What a week - Temple visit and Mission Dinner with Elder Perry!

Yes the letters have arrived, thank you so much. They were deeply appreciated.

I actually laughed out loud when I read that you’re meeting mummy Graydon and Sp..bauman, who I have no idea is btw....

 The tea shop was lovely. I was looking at the chocolate and it was like $8 haha!!! What a rip off. It had a lot of British photos. There was a massive one of the queen and then under it was a picture of the London Temple which made me laugh!

I’m so stoked. So Monday temple, tomorrow zone conference and Friday hanging out with Elder L. Tom Perry.. What does your week look like?

So I went to the temple today and I met Sister Mann (Stephanie! Well, I think that's her "real' name) which was marvellous. I love the "it's you from facebook" moments! It was AMAZING, it was so nice being with the rest of my mission, and it was a nice catch up.

Today we are washing the car, cleaning our house (it needs it) and then working on our talks for tomorrow. Everyone has to come prepared. It is on ‘the doctrine of Christ as it relates to missionary work.' I kind of have something going but I’m not sure. I’ll have it finished though.

We haven't done that much teaching this week because we have been focusing on contacting people. But we have a baptism on the 15th which is great.  He is wonderful. He wasn't a member but his family were less active. His little boy wanted his dad to baptize him so that was motivation for him and his baby is getting blessed the day after, going to be such a happy weekend - a lot of contacting this week.

I had my first anti Mormon, but he was super nice about it, I’ll take his response any day..

Today we went to ihop with two other sisters for lunch and we just sat down when an old man walked up to us and put $40 on the table bid us good day and left . After we had lunch we were sorting out payment and the waitress said that someone had already taken care of our bill. People are so generous here. So today I made money by eating food! hahaha

Mum you should have seen my salad it was bigger than my face! Next week I’ll get a special envelope to send letters and SD card in.

Hannah, I bought a t-shirt today that made me think of you, it has the grumpy cat on it that said "this is my happy face" I’ll take photos later hahhaha

Gotta go now, i need to wash my car!

Lots of love to all the Hughes and everyone!

Get on facebook and say I’m crying for letters! I need to stay British! I need British contact!!!





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