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Monday 3 November

Malo lelei fefe hake!?

Okay so that is tongan for "hello, how are you?"

So we are now in a trio and her name is Sister Pahulu and she is from Tonga (in the pacific) she is the bees knees! She is a spiritual bomb. We are going to see miracles these next 6 weeks.

Monday: Pday was pretty chilled; I was just at home writing letters and prepping our house for the new arrival. Sister Knight and I felt like a newly wed couple going to pick up their baby from adoption hahaha Then we saw Tiffany and had a FHE with a part member family on the gospel of Jesus Christ which went well.

Tuesday: We picked up our little Polynesian Princess! We had a lesson with a recent convert who is preparing to be sealed to her family in the temple next month. It was amazing; you could really feel the spirit. We all worked together which was amazing because we had only all been together a couple of hours. Then we went to the Apple Valley Halloween party which was really good. We dressed up as Sister Missionaries, because we are so original.

Wednesday: We were trying to contact people in 2 of the wards. Then we had a lesson with Keaton who is our 9 year old investigator and we taught him the Word of Wisdom and the law of Chasity which went well. Then our evening appointment cancelled so we did some more contacting!

Thursday: Was weekly planning and lunch with the Westenskow's which is always delightful! We baked cookies with the Westenskow's too because we live in the midst of a lot of non-members so we are going to go over and tell them that we are their new neighbours and give them cookies :) For the evening we had 17th ward Halloween party which was fun as we were prepping one of the tables there was a little boy dressed up as Captain America and kept coming up to us saying "Trick or Treat" I kept having to tell him that I didn't have any treats hahaha

Friday: So in the morning we had District Meeting our District Leader is From Finland so our district is super international... baring 2 Americans woohoo! Then we had our final lesson with Tiffany before she is baptized, so it was basically just a pep talk really.. She is due in 7 weeks we are all so excited. Then we went to the Salt Lake Temple for the rest of the afternoon and then we had dinner at the mission office and a talent night which was funny :) We were at the mission office until 10:30... we all felt like sinners. It was about 11:00pm before we get home and 11:30 before we got into bed! We were all so shattered. We had to get up at 6:30 too, maaaan I had never felt so rough in a long time... I'm not cut out for YSA anymore hahaha

Saturday: 6:30 wake up was ROUGH. We then were sorting out some paper work and then we had a meeting with our new ward mission leader Bro.Eberhardt. Yes, that is President's son and he is the best,  his enthusiasm is infectious! Then we had lunch and had a lesson with a less active that we are going to start our missionary lessons with.

Then it was Tiffany's baptism!!!! Oh my word it was so special, I shed tears. Her husband is an active RM but he didn't have any baptisms on his mission because it was a really tough mission, so his first baptism was his wife!!

Then we were just following up on people.

Sunday: Was Tiffany's Confirmation which was a really special Sunday you could really feel the spirit.

What I learnt this week:

Matthew 25 - the parable of the talents.
A talent that we have been given is our testimonies and we need to share it.


So this was my conversation with our District Leader earlier this week over texting

Elder Kirsi: How was thy day?

Me: And it came to pass that in the 4th day of the reign of the sisters they beheld an interview of baptism which was exceedingly fine. Thus, the sister missionaries had exceeding happiness beyond all measure.
And it came to pass that Tiffany wife of David in the City of Zion was baptized on the 6th day of the reign of the sisters.

Elder Kirsi: And it came to pass that Elder Kirsi marvelled in the sight of the success of the sisters. He asked, how is it that thou beheld a baptismal interview? How was it brought to pass?

Me: And it came to pass that the baptismal interview was brought to pass through Elder Sanders of Louisiana because he has reign over the Elders of Cottonwood Heights. Thus, the sisters travelled far to the building of zone for the interview to be brought to pass.

Elder Kirsi: And I Elder Kirsi, having been heard of the explanation of the Sisters, was satisfied. Nevertheless, being filled with awesomeness, I commanded them to have an exceedingly pleasant night.

Different day

Elder Kirsi: How was thy day?

Me: And it came to pass that it was a joyous day in the City. For Tiffany, wife of David in the city of Zion who was with child was baptized and made a covenant with The Lord. Thus the sisters were exceedingly happy even unto tears because of the beauty thereof.

Life is grand everyone! Hope you all have a great week!

Okay everyone I have to go and do my shopping and laundry!

I cannot believe that I have completed half of my mission. Time flies ridiculously fast. I have just realised that I get to skype with you next month!!! wowzers

I have grown so much over this short period of time (and that isn't just my skirt size and fanciness) keep on being good examples that I know you are!

Love you all

Sister Hughes xxxxx



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