Crazy Week

Monday 28th April


I had a mini driving test, watched a little video by Elder Holland and then Elder Spendlove took me out for a trip around the mission home :)

I can drive for the rest of my mission as long as I DON'T CRASH!

Almost at 3 months, SAY WHAT!?

So this week has been crazy, one of our room-mates has been really sick so we have had to take a couple of trips to ER. Long nights I'm telling you. But she is doing so much better now.

Funny moment of the week:

So I was in my jammies, I had to stay in with the poorly sister so it was 9:00pm and I got my jammies on and thought it would be a good idea for a clay face mask. So I put it on and just chilling doing my missionary thing and there is a knock at the door so one of the sisters answers - it was Elder Provoskii and Elder Connell our Zone Leaders (they are the best, seriously) I come out of our bathroom area and say Hi to them... their faces were priceless... then I remembered that I had a face mask on. After a while I washed it off and Elder Connell said "I thought I'd seen a ghost" Their shocked and surprised faces were priceless!

So because of various things not a lot has happened, a lot of emergency exchanges with the room-mates and working in another area.

So when I was on exchanges I WAS ON A BIKE, nothing felt more beautiful. I went down a hill and took both feet off the pedals. It's a hoot on a bike. "I like to ride my bicycle" couldn't have been more appropriate.

Sorry that we are emailing late. We went to the Church History Museum, it was super cool, they had a life size Moroni and everything! We got to see the temple it was nice just going as sisters, I got a temple selfie. Man the weather was so beautiful, the skies look so fake! Haha! Then we had lunch with the Eberhardts.  Sister Eberhardt made the best salad EVER it has swiss cheese, bacon, cottage cheese, peas and some fancy dressing, unfortunately it isn't a cheap salad D:

So I learnt something super cool this week about the Atonement. I was reading Alma 7:11-13 and in verse 12 it talks about infirmities and I didn't understand what the word meant so I looked it up and it meant personal failing and bowels mean inner most thoughts and to succour means to help or support and I re-read the verse with those words in and it made me understand the Atonement a little better, I thought it was super cool!

Everything is good in the states, we have a first meeting with someone we contacted, we have so much hope for her!

I can't believe that there is a 99% possibility that I am taking over the area next transfer... I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. It'll be right though.

Exchanges with the Sister Training leader tomorrow, should be fun :)

I love being a missionary, it is awesome.

Good bye


Don’t go on anymore dates Chrissy it stresses me out that you’re going to be engaged!

It only takes a date!!!!!

Until next week

Love you all so so so much


Sister Hughes xxxxx


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