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Monday 1st June 2015

Hello Everyone!

So when I did a shoutout for my blog last week I forgot to do a shoutout for UK and the USA! #Awkward #SchoolGirlError

But at least I remembered, that shows my love for you!

So this week has been a very good week, let me tell you all about it!

First of all though I found a really cool video on lds.org on one way to do missionary work. Obviously you don't have to do exactly what the video does but you can do something similar.

Check out the link:

Anyway, thought I would share the goodness but now back to me and my week.

Monday: P-day! With it being memorial weekend we weren't able to go shopping, so we just did our normal food shop and stayed home. We're not too exciting. But it rained like usual. We have had 19 straight days of rain, I felt completely at home and I could actually breathe it was great! Though I did say many times "whoever is praying for moisture, quit it!"

In the evening we were contacting referrals and then we went to the Gines to bake cookies for visits later in the week.

Tuesday: TRANSFERS and we escaped the chopping board. So together for another 6 weeks, yay! It was weird not going down, I have been to every transfer meeting for the past couple of months! I liked being in the loop but now being in the boonies you don't know a sausage! Elder Graydon, my fellow Brit got called as the assistant to the president! I shouted "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!" When I found out. We are now in s new district and have to go to green river for our meetings now. We had a meeting with a primary president of the 3rd Ward then we have been contacting all day. So I have been coming down with a cold so my voice was 10 octaves deeper than it usually is (nobody still wanted to enter the waters of baptism despite my really attractive, deep, husky voice) at lunch time we were just chatting to our opposite door neighbour, Mike. He was asking for some honey because he was sick too, so after we had been speaking with Mike we get on with our lunch hour. I walk into the kitchen and start speaking to sister White who was doing the dishes and she jumps a mile in the air! She thought I was Mike! You know it's bad when you're companion thinks you're a man :(

Wednesday: We did some contacting after lunch we had a lesson with the Gaylord's :) my voice was now none existent. I went from deep and husky to a whisper and they are an old couple so I tried to speak but they couldn't hear me so in the end I went over to them and sat right in front of them on the carpet! They want us to come back though! Woohoo!

We then had a meeting with a potential but it turned out that he wasn't interested and started to kind of bash us. He'd ask us a question but wouldn't give us time to reply. But I am grateful for the experience because it strengthened my testimony of the gospel and the prophet Joseph Smith.

Then we had a lesson with 2 foreign exchange students one from Korea and one from Thailand, we spoke about the plan of salvation. Then we were talking about their experience here and Fa (Thai) said that she has felt the spirit whilst she has been here and she is really sad to leave. It was so sweet. But I told her that she can still feel the spirit even when she is in Thailand, she can pray for it.

After dinner we had a lesson with Tayah on the plan of salvation which went well. We then had a lesson with our Spanish exchange student Nacho! He is so good we spoke about the plan of salvation and he believes it and the thinks that the church is good, we spoke about eternal families which is something that he wants. He said he would meet with missionaries in Spain which is really cool. After that we went to the 1st Ward Young Women's to talk about how we can do missionary work together

Thursday: Weekly planning blah blah blah I won't bore you. We then had dinner with the Buckley's who are great and everyone in the 3rd Ward that we are teaching are on Bro.Buckley's home teaching list which is really funny. He told us to stop by the Flints (part member family on his home teaching list) so after we stopped by the Coles (our investigators), we stopped by the Flints. Jayme opened the door and let us in and we spoke for around an hour and we spoke about Joseph Smith and she gets her scriptures and finds a restoration pamphlet in there and she says "so to learn about Joseph Smith I just need to read this?" We said "we can actually teach you the lesson" Jayme then said "can you come back tomorrow?" I would have totally given up district meeting for it but we couldn't, but we do have a lesson scheduled! SO HAPPY she is so prepared. So happy, and we were on cloud nine for the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting, now in green river so it takes an hour to get there. But I knew everyone in the district because I had served around them all apart from our district leader, an Elder Broadbent. But I knew of him because I've seen him at missionary functions. Because we were a new district we did a district unity activity, so we did the FAQ's of missionary life
- last area
- hero
- when you go home

It turns out that half the district goes home in August, it was so weird! And depressing at the same time. But our meeting was good and we all brought packed lunches. After that we went to the brook's to read the Book of Mormon with them and then we had dinner. Then we went on birthday cookie visits, it's a way that we are trying to get to know people and people can't deny you when it's their birthday and you have cookies, we have met some good potentials that we are going to try this coming week.

Saturday: we helped one of our Ward mission leaders with his yard, we were planting flowers. Mother, you'd be proud. I was incharge of the watering. I had to refill the watering can and I had to put in miracle grow!
Hughes: Sister, it's blue! Do you know what else is blue?
White: Water?
Hughes: No. The Book of Mormon! And that is what helps our investigators grow!

After lunch we went to contact some referrals that we have received. One of them was from England! I had to meet them, and we did! They're from Nottingham! And the Husband sounded FRESH OFF THE BOAT his accent was so beautiful. They made my day ❤️ they said that we could come back and share a message too, I died of happiness. Then stopped by some leaders and the had dinner with one our Ward mission leaders. Then we went to one of our part member families that we are working with and the wife really opened up to us! It was so cool and you could really feel the spirit.

Sunday: #SundayFunDay
So we are heading to go to church and sister white is starting to back me whilst I am reversing and a young man pulls over "hi, I don't think that I have met you yet" he is one of our neighbours in the opposite building. And he just said if we needed anything to let him know. There are so many gents here. Though we won't lie, Sister White and I were surprised at the abruptness of the welcome. It was nice though all the same.

Then it was church, we were speaking in the 2nd Ward. A member of the bishopric came up to us and said "I have some bad news, our youth speaker bailed on us so it's going to be you for the whole meeting" we had only prepared 10-15 minute talks! The congregation suddenly looked 10x more scary. But miracles happen people! We covered the whole meeting without problem! I spoke about the Book of Mormon and Sister White spoke about prophets then we just had meetings and then we had dinner with a Relief Society president and then we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Such a good week! We have 9 investigators that we are working with and
we see miracles with I them.

I love being a missionary!

Hope you're all well!

Love you guys!

Sister Hughes 💗
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So I forgot to tell you all about my embarrassing moment!

I was having dinner with our high Councelor for missionary work and I was putting some jam on my bread. Once I had finished I started to lick the spoon... Then I remembered, it wasn't my spoon!
I didn't know what to do with myself, but then I saw that I had a clean spoon that I could put back in the jam, everyone thought it was hilarious and Bro.Moretti said "I would have done exactly the same thing".
So after dinner when we were cleaning up they asked if I would like to lick the spoon.

Even though I am almost 21 you still can't take me anywhere!

Anyway thought that would give you all a laugh!


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