It was a long days night

Monday 13 October

Okay so this week has been long, but short at the same time. I cannot believe that it is Monday again already but I have felt like a lot of things have happened in between.

Monday: Prep day and Sister Knight had an STL dinner so I hung out with the other sisters for an hour and then we went by former investigators in the Brighton Point ward. One of them said that they would have us back again, woohoo! :) We are seeing them this Thursday.

Tuesday: I was on exchanges with the Wasattch Sisters whilst Sister Knight was at an STL meeting. We helped one of their ward members with a ward cookbook so I was on the phone asking people for recipes and asking how many cookbooks they wanted.

"do you know that they are $8 a piece?"

They never understood me when I said that #BritishProbs

In the afternoon we had a meeting at the office where all the sisters in the mission gathered together and did role-plays. YES we role played for 2 hours. It was really good and I learnt a lot from it.

In the evening we had stake correlation which was really good. Bro Cooper (high councilman over missionary work) is the best.

After that we tried to stop by former investigators and less actives.

Wednesday: Nobody was either not home or they would cancel, it was a little frustrating. It was part members and potentials in the Brighton Point ward again.

Thursday: Weekly Planning! It's a love hate relationship, but we are working at it.
We were following up with people to see if they had invited anyone to the "meet the mormon" movie

Friday: We had a zone meeting which was really good. Because we are a new zone, our zone leaders made stickers for Brighton which was really cool. I made up a song!
"shine bright like Brighton, shine bright like Brighton"
Quite catchy I know, I was inspired by Rhianna. Thanks RiRi

We met with some of the widows in the stake, one of them lost her husband like 6 weeks ago due to cancer which was really sad. She is the sweetest lady.

Saturday: So we tried to stop by all the widows but they weren't home. And people cancelled on us so not much happened...

Sunday: WOW what a special Sunday. So we spoke in the 17th ward. We came in a little late because we had been at a ward council. So we come in in the opening hymn and I sit next to Greg and he turns to me and says "glad you can make it" I said "me too!"
Greg, our less active who is now active and preparing for the temple spoke and gave such an amazing talk. He spoke about becoming more like Christ. Then I was up and spoke on Charity.
Then Sister Knight spoke about becoming like Christ and then Bro Richard's our Ward Mission leader spoke about "knowing."  Holy smokes it was powerful and he brought the man who confirmed Sister Knights grandad to church with him and got him to stand up in the middle of the meeting (he was explaining the story as he went along) I was nearly in tears it was soo amazing
Then we spoke in Apple Valley about strengthening our faith and knowing which went really well..

That was my week!
Alright everyone, I have to go and do my shopping and laundry before 2:30 (zone activity)

Keep it real, Keep it righteous and make good choices!

love you all

Sister Hughes x


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