Women's Conference

Monday 31st March

It's Monday already!? WHAT.

This past week has just flown.

Sister Kent and I are both staying in the Winder West Stake, but the two hermanas we are living with are both leaving. Which means white washing! poor future sisters...

Monday: We were with the Hales and we went to Cafe Rio and got boxes for our packages and had some down time so I filled your package – it’s coming together. You're going to love it, there is a nice suprise for you! I will probably send next week.

Tuesday:  We did a lot of contacting, we had dinner at the Fugates and had steak SO GOOD and that was paired with a walnut and cranberry salad, SO DELISH except for the nuts...

So we had to do an emergency split.  Sister Kent went off for an appointment so I had to teach the B.O.M class!!!! It started small with only four but we are working on the publicity of it. The elders are teaching this week thank goodness!

One of our Elders (Claybrook) is being moved, so sad. We love our elders, they take good care of us.

Wednesday: More contacting, we had a goal of 3 people but we contacted 7!

Thursday:  Weekly planning and then we had a lunch app with a non member who is a catholic who is super nice. We were just getting to know her and one of our less actives dropped by (she had an app with us but cancelled, so we saw her anyway) so we were all just chatting and being friendly. We are trying to build bonds and friendship first. Then we had 1st ward splits (Hales ward) and we had "welcome to the first ward!" packets that we were giving to the new members of the ward which was super fun.

Friday: more contacting

Then we had lunch at the drapers, their daughter is being baptized 19th April. We had a southern bbq. I love the drapers so much, they are a tight nit family and Bro Draper is just so humble and caring and wonderful.

Saturday:  We had a meeting with Bro. Burnett (3rd ward mission leader) he is so wonderful: he spoils us so much, he gave us a gift card for olive garden! Then we had an appointment with La'u who is a recent convert and has a couple of months old baby boy. 

Then it was the women’s conference! So we got the trax and headed down. We were sitting in plaza one near the very front of the pulpit in the middle.  Conference was amazing! So great to be in the centre but it was so weird - I would look at the pulpit and then at the screen hahahha! Good session, it was a special one too because now 8 plus can attend. If you watch the conference right to the end you will see Pres. Monson waving, thumbs up and saluting the missionaries. - that was us!!! It was so great being there.

I was thinking about you yesterday in my planner I wrote "Happy mother's day Mummy Hughes <3"

Today we are just doing our chores -  cleaning the house,  washing the car and sorting out your package.


On my wall I have our fam pic with the sign "WE ARE FAMILY, I’VE GOT ALL MY HUGHESYS WITH ME"

Package will hopefully be on its way next week, it has my SD card in it.



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