You're alright for an Alta girl!

Monday 18 August

I just got out of the temple!

We went for the 7:00 session, I was up at 4:45.... the alarm changed from day to night.... not impressed hahaa

Okay, so this week has been a bit of a blur. Can you believe that I have been out almost 7 months! No? Good because I cannot either.

So I was at the office for a choir practice (we sang in zone conference)
And I run into Sister Winn, who is in the office. She is the sweetest little german lady I know. She comes up to me

"Sister Hughes, I was at a wedding reception and I met someone called Matthew Newman and he asked if I knew  a Sister Hughes and I said I sure do so he said could you tell her that I said hi?"

So every time she saw me she would just say "Sister Hughes, Matthew Newman" hahaha

small world!

Could you tell him and say that I got his message and that I say hello back?

So we have a car... I AM DRIVING!! It's the best and super sunny so I have to buy sunglasses today before I turn blind.


It isn't that hard and I am driving an automatic. You get used to it, I have to clarify sometimes but it is all good. I feel big and grown up too!

I am now in Butler Stake and my wards are Apple Valley, Brighton Point, 17th and Old Mill

In old mill is Sister Stevens, she is on the GENERAL Primary presidency. We were at their home for Brother Stevens (ward mission leader) and she asked for a spiritual thought... I passed out

Sister Nelson was on it like a hot cake, I was still recovering when I was leaving the house! She is such an amazing woman, she has the spirit so strong around her. I did speak I promise... but she already had something planned.

We picked up a couple of new investigators this week :)

We have a lot active member lessons because that how we get to ask for people who need our help or would like to take the lessons.

One of our lessons cancelled because they were having to do yard work so we just turned up to his house in our service clothes and helped him move wood.

We taught the young women’s, that was a little strange being with the youth haha but it went well!

So yesterday was Zone Conference which was super good... I left my notes at home....freak well that will have to wait. Elder Clarke came, he was super funny and cool. Basically we talked about the whole of Preach my Gospel. He was the one that made the mini version! Chapter 8 of PMG will triple your income FYI hahaha there was such a great spirit

I have left my planner at home.... so I am a little lost for words for the big weekly


"You're alright for an Alta girl" #Dinnerbanter

Okay I gotta go I need to shop for food!

Thank you for everything that you do

Letters get to my new address okay, so get them letters sent! Hannah and Chrissy i am still waiting!

Have a great week

Love you all so so much

I am a missionary
I know it
I live it

Sister Leah Hughes



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