The Girl is on Fire

Monday 21 April


I can’t believe it is Monday already it feels like the other day I was emailing you. I'm glad it's going quickly, nobody likes a drag! It’s a whirlwind of fun :)

So 2 baptisms in 2 weekends, this girl is on fire... well, we don’t have anyone of date now, but we are determined to find someone!

Belated Happy Easter!!

It was great to go to church 4 times on Easter Sunday. I sang in the choir and it was good. We got home and we find an Easter package on our doorstep. We are pretty sure that it was from our ward Mission Leader Bro.Funk! He's amazing. But he denies that it was him, but we still know it was him. The Funk Family are the best, they are so kind. You HAVE TO MEET THEM ONE DAY. Words don't do justice the amazingness of this family.

Monday: Just normal p-day I SENT OFF A PACKAGE that should arrive today. We went to warehouse as a zone, basically it's a massive trampoline place, it's awesome. Such fun.

Tuesday: We were contacting spoke to a couple of non-members who weren't interested.

Wednesday: We met a lot of less actives and had our Book of Mormon class. There were loads of people there for the first time in like since it started, it was amazing and the Elders brought an investigator who seemed to enjoy it.
We also met with a Less Active called Emillie, oh my word that girl is amazing she is so solid in wanting to come back to church, we took her to conference which she LOVED. Wow I can talk to that girl all day. She’s amazing, but we have to hand her over to the sister missionaries over the YSA ward :( but Sister Bowman and Sister Smith are awesome. They will take good care of her.

Thursday: We had weekly planning...aaahhh it's one of those necessary but boring things to be done. THEN WE HAD A DEVOTIONAL WITH ELDER CLAYTON CHRISTIENSEN or however you spell it. MAN IT WAS AWESOME. He is a professor at Harvard so he got us to read a case study during the week and we had an open discussion about it, it was so cool!! He also went to oxford, go England whoo!

Friday: We had district meeting which is always good, Elder Hartman is so knowledgeable it's awesome. We spoke to a Hindu woman called Indu and we gave her a Book of Mormon, Bible and pamphlets :) We also had a lesson with one of our less actives who struggles with alcohol and another less active who keeps chinchillas, they’re cool.

Saturday: BAPTISM DAY!!
Wowzers that was special. The Draper family is one of the kindest families I have ever. There was a super good turn out and after the baptism we went for a BBQ at their house, they used to own a southern bbq restaurant... wow they’re good cooks! Then we had smoothies with a member family and got some people to talk to from them. And had a lesson with one of our less actives who is having surgery soon, pray for Janice. She is such an amazing woman.

Sunday: church x4 is great on holidays. We had dinner with the Findlay family. THEY ARE AMAZING, all the family were round so there were loads of people and they are so kind and wonderful. Then we met with a less active who is struggling because his wife and son passed away within the past 2 years.

Also I’m speaking in 13th ward.  One of the members of the bishopric announced that we were speaking and he said "bring your family, bring your nonmember friends and bring less actives something amazing is going to happen because of this"  Sister Kent and I were like "YES" then I was like... hey wait, I'm speaking... no pressure then! Hahaa

Missionary life is grand, it is heating up. we have had so many perfect british days.

LOVE IT. Yeah it gets hard, but it's totally worth it!

So this is it for another week, I’ll be back before you know it.

I love you all so much!

All my love (which is a whole lot)

Sister Hughes


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