Swap Shop!

Monday 10 November

Well new and exciting things are happening within the stake! So we Sisters and the Elders had a swap shop! Our stake President spoke to us and told us that he felt that we needed to change around some of the wards in the stake. So we give up Brighton Point to the Elders (they live in that area anyway) and we now have 1st ward! So that really is the newest thing that has happened.

Monday: P-day! Most of the zone went up to Brighton for a hike in the snow. I stayed home with S.Pahulu and tidied up the house and wrote a letter or two. No snow for me thank you.

For the evening we went around dropping off paper work for our leaders and tried to contact some people who had been previously taught by the missionaries.

Tuesday: HAPPY 9 MONTHS TO ME! I cannot believe that I have been out for so long....
In the morning we went to one of our Relief Society President's and spoke about sisters that needed a visit. More and more contacting. Then Sister Knight had an Sister Training Leader Dinner with Sister E so S.Pahulu and I went out for tea. Then we had Sister Nelson join our party so she wouldn't have to go back to Park City and then back for the meeting so that was fun. We had stake missionary correlation which was good.

Wednesday: Sister Knight had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) So after we dropped her off it we just me and Sister Pahulu! Again it was contacting, managed to get in contact with a former but she wasn't interested. She told us that she was already Christian. Then we picked up Sister Knight after lunch and then more contacting until dinner. Dinner was wonderful.
"So Sisters, what are your plans for tonight, do you have any appointments?"
"No, no appointments tonight"
"Okay teach us a lesson!"
Best members ever. So we were just thrown into the restoration! It was wonderful, you could really feel the spirit in the lesson. Then our ward mission leader in the Apple Valley Ward (Bro.Eberhardt) texted us asking what our plans were and we told him that we didn't have anything because our appointments had cancelled. He told us to come over to his home and teach a lesson! We told him to provide Rootbeer and Ice-cream which he did and we did an object lesson on the Holy Ghost and used the Rootbeer and Ice-cream! Then he told us that he had arranged for us to go over to another family and have a lesson there. At lunch we thought that we had an empty evening, next thing we know it was full! #BestThingEver

Thursday: We had weekly planning and lunch with the Westenskow's always a good time there. Then we went over to a member who hosted a MAHOOSIVE halloween party that everyone goes to so we asked if there was anyone that she knew who would like a visit. We got a couple of names from them :) Then we had an active member lesson in the 17th ward which went well. Then we went over to a less active member’s home and had a really nice visit with her, so much so she would like us back! woohoo!

Friday: In the morning we had Zone Meeting which was really fun :) We had a thanksgiving type of lunch which was nice :) After lunch we went and did some yard work as a district for one of our members who is fighting cancer. We had a lot of fun. Then we had dinner with two members whose husbands are less active. We didn't meet the husbands but we had a great dinner with the wives. We felt the spirit as we shared a message. They were crying and talking about how our mums would be proud of us. After dinner we had an active member lesson with a young couple which went really well.

Saturday: So in the morning we met with the Elders to do the official hand over of the Brighton point and 1st ward so we were exchanging maps and all that fun stuff. Then we had a sisters meeting and just spoke about what is happening in the coming weeks and what are some of the things President would like us to be aware of and things that we could improve on. We had a lesson with Juanita who is a less active and we spoke about the plan of salvation, she is a widow. It went really well, she asked a lot of questions which was good. Then we met up with Bro.Eberhardt and his children and we rake leaves for one if the members in our ward and then we chopped wood for a spiritual lady in the neighbourhood. We had axes and everything!!! It was fun... well... I didn't use the axe, I didn't trust myself so I gave out the wood and put the chopped bits in a pile. I didn't want to take a trip to the hospital! It was a lot of fun :) Then in the evening we tried to go around the leadership in the 1st ward but hardly anyone was home haha but we managed to meet our new Relief Society President who is lovely!

Sunday: was 17th wards primary presentation which was really cute. The was a 2 year old whose father is not active and he came to church to watch the presentation. When his mum took him up to sing a song the little boy was just shouting "Daddy!!!!!" and waving frantically it was the cutest thing, He was just so happy to see his daddy at church! Then we went to the 1st ward for the first time which was good! They had a favourite hymn Sunday which was people would just get up and tell the congregation about their favourite hymn and we just sing one verse. So it was like a singing testimony meeting! It was different but good.

Then we had 2 active member lessons in the 17th ward which were good.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Hughes xx



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