O Happy Days!

Monday 27 October

So transfer calls are in and Sister Knight are STAYING!!!!!!!! wooohoooo! Though we are becoming a trio so that will be fun.


TIFFANY IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!! We are so excited and it is just going to be such a special day. Her Husband Dan is baptizing her and she is only 8 weeks away till she is due!!! #FamiliesAreForever


Monday: Had a wonderful lesson with Tiffany and a really good lesson for FHE with a family in the Apple Valley ward.

Tuesday: We went to the car shop for a couple of hours because we had an oil leak and our windscreen wash wasn't working. So that was fun. Then we were contacting people and then we went to a baptism over in Holladay, which was really cute. for the rest of the evening were putting posters on peoples doors about the halloween parties and getting them to invite their friends.

Wednesday: We were on exchanges so I was with Sister Coleman for the day and it was wonderful. We had a great lesson with Tiffany about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We handed out party invites for another ward party. We had a lesson with Keaton who is 9 and we spoke about baptism and told him to pick a date and we will talk about it in our next lesson. After dinner we had a lesson with a less active who is trying to come back, she is awesome. Then we were contacting in Brighton Point ward for the rest of the night, nobody was home unfortunately but people do have lives :)

Thursday: We had planning and a halloween lunch at the Westenskows which was fabulous! Then we had a lesson with one of our recent converts who is 10 which went well. Then we had a really good lesson with a really less active couple, they really opened up which was really nice. We taught them the Plan of Salvation.

Friday: We had a good district meeting. then we stopped by some of our ward mission leaders to touch base. We had a really good dinner WE FOUND A NEW PART OF OUR WARD WE DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED! (It wasn't on the map, we're not stupid) So that was like Christmas had come early and it is a condominium so that is a high turn over! So we are going to go knocking over there :) Then we had a really good active member lesson.

Saturday: So we had a really good lessons with a less active who is really progressing her name is Juanita (waneeda) and we invited her to take our lessons so that she can prepare to go to them temple :) Then we were going to have a lesson with Keaton's mum Alex but she was as sick as a dog so it was just a stop by. and it has been contacting and flyers.

But with the active member lessons that we have had and we have asked them to think of someone that they could bring to the lessons and they all said yes! Which is really exciting so I know we are on the verge of miracles.

When we do active member lessons we like to share the video "because of Him"


We like to share it because it is "Because of Him" all things are possible.

We are going to have ALOT of parties this week which will be fun  woohoo

Halloween day we are going to the temple and having a talent night. Sister Coleman and I are singing with Elders Butifoker, Sanders( on the guitar) and Merkley its going to be sweet!

Have a great week!
So I need to go, I have laundry and other things!

Keep being awesome!
I love you

can't believe that we have reached 9 months!!!!

happy halloween, dont have too many sweets

Sister Hughes xxxxxxx


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