Great Sunday!

Mummy Hughes!!!

ha-ha that is funny :)

Speaking of parcels! I would like you to send me the Cath Kidston aerogram envelopes? Please send me pictures of your beautiful faces and where we live.

Today one of the ward mission leaders and his wife is taking us to Temple Square and the Joseph Smith memorial building  and then they are taking us to the Elizabeth tearoom which is a British teashop!!! So excited.

No I haven't received letters yet, I’ll have to look today!

Last week’s training was really good, it was great to see everyone that I came in with. We had a game of jeopardy on like mission hand book it was Elder Seymour (from NZ) Elder Duncan (no idea where from) and elder.... can’t remember his name.. So I said "may the best woman win" AND I WON!!!!! There were lots of pictures taken, have you seen any pictures of me on the facebook site?

At the new missionary training there was a great Mormon message by Jeffery R Holland and it's called good things to come it is so good :)

When I was at the MTC we were watching a broadcast from Elder Bednar (only in the MTC Archive, sorry) and the question was 'how do I know if the holy spirit or just me?'
He said 'quit worrying about it. Be a good girl, keep your commandments and honour your covenants' I love him!

Yes I went to the temple square with Suzie and her sister who brought her daughter who is around 2 she is adorable. We had a marvellous time. We got to see a Mormon message by Elder Quentin L. Cook "hope ya know, I had a hard time" not a dry eye in the room. She really needed that trip. Suzie is so wonderful and her sister as well :)
I like it here. We have Greg who is getting baptized on the 15th and then his baby is getting blessed 16th so sweet!
 We are teaching 99.9% Less actives, we only have on investigator! He is great, we were supposed to meet with him on Saturday but he cancelled on us because he had something come up. He is pure gold though.

Thursday - we did weekly planning, I'm not lying it’s boring but good!

We saw some less active families and trying to get them to the cottage meeting (basically a spiritual thought at one of the presidency's house and the missionaries invite people. They are so wonderful)

We were going to go on splits with the first ward but something came up so we didn't.

We had district meeting which was good. We have great Elders who are our District leaders and Zone Leaders, they are so wonderful. They really care about us. We are the only sisters in our district. Happy sister = happy district hahaha

Elder Contreras is our DL and he said 'missionaries have success every day, because we are out here serving the Lord' which is true.

Elder Claybrooke had two great quotes: 'God can only guide our feet when we move them' and 'pray as if everything depended on God, work as if everything depended on you'
Aterwards we just visited a load of families trying to get them to the cottage meeting, we made flyers and everything hahah

On Saturday we had a little bit of my 12 week training then we met up with one of Sister Kent's friends who took us out for ice-cream because they needed to talk. We were with them for about an hour

Then we went to the wellington which is an old people’s home and we help with the bingo. Sister Kent calls out the numbers (there isn't any hope if I do it, some of the people don't understand my accent haha) I love it, we go there every Saturday and help. The old people are so sweet!

Then it was just more visiting houses for the cottage meeting.

This Sunday just gone was the best Sunday I have had out here in the field. I don't know why but it was just more relaxed. We bore our testimony each ward we were in. After mission prep we got a text from one of the yw presidents asking us to do a lesson half an hour before hand because she was sick bless her, but she is better and she is the one taking us to the tea shop that's british! :)

After that we had dinner at the awoosoo's (not how it is spelt) which was nice they are a family from Ghana and they have a daughter on a mission and a son who has just decided to go on one! I love mission prep here we have a great teacher.

Please could you get me abi hardings email.

How is everyone and everything!

Did Christopher have a nice birthday, I am going to send him a card I just need to post it. 
I am almost finished with writing you all a letter!



lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sister Hughes



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