Then we did some contacting of part member families. We knocked on a door and we heard an Asian guy shout "guard dogs! Pitbulls! Pitbulls! coming at the door! Pitbulls!!" He opens the door and out walks a poodle and a golden retriever. I won't lie we laughed. They said they weren't interested but could stop by anytime. We had a great dinner with the Clark's who had one of their neighbours there. We could really feel the spirit as we left a spiritual thought. Then we had a lesson with the Anderson's in the 17th ward and shared a New Year's message with them.

Wednesday: Exchanges! I was with Sister Coleman for the day; I have been serving around her since my second transfer! It was a lot of fun and we had a lesson with Natalie which was really good and had dinner with the Old Mill RSP which was really good. We had been talking about stir fry that day and Sister Fletcher had cooked us up stir fry! it was lush. Then we had a sleepover at the Wassatch Sisters so we could do a companionship study together the next day (STL duty) So last year I went down to London for NYE and stayed up till 5am. This year I was in Utah and I went to bed at 10:30 #WildLife

Thursday: So Sister Knight was sick so I had to drive her home at 7am. We had weekly planning, We had dinner with the Fisher's whose daughter just got back from a mission in Tahiti. Then we had a lesson with Silvia and her family. They are from Sao Paulo and they are the best. We taught the restoration. They currently have a Portuguese student, Tiago staying with them and he sat in on the lesson too! I know what you're thinking "Sister Hughes, you cannot speak Portuguese" and in that I reply, you are right! I cannot speak Portuguese. Silvia had her family round and one of them translated! IT WAS SO COOL!! You could tell that our translator was a solid RM, it was so special. Tiago was really listening we invited everyone to read the book of Mormon and pray about it. It was such a cool night. We then had a little dinner with them and went home because Sister Knight needed to rest.

Friday: District meeting which was really good. After that we then had to go home because Sister Knight really wasn't feeling too good. Being sick isn't fun on a mission because you are really limited to the things that you can do. I tided up the whole of our apartment.

Saturday: Wow, we had a fun morning, we were up at 4:30 because Sister Knight was coughing and not feeling good (no throw up though) I had to drive Sister Knight to the instacare to get her to a doctor at 8 so we were sorting that out for a while. Then we were at home whilst she rested and I gave her meds and all that. We saw some devotionals that Sister Bagley had recorded, I am so glad she did. They were really good! Then I just studied and studied. That night our district leader and sisters came to the house to drop off a massive get well soon card, 2 bags of sick people goodies. There was a Disney Princess colouring book!!! I won't lie, I felt like I won the lottery. Then they left and we went to sleep and the Zone Leaders came round with some Australian treats from the world market. They really are inspired, they managed to pick Sister Knight's favourites without realising!

Sunday: We had to stay home because Sister Knight was still infectious but TIAGO CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! We were so happy and we are going to stop by and ask if he wants to learn more. So I studied and coloured in my Disney Princess book.

So that was our start to the new year
Don't forget to read Ecclesiates 3:1-8!

Sorry that this has been really short. I had to wait for a computer today :( there have been changes in the room.

Love you all!

Sister Hughes! xxx

P.S someone that I taught in my last area is getting baptized Feb 7th! and his newly wed wife is expecting!!! I am so excited.



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