"I get knocked down, but I get up again. You never gonna keep me down"‏

Monday 16 June

So, in 2 weeks I have had 2 accidents that involved me falling off my bike. I don't know where my guardian angel was……she was probably napping. I have amazing bruises and a holey pop sock (my shoe fell off) I keep asking my district leader for his car because being on a bike is a health risk, but he hasn't given in.... yet. He drew me a picture of a car which I think is the closest thing I going to get right now!

This week has been AMAZING.

Monday: P-day .... we went bowling, I forgot how bad I was... when that ball smacked the floor I died every time, but it was good fun. Lots of old music like "can't touch this" "uptown girl" "come on Eileen" and all those jams that reminded me of papa and then "pompei" which reminded me of YSA times.
Tuesday: We all went to the Salt Lake Temple for the 8:00am endowment session which was really cool and I went in sealing room number...3? I think and I was completely blown away. I saw eternity in the mirrors, it was beautiful. The SLC Temple is so gorgeous. I've done temple selfies and everything so that will be on its way... at some point in my mission.
A former stake president in our stake was one of the temple workers for our session which was pretty cool. He said on Sunday he thought he recognized me hahaha.

Wednesday: We had zone conference from 9-4 it was really good and made notes on it. I got a snazzy fish key ring from Sister E that glows.

Thursday: Weekly planning

Friday: contacting

Saturday: we were calling bingo at the wellington and one table of old ladies were comparing bruises, I showed them mine and Norma said "that doesn't compare to mine" I LOVE old people, they're hilarious.
Sunday: went to church.... the usual. We got invited to a Tongan family’s home so we went there for a little bit. And just visited.

This week really has been a blurr and lots of miracles. So many I can't count them all.

No baptisms on the horizon but people are looking promising.

I went to the doctors this morning and found out that my leprosy is actually eczema, so I have some cream and pills to take. That's better than washing in the Jordan River 7 times. My skin is just freaking out because of the heat. Though the weather today is like England’s, gloomy. It is lovely.

Today we are doing frisbee and american football with the Holladay zone!

Hope you're all doing well.

Transfers next week, can't believe it. I'm positive I am staying though.

Love you all so much


Christopher, get  the ysa to write and tell Sam Wiles I'm still waiting for his letter or email.

I just want letters

Love you all, yo da best


Sister Hughes



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