Goodbye Mr A!

Monday 25 August 

This week has been a long one, but really good.

Monday: We had zone conference with Elder Clarke who is of the 70 which was really good. He was a good speaker and funny too, which is always a bonus. I have attached the notes we all made together so you can all see what I learnt!

I got to see Sister Melanson and Sister White too and they gave me an update on Winder West, they are doing such a good job!

Tuesday: We were at the temple, afterwards our district all went out to breakfast which was nice and then it was just the usual craziness and then in the evening we taught Keaton, who is nine, the 10 commandments. It's like being back in primary, though it isn't the same without Jasper, Gianna, Lila and Eden. The lesson went really well, there's a way to teach with hand signals which is really cool :) Then we had stake Correlation

Wednesday: We had a lesson with Joowan who is from Seol, Korea. We taught her the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. In Seol they have a strong Christian upbringing there so it wasn't really hard to teach her. She goes home this week with her boys back to her husband. We will miss her. Then we joined the youth in doing some service for an old lady in the ward.

Thursday: Weekly planning, every missionary's favourite thing to do.... it's not bad, it just a necessity. We had a couple of active member lessons which went really well. We taught the first lesson, The Restoration. You really could feel the spirit it was great! Then we met with one of our members who is less active, we help her with her Book of Mormon Reading. Then we had a Family Home Evening with a less active family, which went really well. There were a lot of young children so we were trying to think of something fun, so we read a couple of verses from 1Nephi 8 talking about Lehi's dream and the fruit of the tree. We talked about how the fruit represents the Gospel and it makes us happy and for the game we played fruit basket, which was really fun, the children really enjoyed it :)

Friday: We had a Zone Meeting which was really fun. We were practicing our invitations to be baptized. All the senior couples had come in with "civilian clothes" they were asked to leave or something. Elder Gray said "okay, so now you are going to invite people to be baptized. We have got a lot of non-members waiting outside" at that moment I got chills... I thought he meant real live non-members...turns out it was just the seniors...silly me. Even though it was our senior couples we all still treated it like they were non-members, it was really good!
We also had an active member lesson with one of our families and they surprised us at the end of the lesson by saying they had brought a non-member friend which was really cool, our members are being righteously sneaky and we love it!

Saturday: We went to a baptism of the Wassatch Sisters and brought Joowan. She enjoyed it :)  Then we had a lesson with a recent convert who is 11. In the afternoon we had a lesson with Mr.A He is a member of the Church of Christ... unfortunately we had to stop meeting with him because he wasn't progressing and he just wanted to teach us "and bring us to the truth" but we have such a great respect for each other, I hope I have a bible knowledge as good as his by the time I die. It was so sad,  I wanted to cry!!!! but we couldn't we went straight to dinner and continued with our day.... it was so sad....

"Sister Hughes, I want to cry!"

"Me too!!!"

Sunday: Church, church, church.We had a surprise lesson at dinner, our members just bring their non-member friends when we are there, it's great!

One day this week it was raining and cold, we had to put the heater on in the car...FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! It was just like being at home!

Okay, I haz to go. I want to do my food shopping and pick up my meds.I am a leper and need to be healed.I didn't choose the leper life, the leper life chose me.

Have a great week everyone

Post is with the postman and will come to you soon!

Thank you for everything you all do for me.

I love it here, the work is good.

Love you all

Sister Leah Hughes xxx


  1. Sounds like a brilliant week! We used to buy a tub of ice cream to eat during planning. Certainly made it more enjoyable until inventory at least x


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