Monday 14 April


It was such a special day, it took me back I won’t lie!

This week we have been doing contacting. It’s just been contacting and trying to get new investigators each day. We have a baptism coming up with week of a young girl, pray for the Draper family!

So last night all the sisters slept in one room because we were hearing odd things and the sisters got a little freaked and we were chatting and we were talking about Pride and Prejudice and I said " I LOVE SISTER BENNETT!" you know you’re a missionary and been out for a while when you start calling movie characters brother and sister  - how embarrassing!


I’m actually sending the package today; we're actually making the post office a priority.

It was Sister Kent’s birthday on Saturday so we went out for breakfast (we worked it out so we could) it was lovely and fun.

I love being out here, it is getting lush weather!

Some days I will be fine, others I’m a little blue, I won’t lie, it’s like a wave… but I love being a missionary and being out here. Sometimes you just find it a little hard. Can’t wait for Mother’s Day. Not long now! I’m super looking forward to skyping you.

I love you all so much.

Sister Hughes xxxx


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