Monday 2 June

Oh my life, this week has been in the 90s!!!! I have a nice watch and shoe strap developing. 

Though I am so surprised that I haven't passed out on someone's lawn next to a sprinkler! I bought factor 70 sun cream today!

I have never drunk so much water in my life; I constantly need the bathroom which isn't convenient!

I had a reaction to some cream this week and had to see the doctor. So they were asking for my height I said "6'4! ... no wait I got my numbers mixed up I meant 5'4!" then he asked me my weight  so I guessed in stones as we don’t have scales in the house he didn't understand me so I had to give it in pounds. Then he got me to do a sight test and said "do the one that is most readable." Well,  I was a little optimistic with my ability and made a pigs ear of it and he now just thinks that I am weird!

It was interviews with President Eberhardt. He said he trusts me, just not my lotion choices. He kept saying "Sister Hughes I feel so bad for you" I kept saying "Don't president, I'm fine"

He told me that he doesn't worry about me as a missionary because he knows I am trying my best.

It was a great interview, shame I was puffy , red eyed and no make-up. I haven't worn make up for over 2 weeks. I put on some mascara for church yesterday and it felt so horrid, you either wear a full face or dare to go bare. There is no in-between. But my skin is improving so I don’t look too bad :)

We taught 23 lessons this week, which is more than I have had when I was in a car!

This week we have had 14 lessons with non-members which is awesome.
We invited one of our investigators, Colt (raised southern baptist) to pray for a date that he could be baptized. We taught him the Plan of Salvation which went well, he had some tricky questions but we told him we'd search for them and get back to him.


As our district has some goals that we want to achieve, we decided to do a district fast. We started the fast at 6:00pm Monday and by 8:00pm we had put Samantha on date for baptism and then we met someone who wanted to meet with us. That all happened within 2 hours of starting the fast.


Then we fasted on Sunday, I fasted for Samantha and man... she is so solid. It kind of surprises me that she doesn't have any questions!! She is just so prepared for the gospel!

We had a great lesson with the Futola's on the creation (wife catholic and I have no idea what the husband is) and he had some questions about the bible. So we started off with the creation and he has asked this question to all sorts of people: priests, teachers you name it he's asked everyone. But they couldn't answer him. WE DID! It was awesome, we're going to go back today I think.

I fell off my bike today. I'm not lying, an angel saved me.  It was very graceful apparently. Seriously mum, I am not joking!! One minute I'm biking and then the next I'm sprawled on the grass entangled with my bike. I genuinely felt like I was lifted to the grass!

Hope you are all well.

I LOVE being a missionary; my time is flying so fast. I cannot believe I have been out 4 months on Wednesday. Yes it can be tough, but there's always something awesome that happens which makes you forget the tough stuff. 

Okay, I gotta go. My messy house is calling my name and I want to write letters.

Thanks for your prayers, fasts and emails and letters. They mean everything to me.


Be champs and by stamps I can't get enough of your letters!

Love, Sister Hughes


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