I'M EXPECTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 12th May

Okay, now that you have got your eyes back into your sockets let me explain.

I'm having a baby, a real one... I don't know who the father is... this just got awkward.

So in missionary language that means I AM TRAINING!!

Pres.Eberhardt called me at 7:33am this morning to tell me I was going to have a missionary straight from the MTC. My baby missionary will be in the MTC this very moment!

I have just finished my 12 week training to do it all over again! I'm excited, nervous, but this is what I need.

So I will be picking up my little bambino tomorrow around 2 o'clock!

I genuinely know what it feels like to be a mum expecting, I feel a little over whelmed and under prepared, I mean... I don't even have a blanket!!

I will meet the father (the new district leader) on Friday.

Only as a missionary is it acceptable to say that you're pregnant and you haven't met the father yet. Usually you get training calls on Sunday so I thought I had missed the slot, then President called this morning.

I was pregnant and I didn't even know it.

We don't have that many sisters coming in this transfer, but we have 2 sisters from TONGA!! I really want to train a tongan #internantionallove
Oh my word SO MANY MIRACLES THIS WEEK so many I can't count them or drag them out of my brain.

This past week we met a young couple who are engaged and they are interested in the gospel. One of them was raised Southern Baptist, which was so funny because before Sister Kent became a member She was raised southern baptist. It's sad now that she is leaving, but I guess now it is my time to brush up on my bible skills... they are just so prepared. We Invited Colt softly to be baptized and he said once he knows that these things are true he would. Him and his Fiance are the sweetest most nicest people ever. They are technically in the Elders area they live in the 4th ward, but they requested sisters. Colt went to 4th ward on Sunday but he had to get back to Courtney because she is sick, she is hopefully getting surgery this week.

I have graduated as an angel with one of our people that we teach. That was really sweet.

We have a new person to teach who wants to be baptized, we put him on date for the 31st of May.

We have had really good dinners this week, our wards are GREAT.



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