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1 December 2014

Monday: P-day, so that involved a game of Basketball. I got hit in the face and had a nose bleed. It was fun :) Then we had a great lesson with the Doty Family in the Apple Valley Ward about the plan of Salvation.

Tuesday: We had a body language training by Kirk Duncan who made the DVD/CD "The mind of steel" which was really good and useful! We all got a copy of "The mind of Steel" wooohoo! It’s a good listen. After that we had a training  session on nutrition.... maybe Sister E is worried that we are all getting fat, who knows. But it was really good and helpful. She spoke about eating all organic foods. Then we went over to the Cooper's house and wrapped up Books Of Mormon and we are going to give them as presents. Then we had an FHE with the Bunker's in the Apple Valley Ward which was good, we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ with footsteps.

Wednesday: We were on exchanges so we had Sister Coleman for the day whilst Sister Knight was with Sister Owen's in Wassatch. We had an interview for one of the Wassatch sister's investigator who is now baptized (the interview went well) Then we helped Sister Bagley decorate her Christmas tree, which was soooo much fun!! Then we had an FHE with the Eberhardt's about gratitude which went really well and then a lesson with the Relief Society President.

Thursday: THANKSGIVING, something I will never forget.
So it started off with weekly planning. Then we had a meal appointment with the Fishers in the Old Mill ward which was really good. Then right after that we had a meal at the Stokes (Natalie's family, she is a less active) which was really nice. Then we headed over to the Webb's who are in the 17th ward and we had more turkey and all that jazz. I met Elder Sontagg's (Served in York like 4 years ago) sister which was cool. Then we went over to the Bates and shared a spiritual message (no food involved) HOLY COW I was so full.... it hurt... But I was thankful to all the families that wanted to spend time with us. Though I honestly felt like I was on a Turkey crawl.

Friday: Well I didn't need any breakfast that morning! We had district meeting which was really good. It was about teaching to understanding. Then we just contacted until dinner. Then we had a lesson with Bennet's in the AV ward and a lesson with our Sister's Referral, Sarah. All went well.

Saturday: Still recovering from Thanksgiving

We did service in the 1st ward. She had a digerydoo that we all had a play on. Sister Knight was in her element! We had a lesson with Alex which was really good and we are helping her to quit smoking :) We had an FHE with the Ekburg's which was the restoration and went well and then we had a lesson with Juanita which was the Word of Wisdom.

Sunday: Just our usual church meetings though in Apple Valley we taught joint Relief Society and Priesthood about our countries and how the gospel was brought to our countries and families. The Elders all joined in because they are international too. You could really feel the spirit and I learnt a lot. Not only about my country but my family too.

We also found a really cool website that you should all share on Facebook and other social networks! 



So this week has been good. Very fulfilling and no risk of starvation.

So I like to say "hi" to people and even sometimes wave. One time last week we were at a stop light and I looked out of the window and the man in the car next to us looked at me and I smiled and waved. He wound down his window and said hello and then he saw my nametag which he wasn't too happy about so he just wound the window back up (not rudely) my companions were laughing because apparently it was awkward. But he looked at me... what am I supposed to do, stare back?

So I read this and I thought "my life"

"I like to say hello to as many people as I can. I especially like it if they say hello back. I guess it’s my retro way of doing social networking."

See, I am still a social networker! ;)

I gotta run!

Chat next week

Love you!
Have a great week!
Love, Sister Hughes


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