Great Week!

Monday 5th May

So this week has been great!

Last preparation day we went to the church history museum right by the temple which was super cool and then we got to have a little walk around the temple. It was like a massive family day out! I love being with the Eberharts. I have some nice pictures! I wish I had my big camera, tulips are everywhere over here and it is so pretty!

So one day this week it hit 85F - I died, not burnt though.. whoo!! I bought sunscreen today, just in case.

This week I have been behind the wheel! And everyone is still intact! It's so much fun, I miss driving. I'm driving a chevy cruz and it's an auto. That’s something to get used to and I’m only allowed to use my right for all the pedals.

So I was on exchanges with my Sister Training Leader and we were walking through an apartment complex and we see this young woman and little boy moving things from her car so we ask if we could help naturally we start chatting and it turns out that she used to be a member but for various reasons she stopped coming but she was thinking very recently about coming back! She has a little boy called Bruce who's 3 and she wanted him to have a good upbringing. So we meet her on Saturday and we have an awesome lesson with her, the spirit was so strong.  We gave her a Spanish Book of Mormon and she just kept asking "how do I know if this is true" so we have told her to read the Book of Mormon and to pray. We are meeting with her tomorrow. I am so excited.

Funny moment:
So we were (my STL [Sister Training Leader] and I) walking down the street and a car went past, we waved..we wave at everyone because that's what sister missionaries do and the car that we waved to pulled over and a man got out and said "what are two pretty ladies like you waving at me for?" I knew that the conversation was going to be interesting, he turned out okay though, we found out that he was apostate and he was sharing his views. It was a pleasant conversation, but I just found it funny.

We had an awesome district meeting. Elder Hartman our DL is AMAZING, his mummy should be proud of him. So we were roleplaying and it was Sister  Kent and I with an elder who was pretending to have certain concerns and I just felt like I needed to quote the first vision to him, it was such an experience. I know I wasn't there with Joseph Smith to see what he saw, but I know that it happened. I was almost in tears. Even though I have never questioned it, I just had that experience :)
I found a great talk by Holland it's called ‘Remember Lott’s wife.’ I got so much out of it because at the start of the mission I found it difficult to forget about home and missing everyone. But I am doing so much better, yeah i miss home but I don’t focus on it, I focus on what I have to do here and I LOVE IT!

Also a great one the fourth missionary by Lawrence Corbridge, that's amazing
This morning we went out for breakfast because it is Sister  Kent's birthday tomorrow and today it is chilling, getting things done and going to a zone bbq.

hope everyone is well

gotta go




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