It's week 6.... SAY WHAT?!!?!‏

It's week 6.... SAY WHAT?!!?!‏

It is transfers next week, this is super crazy!!!!!

Monday: We went shopping with Sister Hales (Liz Hales, she wants to be my friend on facebook, accept for me please) it was so much fun. I felt like a normal person for a moment haha.

Tuesday: EXHANGES, man... "first I was afraid... I was petrified" then I actually did it and it went really well. I actually know my way around my area! :o

Wednesday: I SENT YOUR LETTERS!!! So hopefully they will make it to England. We did a lot of contacting and we finally had a lesson with a less active we have been trying to get a hold of for a while, we finally had him! The spirit was so there and we had to have the lesson on the front lawn because he was alone and the sun was shining so I was a nice warm back... man that lesson was great on so many levels!

Thursday: BEST PLANNING SESSION EVER (a day I thought would never come) I took over one lesson for the first time... SO SCARY, I almost had a heart realz, I was shaking like a leaf! Well... they want another appointment so I guess I did good hahaha

Friday: District meeting, was funny. Our zone leader and another Elder were pretending to be a married couple and we asked him a question and then he said (to the other elder) what do you think honey? It was so funny.

Saturday: we volunteered at the Wellington for bingo with all the old folks, they are so sweet. I love going there!

Sunday: I gave my first talk, at the wellington. I spoke about how the doctrine of Christ and Hastening the work and I related it to a restaurant. We had a really good stake correlation with our stake president. Wow that man is amazing! We have a baptism date with one of our investigators for the 19th April, super exciting.

Off to distribution today and Deseret Books (with the Hales) I’m going to get my scriptures inscribed with my name!

Hopefully getting a small box today to send you my dear elders and other things.

This week we are starting a Book of Mormon Class, we have to do splits that night so I’ll be teaching it by myself! ... with the Elders... and Saturday I am going to the conference centre for the women's conference.

Mummy Hughes you should see my note book. All things bright and beautiful... that’s all I can say.....

I have an amazing temple selfie I want as my new profile picture on facebook hahaha

Please send pictures so I can stick them on my wall and feel at home.

Sing this in the Whitney Houston voice otherwise it isn't effective


Just putting that out there

How are you all doing!?

love you all

Sister Hughes



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