Best of times and worst of times....

Okay so I won't lie to you, I have been VERY homesick this week. It's been tough, but I wouldn't come home for the world, though I wouldn't mind a hug, Your letters have been priceless to me out in the field and thank you Pappa Hughes for the photo. SO HAPPY. I found a scripture that really helped D&C 31.. I can’t remember verse on my head but when you read you will understand. 

I called the Zone Leaders (Elders Provoskii & Connell) and they came round and chatted to me and gave me a blessing which helped so much. Then we went on with our day and we were planning that night, just after nine and we hear this funky door knock (Elder Connell likes to do that sort of thing) and Sister Kent and I were like "what are the zone leaders doing here?" we opened the door to see the two Elders with a cake! They are so sweet. I am being well taken care of.

Also thank you to Will Turner. I opened my "in emergency" letter, it helped so much.

Monday: We went to the Salt Lake Temple. It was amazing to be together with the whole mission and to feel peace, I really needed that. Then we went to iHop which was amazing. Then crazy times getting the car washed and stuff.

Tuesday: We had zone conference, so fun! Long it was like 8 hours but it was good. There were marriage proposals and everything! Not real ones though, it was a teaching point. When we invite people to do things, it's like when a guy proposes to a girl you want them to say yes! Haha!

It was such a good conference.   My zone did a musical number of hymn 166, it was beaut - we did the 4th verse a cappella, it is one of my new favs! I have a video of one of my ZLs singing on the camera, you'll love it

We have been contacting like crazy this week so we haven't taught too much, like four lessons this week....

Friday: We had a great mission meeting; we learnt a lot and it was such fun. Having dinner with Elder Perry was so amazing, he is super funny! I got to shake his hand and chat a little. There is photo for proof!
Elder Perry spoke about how the church is being more recognized than ever before, that we need to remember who we are, make connections with people, find some common ground. He gave us advice on giving commitments. He talked about the strength of companionships and how we need to keep them strong and alive and then he briefly talked about marriage and told us not to spend too much time in the singles ward hahaha

Sunday:  We heart attacked all our members in the wards, just letting them know that we loved them. We printed this little message and stuck it onto their car with a heart post it note, it was so much fun. Our baptism got pushed back and is now on the 12th April. The baby is being blessed on the 13th.

Things are warming up so today we are going shopping because I need more clothes, I don't want my outfits to fall apart before I go shopping. we are going with Liz Hales (our ward mission leaders wife, same ones that we went to the tea shop with) She is so amazing :)

Happy St Patricks day! The Americans love an excuse to be festive so I am wearing my green top and pink skirt (yes I look like a watermelon and love it)

Please could you send me some No7 Calico concealer? It’s great and the Americans have awful stick concealer.

I have letters for the Hughes... they may or may not be posted today... don't guarantee anything!

Love you all

Sister Leah Hughes xxxxx


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