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24 November 2014

Okay so this week was a really good week!

Monday: P-day! Most intense game of Basketball and speedball I have ever played in my entire life, It was amazing!

Then we had a lesson with the Tergeon Family. Ella is 9 and is preparing to be baptized on 10th January. It was the first time that we had met them (they were being previously taught by the elders until the wards got changed.) and it went really well! We love them to pieces!

Tuesday: We did service for the Brimhall's who are moving. So we started packing things up but then we ended up raking the leaves in her back garden, man they were covered! But we managed to bag it all up and then we had pizza with them for lunch! Biggest pieces of pizza I have ever seen in my life, I could only manage 2 pieces. Then we went contacting and delivering cookies to our neighbours. We met a lady from London! She's from Kent. Oh my goodness her voice was so beautiful to hear "I've heard of York, my mam's been there a few times. It's nice up there." I could have listened to her all night long. Shame she wasn't interested in our message. She belonged to the Church of England (naturally) not sure how she is practising that over here being in America and all that but it was lovely to see her. She sounded like Elisa off "My Fair Lady" slightly.

Then we went to The Hogan's home to get to know them a little better because they were a family that the elders were teaching and we were now taking over and it was a really good visit. We love them so much. Joey is not a member but his wife is very active and they have 2 children who are 10 and 2. Super cute!
In the evening we had Stake Correlation which was really good as always. Brother Cooper was really impressed with our comments and questions and said that we will make great leaders. I told him when I am called as Relief Society President I will hold him personally responsible! haha :)

We also had a great lesson with the Hessenthollers who are an active family and we invited them to bring a non-member friend to our next lesson and they said that they would so woohoo!

Wednesday: We went contacting in the morning. We had a lesson with Keaton who is 9 and we spoke about the plan of salvation which went really well. In the evening we saw one of our less active Natalie and had a good lesson with her!  And then it was contacting for the rest of the night because our appointments fell through. Unfortunately Sister Knight got sick so we had to go in early so whilst Sister Knight was sleeping Sister Pahulu and I were doing paper work.

Thursday: Weekly Planning! After we had finished we stopped by a less active who we have planned to make Pavlova with and bangers and mash!

After that we went contacting in the 17th ward on a street where there weren't any members. We had dinner and then we had an active member lesson in the 17th ward which was good. Then we had a lesson with our new sisters referral who is 11 and she lives in the Cottonwood Heights 2nd ward :) Sarah is wonderful and she is on  date to be baptized on the 10th January.

Friday: We had district meeting which is always good. Then we were planning our thanksgiving challenge for the members. We basically made a letter saying how thankful we are for the gospel in our lives and challenged them to share their testimony in whatever way they were comfortable. We also visited an old widow and I showed her my knitting and she told us that she had a Christmas present for us and gave us $20 each!! We were really touched by her kindness.

More contacting and had dinner with a great family in the Apple Valley Ward and set up to teach them all the lessons. Then we had a lesson with Joey Hogan which went really well, we read the introduction of the Book of Mormon. We love the Hogan's so much. Their 10 year old Hunter said that he would make me a Harry Potter wand, yeah that's right I am getting a wand!!!! wooohoo!

Saturday: We had apartment inspections and passed with flying colours. We met with our ward mission leader in the first ward and it was really good. Good things are happening! After lunch we had a lesson with Juanita and it went well :) we then helped the elders with some leaf raking and it was so much fun in the rain! im being legit. I also found out that Elder Kirsi can do a perfect Gaston impression, you can imagine my reaction. We later found out that the lady we did it for wanted the elders over for dinner and wanted to ask them questions! Miracles happen from service! We then had a lesson with our less active Alex and she is progressing so much!! We love her! Then we had a new member lesson with the Carmichael's. Harvey and his family are getting sealed in the temple on 13th December; we are so excited for the family. This is what the gospel is all about people! Then we were running around like headless Turkey's (not chickens because it is thanksgiving) ding dong ditching people with our thanksgiving challenges! (So Thanks giving is where you spend time with people that you like and eat a lot of food and be lazy. I cannot spend time, eat a ridiculous amount of food or be lazy with you all but I am very thankful that we are family.)

Sunday: Miracle! We had 5 non-members at church! And 4 people that we are teaching at church! We contacted a former investigator but he wasn't around but had a nice chat with the family so hopefully something will happen :) We had a good lesson with the Webb Family, when we arrived there was a poster waiting for us that said "Welcome Missionaires!" (that's how she spelt it) and there was a painting of each of us under it. SO CUTE. The funnier part was that Hannah has painted my hair in a bun and I had my hair in a bun that day! hahaha

Today I am writing letters and helping Sister Bagley put up christmas decorations. She had Christmas music blasting this morning, it was lovely. MICHAEL BUBLE CAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I passed out.

So this week has been wonderful!

gotta go!!

love you all!

next time I email I will be as fat as a turkey! #MissionaryProbs

and happy that "we are family!"

Hope you all had the same

Much love, Sister Hughes xxx


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