…and the rain came down!

Monday 11 August 2014

So I am going to just start with a breakdown of my week because that is the easiest way to describe it .

So we went to Fat Catz as a district which turned out to be by the end of it the whole zone.

Then we had dinner at the Hales, we had super scrummy greek food... well, I think it was greek. Because I was leaving, in the times that we didn't have set appointments I went to the people that I loved, to spend a little bit of time with them.

So after the Hales we were cycling down to Walmart and it just started to pour it down with rain, we were caught in a flash flood. It was hilarious!

Imagine clothes coming straight out of the wash, put them on two sister missionaries bodies with mascara down our faces and you have what we looked like. We were crossing the road and Sister Hales had bought us some bath and body works treats and they were in a paper bag, let’s just say that it split in the middle of the road and the light turned green for the cars to go... I scrabbled everything together! 

Whilst that was happening there was a young lady telling us to get into her car.

"What about our bikes?"

"Just get in the car"

It turned out that she was a member of the church, but was not active. We biked over to her apartment which was 2 minutes away. I am not joking we biked through a sea at one point! She let us into her home, gave us dry clothes to put onto our bodies, called her dad and asked him to pick up our bikes and take them to our apartment, which he did and then she drove us to our appointment!

I hope everyone's faith in humanity has been restored! I have a thank you card to send to her

So I spent the morning packing.

Now I am in the Cottonwood Zone. I live in Cottonwood Heights which is about 20 mins east of the office. My companion is Sister Nelson who came out the same transfer as me! We get on great, we share clothes and everything :D AND I HAVE A CAR!!!! Though I slightly miss biking... slightly, it's weird not to have to wear cycling shorts all the time hahaha

Be champs and buy stamps people!

2102 E Londale Dr
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

Our flat is soooo snazzy,we live with a widow and we live in her basement.
I have to take pictures.

I want mail please!

So I have just been getting my head around the area and the people. So everything is pretty much a blurr.

One thing that I love about our zone is that it is into hashtags.

So we have a goal to have 10 baptisms in the month of August. We have as a zone had 4 baptisms so we are on a role #10inAug

I am SO HAPPY here, though I slightly miss my old area and companion.


"You can't marry anyone in your ward cuz that would be too weird...Sorry  Becca" #YouthTalks

"We love our Sister missionaries. We love the Elders too, but we sure love our sister missionaries"

"Who’s that?”

 “I don't know....smile and wave sister, just smile and wave"

"I love your accent, you sound like you are from the movies"

Today we are going to take sisters to get their car then going shopping but we need to food shop first. I need to spend my birthday money and I feel like I have no clothes.


Then we are playing speedball and writing and packing for tomorrow:  I am going on exchanges with my STL

It's like small army in our district, there are 20 missionaries.

Gotta go!

Love you all

Sister Hughes


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