RAWHIDE!!!!! #ForeverWest

Monday 22nd June 2015

Oh mygiddllygoodness! WHAT A WEEK and I have been dying to tell you all about it since Tuesday! If you don't have a lot of time, just read Tuesday.

Monday: We went to Sheep's creek geological park which was very beautiful. Here's a picture to prove it.

Then we just wrapped up the usual stuff. In the night we were going to YSA but the guy we were going to take got called into work so we didn't go. So we were contacting for the rest of the night. Holy cow it was a massive thunder and lightning Storm!! So we had fun.

Tuesday: Okay, this is the day that I have been dying to tell you all about. "A dream is a wish your heart makes" and on the mission they come true!!! So we were contacting in the morning and we had a lesson with a family in the 1st Ward then right after we ran home and got changed and headed out to LoneTree to help out a family brand their calves.

Yes, you heard me right we were off to help brand calves. #LifeMade Sister Covolo brought us boots (our trainers would have died) and she brought us Plaid shirts! (The only appropriate attire around here) I was talking to some young kids and I asked "Do we look good?" And they said we did, now we looked like everyone else, we totally could have got mistaken for locals. It was really funny because we were with all the people that we usually have Ward council with and to see them in plaid on the back of a horse was quite comical. I think Yard councils are now a legit thing. Then once we got the cows, Bulls and calves separated it was time to get to work. I got handed an injection needle and was told that I was in charge of injecting. (You can't go too wrong with it) I had a surprised/shocked/nervous look on my face but one of the brethren said "don't worry by number three you'll be a pro" whatever you say and he was right! It wasn't too hard. Because the calves were roped by 2 horses so they were lying flat and you just put the shot into the neck. It was so much fun, though you had to be alert all the time because you had to make sure:

1) Not to get behind a horse
2) Not get in the way of the brander
3) Look out for dogs
4) Not to be in anyone else's way.

I managed it though. Oh my word I could have spent all day in the corral (the pen thing) but we had to get going after a little bit because we had dinner. Sister White and I kept smelling each other like weirdos because we were paranoid that we would stink of burning flesh and cow poop. We didn't want to offend our dinner hosts! I did not want to be remembered as the stinky sister! But we came out smelling like roses! ... Well campfire but it was just a wiff so I came out feeling like a champion!

Here is a Cowgirl Selfie, the only appropriate thing to do when you're living the dream.

Then after dinner we were contacting until 8 then we had an appointment with a part member family that said we could come back! Woohoo :)

Wednesday: Was just had a day of contacting and our one appointment feel through, it was still a good day though! It's getting hot up here. We had a dinner with one of our favourite widows who is like a grandma to us and we had a ball. She is so funny! Then we were contacting again and then helping the young women with their buckets for trek. I managed to burn myself with the glue gun 3 times! Boy did that hurt, I know what the calves we were branding were going through.

Thursday: Weekly planning blah blah blah

Then we had an appointment with Rhea and we were talking about the commandments and how they are a blessing to us. Then we went over to the Coles and we are getting the ball rolling on a baptism date! Woohoo! Then we had dinner with a wonderful couple who have a litter of two of beagle puppies! I was in heaven and they had baby lambs too that were so cute.

"Sister White, can I have a puppy?"
She said no

Then after dinner we had a lesson with the Sanches family who are a family who have kids that want to be baptized so we had a really good lesson with them on the gospel of Jesus Christ and they are going to be baptized on July 25th! Woohoo! After that we had a correlation meeting and then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting, it was really good because it was about personal goals which I found really helpful, after that we were contacting some people. I went to my British besties and had a chat with them to see if they were coming to the Ward party, unfortunately they couldn't make it. But they are the nicest people in the world. They gave us salmon and chicken! So if anyone has some quick and easy Salmon recipes I would be very grateful just email them to me.

Then we met with the Brooks and read the Book of Mormon with them. Then we had the 4th Ward party which I was super good! There was a lot of people that I didn't recognize and got to meet lots of new people which was great.

"Can I have your attention please! Brother Kaiser cut his finger earlier and has lost his bandaid, if any of you find it we'll replace it with another piece of chicken". It was a great night!

Saturday: It was just a day of contacting and trying to get people to church, but no one was home, but that's okay. We had a great dinner with a part member family and we had the best burgers ever! And a delicious pear custard pie. It was so good!

Sunday: Sunday fun day #FathersDay

It was great, we taught Primary 4 times so that was fun. Then because it was Father's Day we had no meetings so we were a little thrown off haha. But we had dinner with the Madsen's and had a simply marvellous time and then we had a lesson with the Hamblin's which was really good because you could feel the spirit when we said family prayer together.

Well that was my week!

Hope all is well

Love, Sister Hughes


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