"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"‏

8 December 2014

Because it is the season if you haven't clicked on my Christmas link in my last email then repent and click on this one! http://www.mormon.org/christmas?cid=HPFR112814529

Monday: So I can't really remember what happened for P-day... OH YES I went to Old Navy and went shopping! Oh my word walking out of those doors with a bag never felt so good!! It's nice to feel like a normal person. I have a testimony that shopping always makes you feel good. There was 30% off in the WHOLE STORE, Heavenly Father knows me well <3

Then we went and played sports and left early for Sister Knight's STL dinner with Sister Eberhardt. For the rest of the evening we were with the Eberhardt's and the Bustos' and had a FHE on the Holy Ghost. We set up an obstacle course and it was super fun :)

Tuesday: Sister Knight had a meeting so Sister Pahulu and I went around and tried contacting potentials and widow's, but alas nobody was home or interested. After we had picked up Sister Knight from her meeting we made Pavlova (yeah that's right, we're super fancy, even Paul Hollywood would be impressed) with a less active member, it was SUPER FUN she made us bangers and mash, ohmygoodness it was like being at home. She presented it so nice. I never have thought that bangers and mash could look so glamorous!
Then we had a Christmas Relief Society activity in the Apple Valley Ward which was really good and an amazing turn out woohoo!

Wednesday: So Sister Knight had another meeting so Sister Pahulu and I had to wait for her. Then after lunch we were trying to contact a couple of people and then visited some widows.  Then we had appointments for the evening which was good :)

Thursday: Weekly Planning... same as always. Then went contacting people weren’t interested.. but hey :) Then we had appointments for the rest of the night which all were really good. They were all with active families in the Apple Valley Ward.

Friday: So we had a Zone Meeting which was really good, it was all about what we could give back to the Saviour for Christmas. Then we tried contacting one of the families were home! They are active members and they are Portuguese. Then after we left their house we had a nice conversation with Taylor and invited him to the ward party which was really nice, we haven't seen him for a while. Then we had a lesson with our Sisters Referral Sarah and we taught her the plan of salvation which went well. After the lesson we headed up to the chapel for the 17th ward party! Which was a good time.... especially the dessert..

Saturday: So we had the 1st ward party in the morning and then we were going to have  a lesson with Juanita but she didn't show up so we helped her mum put up a Christmas tree. Then we tried contacting some people wanting to give them a Book of Mormon, but they weren't home. Then we attended an open house of a recent convert who just got sealed to her family, it was so special! Then we were just trying to contact for the rest of the night.

Sunday: Church, church, church. Meeting with Bro.Eberhardt and then we watch the Christmas Devotional which was really good. The Schmutz are like the best people ever:  they provided a fire, cookies and blankets whilst we were watching it! They will be abundantly blessed for their kindness. Then we had a lesson with the Webb's who are amazing and we had the best reaction from them

"So I think we need to tell you that we have transfers coming up which means  that one of us could be leaving."

"One of you will be getting transfered, what kind of crap is that?" #FeelingLoved

Then we went over to the Cooper's to submit numbers!

Okay so that was our week.


I AM STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IS SISTER KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but Sister Pahulu is leaving, The Polynesian Princess is leaving D: A sad day in the land of Zion. It was short our time together but very sweet.

Tonight we are all going to Temple Square with some families to see the lights, it is going to be amazing!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Hughes xx


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