It's the middle of June...really?‏

Monday 15 June 2015
Hello everyone!

I cannot believe it is the middle of June! The sun is shining and I am loving just wearing tops and not having to wear boots, the weather is lush and everything is green.

Monday: So I cannot remember what happened.. But I am 100% sure that it consisted of writing letters and doing laundry.

In the evening we had a family home evening with some members that live behind us and they are downright hilarious! Then both of our next appointments cancelled so we went contacting for the rest of the night.

Tuesday: We did service for a young couple in one of our wards. She is our age and has 2 kids who are the cutest! We were clearing out the kitchen and her 3 year old hands me a box of toilet paper and tells me "this is paper for poop" and then he is watching Peter Pan and asks "do you want to watch a movie with me?" I told him that I wish I could but I was helping mummy.

Then after lunch we did some contacting and then had a lesson with Sister Cox. She didn't fall asleep this time so I guess our conversation must have been much make riveting. Then we had a lesson with the Goates. After the Goates we went to a car shop because we needed to have the power steering checked. The radio was blasting out summer of 69, and holy momma I was in heaven. That is something that I am really ready for, normal music.

Then we had dinner with the young's they are such a wonderful family. When we were leaving I asked their 3 year old girl Casey if I could have a hug and so we hug and then she tries to give me a kiss, so cute and she was a little upset when we told her no. It was so cute. Then both of our appointments cancelled so we were contacting for the rest of the night.

Wednesday: we went out to the boonies of lone tree and did some service for a less-active couple. The weather was perfect! It felt great to be in jeans...

After that we had a Fro-Yo date with one of our Ward missionaries and did a correlation about the Ward. Then we stopped by people and dropped off party invitations and had a good chat with one of them. After dinner we had a lesson with Tayah. We read the scriptures with her, her brother (who is our age) sat in on the lesson too and he got reading! It was a miracle and he wants to get involved with the YSA!!!

Then we had a meeting with one of our Ward mission leaders and then stopped by the Coles and taught them the restoration which went well.

Thursday: Planning....blah blah blah
We went over to the Madsen's (Ward mission leader) and helped his wife plant flowers which was fun and right at the end we got drowned by the rain. Then we headed over to dinner. After dinner we were at the snows and we taught lesson 2, plan of salvation. Which went well. Then we were contacting the rest of the night.

Friday: District meeting! It was all about our companions. And we had to share what we loved about our companion. When Sister White got up I got embarrassed with what she was saying because she was bigging me up too much! "She has a backbone of steel.... And a mind of steel too because she doesn't break down" that was so funny. Then after that we were at the brooks and we read the Book of Mormon with them. Then after dinner we were contacting all night.

Saturday: We were at the Brigg's and they were packing up the attic. Her husband served in London, South mission I saw a WH Smith's notebook which took me back! Then we went to a Ward party which was on the pavilion. After that we went over to the Sidwell's and painted furniture which was really fun. We all kept forgetting what had been painted and putting our hands on it and then realizing there was wet paint on it. Then we tried to get a hold of our investigators to see if they are coming to church. We only managed to catch one home and she wasn't sure whether she was or not. Then we were doing party invitations and contacting for the rest of the night.

Sunday: Just church! We taught Elders Quorum, we only had one ordained women comment. But the lesson went really well. Then we were in 1st Ward and I am really grateful that Sister White is my companion. She noticed that Sister Brooks (blind lady we see every Friday) was sitting by herself so we decided to sit with her, I didn't notice until Sister White pointed it out. Then we had to pass the sacrament to her and this experience just really touched me because she couldn't do it for herself.

It was also Flag day so we sang 'Star Spangled Banner' and once we sat down Bro.Madsen pats me on the back and says "Good job" it was soo funny. Then we had meetings and a lesson with Emry. She wasn't at her house so we decided to go to the neighbours and they were there! Miracles!

Anyway that was my week, I am still loving it and having the time of my life despite this week being a little rough with all the cancellations!

Today we are off to Manila and then tonight we will be going to YSA FHE that'll be an experience since I haven't don't that since before my mission!

Title of this Pic - Beauty in the Boonies!

Anyway, love you all!

Sister Hughes


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