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17 November 2014

So this week has been a really good week!

Monday: We had P-day... We went to a playground and played on the apparatus, it was fun. The Elders had too much fun on this spinning wheel "boys will be boys" haha

In the evening we had a Family Home Evening at the Eberhardt's with the a part member family and it was really good! We taught the amour of God and everyone was attempting to draw it and we had a competition :) Then we went to see our new ward mission leader and discussed things in the ward :)

Tuesday: We had to drop off Sister Knight at the Mission Office and a group of Sister were in the main office talking to Sister Winn and somehow we started speaking about Hymns and how her Grandfather's favourite hymn was "Nearer my God to Thee" So all the sister missionaries started singing it in harmonies and everything! HOLY COW it was like Angels were present! Sister Winn was in tears and so were a couple of us too! She said it was so beautiful and made her day.

So we went and visited the elderly... well at least tried they were all out and clearly having fun! After Lunch we met up with one of our Relief Society Presidents and went on splits with her. Then we had to pick up Sister Knight from a meeting at the mission office. Then we tried to get a hold of some people. After dinner we stopped by a lady who we met a couple of weeks ago. We tried to see if we could come back and share a message but she wasn't interested, she was helping her son on some catholic school work and said she will be up to her nose in gospel! :) After that we went around some of the 1st ward leadership and sorted out some paperwork.

Wednesday: In the morning we went and contacted some people in our new ward and asked for referrals. After Lunch the Elders gave us a tour of people that they had been working with and people not to stop by etc. It was hilarious! So we were following each other in the car and we were on the phone to each other at the same time "and now to your left you can see.." it was like being on the York tour bus! hahaha We stopped by some elderly too and raked some of their leaves. After Dinner we had our first new member lesson with Tiffany and she is doing great, she is so solid. We love her so much. We taught the restoration and spoke about the articles of faith. Then we managed to stop by the Hicks (part member family) who we have been trying to see forever and managed to see them and have a return appointment, woohoo!

Thursday: Weekly Planning. Lunch with the Westenskows, always yummy. We had Enchiladas! it was lush. Then it was contacting for the rest of the night because our appointment fell through.
Friday: District meeting. I have been called at the District pianist... So I better crack on with learning hymns and Christmas songs. Then it was stopping by some people and then we had a FHE with a family in the Apple Valley ward they are called the Johnson's and we love them to pieces, it was so much fun!

Saturday: We had breakfast at a members house which was really good and taught a lesson, then we had a chapel tour (a way to teach the restoration) with Juanita one of our less actives. It was a really good lesson, you could feel the spirit and we were all shedding tears at the end. Again it was contacting and stopping by people because 2 of our appointments fell through but we had some good visits! We also went around our neighbours who are all non-members and introduced ourselves and offered service, some of them said that we could come back! woohoo! :) "Love thy neighbour as thy self" has a whole new meaning to me know.

Sunday: We were adding ward councils in the morning and then we attended sacrament meetings. A ward correlation with Bro.Eberhardt and then an active member lesson with a family in the 17th ward and a less active daughter was present which was a miracle! It was a good lesson :) We spoke about faith in Jesus Christ. Then there was a Book of Mormon Fireside held at the stake centre by Elder Coleman which was really good. I learnt that in the introduction of the Book of Mormon it clearly states the Godhead as three separate beings, my mind was blown. Also The Bible doesn't talk about the plan of salvation whereas the Book of Mormon talks about it in 7 different ways and that Jesus Christ references Heavenly Father in 3 Nephi 11-28. It was such a good time.

And that was my week everyone! Hope you all have a great week!

Much Love,
Sister Hughes xxx


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