The Sisters are are - Woohooo!!!!!!

Monday 20 October 

You know you're a regular when you get a public announcement when you walk into a restaurant... hahahaha :) 

So not a lot has happened this week because people weren't home and we did a lot of contacting and they weren't interested. Not even the accents could sway them! Oh well.

Monday: So after P-day We had a wonderful lesson with Tiffany who is our Sisters referral. We taught the Plan of Salvation it went really well and she told us that she wants to get baptized. So she is getting baptized on the 1st November! #SaveTheDate She is pregnant and her husband will baptize her! oh my goodness gospel and families are the bestest.

The other appointment we had cancelled because they have moved out to west Jordan...

Tuesday: So we met with a less active lady called Paula, she is so wonderful and so cute. We all bonded over Gingerbread houses because Sister Knight is a baking babe and does all these awesome gingerbread house villages like a Bethlehem scene or Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, y'know the usual. I hope Sister Knight's baking skills rub off on me!

Wednesday: Wednesday was ultimate contacting day. HOLY COW IT WAS WINDY we almost got blown away! Alas, nobody was home so we weren't successful :( 

Though in the afternoon we managed to meet with one of the widows in the Apple Valley Ward and we had a nice visit with her. The plan of Salvation is so comforting for things like this, it doesn't take the pain away but it helps to know where your loved ones have gone to. 

Thursday: Weekly Planning with the Westenskow's always a treat with the Westenskow's. We are going up to their cabin next week :) Then we had an active member lesson with a family which was on The Gospel of Jesus Christ which went good. 

Friday: We had district meeting at our stake centre and we practised doing a church tour with our senior couples pretending to be the non-members which was really good, we learnt a lot together.
We had a family history lesson with The Bosley's He is a family history buff. We asked if he would be interested in taking the lessons (he has had them before) but he said he wasn't interested. But that is okay he is lovely and if we ever need help with family history we know who to call.

Then in the evening we were at the Westenskow's and baked sugar cookies so we could BOO our members with cookies and halloween party invitations to give to all of their friends. It was fun :) 

Saturday: So we went contacting in the morning, which was unsuccessful and after lunch we had a lesson with Juanita who is a less active member but she is trying to change her life. She has just recently got a job at the Desert Industries (DI) and she is just so happy. I have never seen her so happy, it is a joy to see. 
For the rest of the afternoon we were contacting until dinner time. And the same after dinner too. 

Sunday: OHMYWORD our 6:00am alarm didn't go off. We had 7:00am ward council and we woke up at 6:50. Having to text the bishop that you are going to be late is really embarrassing. I didn't even have time to shower. I got ready in 20mins #RecordTime but I felt so dirty. No make-up no nothing, time was of the essence!

Then we had PEC and then church and after church we contacted people. then we were ding dong ditching people with the cookies and invites which was fun. 

So that has been my week. A LOT of contacting not interested but they were all really nice about it.

Hope you have all had a great week

Love, Sister Hughes 


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