"I believe in miracles!!! Where you from? You righteous thing!"

12 January 2015

Oh my word, I am so glad that I am sat down to tell you about me week because some amazing things happened. So make sure you're sat down so when you read this you don't fall over. I don't want to be the reason why people end up at the ER.

Monday: Preparation day!
We got our haircut, so we look classy now. We went shopping because we had some vouchers to spend so we had a party and I got some bright clothes. I will never lose my love for shopping! Then Sister Knight had a Sister Training Leader dinner so I went on exchanges with Sister Hatch and we went to a Mexican restaurant.

In the evening we saw Tiffany!!! We haven't seen her in around a month because of her pregnancy and giving birth and all that. LUCY IS SO SMALL AND SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!! It was so hard not being able to hold her! Then we had our final lesson with Ella before her baptism. She is so excited. We also asked Bro.Turgeon if he would consider baptism for himself and told him to pray about it.

Tuesday: I was on exchanges with Sister Hatch again! This was the first time that I had been on exchanges not in my area. Sister Hatch has been out 4 months, this made me reflect a little. She is such a wonderful missionary. When I got Sister Knight back we went over to drop by the Flink's to set up an appointment and we get there and they had set out cookies and water and were talking about how they were expecting us! It was really funny and weird. We had dinner at a new move in's home. They had 2 young children that loved to dress up and during our dinner we managed to see all their outfits! It was adorable! Then we had an active member lesson with the Dunkley's which went really well then we had correlation for the rest of the night.

Wednesday: We had a study group in the morning that was given by our ward mission leader, President Stevens (He has just been called as a mission president in the London Mission and starts in July) which was really good and an amazing turn out! We tried to contact some people, but they weren't home. We had a lesson with our 9 year old, Keaton. Then we had dinner with the Bishop in the 1st ward which is always fun. Then we taught a member’s granddaughter who is getting baptized soon.

Thursday: We had weekly planning and interviews with President, which went really well. President was commenting on how much I have grown since I came out and also how Sister Knight and I are "a dynamite couple" I couldn't agree more President. Sister Knight and I also got a hold of Sister Eberhardt's camera and took selfies and had our own little photo-shoot. How I miss photography. Then we went back to weekly planning. We had dinner with one of our investigators Joey Hogan and his family. It was really good and we had a nerf gun war at the end! It was super fun! Then we had an active member lesson with the Anderson family in the 17th ward.

Friday: We had zone meeting which was really good. We then had planned on contacting some widows. We helped Jean Perkins with her cleaning which was fun. Then we had dinner and we contacted a referral that we had received. We knocked on the door and a young man answers with 3 young boys. Turned out that he was the uncle and just babysitting whilst the parents were away. They are originally from Bosnia! It was so cool, just on a doorstep we had the whole world covered! They were asking us all sort of questions about the church and our countries. They were big soccer fans and Nazir (the uncle) was wearing Man U socks! We were chatting for an hour and they want us to come back because they think we are really cool. So that was a golden contact! We walked away and I said "Sister Knight, my feet are frozen!" But it was so worth it though!

Saturday: Such a special day! Ella got baptized: D it was amazing. Her father gave a great talk and musical item and her mother and sister gave amazing talks too! it was so special! Then we had lunch with the Westenskow's and have a correlation. We then went contacting, nobody was home. We had a lesson with Keaton's mum, Alex which went really well. We had lessons with the Busto and Bennet family and had a correlation with our Stake President.

Sunday: We had church. Ella's dad came to church for the first time which was amazing!!! We had dinner and then we went to Sister Elaine S. Dalton fireside which was really good. I have been so blessed to have met and spend time with such amazing women of the church. I hope someday that I will become like them. Sister Dalton was speaking about the Book of Mormon and how we need to not just have a testimony of it but act on it as well. We need to live what we read. The word testament is another word for covenant. The Old covenant, The New covenant, Book of Mormon... another covenant and the Doctrine and covenants. We are all about covenants! We need to be articulate advocates of the Book of Mormon. She is really amazing, I got to spend a couple of minutes with her at the end and she is the sweetest!

In one of the wards one of the speakers shared a really good quote.

"Are you the type of person who walks into a room and says "here I am!" or do you walk into a room and say "there you are"?

Just some food for thought.

Also, check out the new Mutual theme! it is super cool with some super catchy songs! I downloaded the songs onto a CD they are that good!
here is the link

Hope you all have a great week!

I have to go now!

Have a great week.

Keep it real, keep it righteous and make good choices.

I love you all dearly

Sister Hughes xxxxx


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