In A Week!

15 December 2014

So I had just deleted my large email -____- #Fail

I don't have a lot of time anymore so I am going to have to be brief.
Monday- We went to temple square with 2 part member families and a whole lot of other families, it was a party and a mission to keep track of everyone, it was so much fun.

Tuesday: Transfers! It was so nice going to transfers knowing where you are going and who your companion is. but we do miss our Princess rocking out or sleeping in the back of the car. Then we were contacting and we had a great lesson with the Bustos on "He is the gift"

Wednesday: So we tried to contact some widows... they weren't home. I guess that it is nice that they get out and have a life but we would like to talk to them! We think that there should be a new definition for widow... homebound! hahaha :) and we did that until the afternoon. We had a lesson with Joey Hogan which was really good we shared a Christmas message and then had a lesson with our Old mill RSP which was good. WE went to the chapel to grab some water at 8:30pm our recent convert jumped out at us and made us scream!!! worst nightmare came true!

Thursday: weekly planning... same old... we made English breakfast for the Westenskows which was a lot of fun and had a great lesson with the Tergeon's about the restoration and we used cups.

Friday: District meeting, always a good time and contacted and had a Christmas party as well as  a lesson with our sisters referral Sarah!  
Saturday: Old Mill Christmas party was really good, Sister Knight and I were bell ringers! WE have both found a new talent! Santa arrived.. I was coughing over some chocolate milk so hard that tears were falling down my face... I just told people that I get really emotional when Santa arrives. WE got to have a picture with Santa!! That awkward moment when Santa tires to get you on his lap and you give him a handshake hahaha more and more contacting
The Carmichael's got sealed!!!!!!! woohoo the Old Mill Ward has had 2sealing of recent converts in 2 weeks!

Sunday: gotta get down to church on Sunday and we had a great lessons with members all evening woohoo!

That everyone was a very brief version of my week.. sorry I deleted the previous one :(

EVERYONE! youtube David Archuletta's "Angels we have heard on high" featuring The Piano Guys IT IS SO GOOD!!! And then share it on facebook or something! #ShareTheGIft

So I see you next week... literally!

Have a great week

love you all

Sister Hughes xxxxxx


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